February 5, 2023

They Say It’s Mud Season…Somewhere


Katahdin Woods and Waters Discovers Mud Season, Black Flies Next

All I can say is it’s all very laughable.

“The north entrance to Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument opened on Saturday, according to a brief notice on its U.S. Department of Interior website. But the monument’s main entrance, the 16-mile Katahdin Loop Road, is closed. Monument Superintendent Tim Hudson said he didn’t know when it would be dry enough to use.”<<<Read More>>>

People were sold that one of the “valuable and historic” elements of the Katahdin Woods and Waters was the preservation of its “wilderness.” Once the Federal Government finishes destroying that “wilderness” with paved roads, paved parking lots, paved picnic sites, paves scenic turnouts, paved parking areas to bathrooms, paved parking areas to lodge and concessions/souvenir shops, there will be no more mud season. Now the question will become, does the Federal Government plan on aerial over-spraying of DEET to reduce the black flies and mosquitoes to somewhere near tolerable levels? Ah, no because the “gift” shop can make much money selling insect repellents and nettings for the head.

And, the comments after the article are comical.

Public Welcome! Hunters and Trappers can go suck bog water!