January 27, 2023

False Worship of Natural Restoration

Natural restoration, much like natural regulation is a false god. There can never be this idealistic existence so long as man shares “nature” with….well, nature. It was never intended that nature be left alone to its own devices. The plan has always been that man would “manage” the resources within nature for sustainable uses. From this perspective, man manipulates “nature,” sometimes very well and sometimes not so well, in order to make use of the resources our Creator provided for us.

The worship of false gods and Paganism has caused man to evolve into a blinded instrument used against the very existence of man. Centuries later, out of this Paganism, came Environmentalism, a false belief that man destroys everything and the only way resources (nature) can be preserved and protected is to prohibit man access to land and the resources within that land.

This is part of the lie of natural restoration. It is often that we hear the call for “natural restoration.” The blind irony of the false idol of, so-called, natural restoration is that there is nothing natural about it. On the one hand we have man manipulating the resource to provide sustainable use of the bounty provided within the land. On the other hand, we have man manipulating the resource in order to achieve a personal perspective of how the resource should be. The only difference is the personal agendas of each person or group of persons.

One has to ask of what use is locked up land and resources? What good can actually become of it? The resources provided to us by our Creator were intended to sustain man’s existence. To deny use of these resources, while hiding behind some false claim of restoring the land to something that resembles its “natural state,” is to deny the sustainability of man on this planet, and perhaps that is the ultimate goal.

Blind idolatry at every level results in the destruction of man.

Today I read of one man’s idea of what he thinks a certain parcel of land should be and one way in which to accomplish that desire. It involves the recent land grab, by the U.S. Government and environmentalists, of land in Maine, designated by President Obama as a National Monument, and now called Katahdin Woods and Waters.

The author of the opinion piece I was reading, said that he hoped that the primary focus of the National Park Service would be “habitat restoration.” It is but this one person’s perspective that anything needs restoring – and to what should it be “restored” to?

To accomplish this restoration, he calls for the use and protection of beavers, believing that beavers only accomplish good things in the “restoration of habitat.”

If the objective of Roxanne Quimby, former owner of the land, is habitat restoration, then why did she propose turning the land into a park? Surely a park will do more to destroy the existing habitat than multi-use without a park.

The author states that beavers, “engineer bio-diverse habitats, something they are specially evolved to do.” Where is it written that bio-diverse habitats, created by beavers, is a “natural restoration?” And who gets to say that beavers “evolved” to “engineer bio-diverse habitats?” Beavers were created, by the Almighty, as a resource for His creation of man. What’s presented by this author is but one man’s perspective on how he thinks things should be.

Of the decades I have spent in the fields and forests, I have seen places where beavers have created a different habitat over the years and often simple utter destruction. From my perspective, the destruction far out-weighs any good a so-called habitat restoration as called for would be.

There is dishonesty in all this, claiming the Scientism high ground, that keeping man off the land, benefits the land due to man’s nature to destroy everything, unless it is the man holding one’s preferred science and perspective on what the land should be used for. This is part of the destruction of the idolatry of Environmentalism. Shifting the paradigm to create a belief that man should not use and have access to natural resources makes little sense and appears as nothing but a commitment in idol worship.

So we, as a people, have to decide whether we should continue to take advantage of our resources in a responsible way, or simply shut off access and let the land be what the environmentalists want it to be? Either way requires man’s manipulation to accomplish the desired feat and thus there is absolutely nothing natural about the false claim of “natural restoration/regulation.”