February 2, 2023

Analysis of a News Release

By James Beers:

I just received the following news release from a knowledgeable and trustworthy friend in Washington, DC. I long ago lost all trust in the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) in DC; the National Wild Turkey Foundation and Trout Unlimited (TU). The Outdoor Writers Association of America is a sort of union of outdoor writers whose interests lie in sponsorship and payments for writing to outdoor writers and, sad to say, this goal lies today with political hidden agendas: therefore their interest in American values and their fellow citizens are akin to the West Coast Longshoremen’s Union’s membership and leadership’s concern for rural South Dakotans.

Titles like “Backcountry Hunters and Anglers” are purposeful misnomers on the scale of “People’s Republic of…” and “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”.. This info burst below could well have been written recently by some Russian newsperson about how a handful of brave Ukrainian freedom fighters have liberated much of their homeland recently against tremendous odds and despite all the military supplies and reinforcements that could be provided by Europe and the USA. Look no further in this propaganda masterpiece than all the references to hunting and fishing to be reserved for “athletes” that will eventually be unavailable to all as wildlife and fishery management thanks to these guys goes the way of Dodo birds; and the identification of the Democrat operative nowhere as a Democrat but rather as having worked for “Republican Legislators” much as all the anti-hunters I have listened to over the years that began their speech with “I am a hunter” or “I grew up hunting”.

Note the underlines below and you will recognize that quasi-religious nature worship that despises humans of certain types, similar to eugenicists and population controllers whose real motives and future plans must remain hidden until, like the 1939 Blitzkrieg into Poland, it is too late to resist.

Finally consider today’s political date: there is an upcoming Presidential Election that is already underway. First, these sorts of outfits will be grinding out national political publicity and environmental extremism disguised as news from the Montana (environmental holy land-like) backcountry in an orchestrated and quickly responsive way as the election process proceeds; and second, in case of a loss in the Presidential election, this “Backcountry seminary” will serve as a refuge for political hacks and ne’er-do-wells (as NWF and TU have each done often in the past) as either a roost until the political trumpet sounds the next campaign or until they can retire, whichever comes first.

Jim Beers
23 February 2015

The News Release:

Subject: BACKCOUNTRY HUNTERS AND ANGLERS: (This is a Democrat Party front group based in Missoula, MT with serious cash behind it.) – This underlined remark in parentheses is from my friend in Washington,,, Jim)


Backcountry sportsmen’s group beefs up policy, outreach team

Phil Taylor, E&E reporter

Published: Monday, February 23, 2015

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, a national sportsmen’s advocacy group based in Missoula, Mont., has hired two new staff members to strengthen its policy and communications work.

John Gale is the group’s new conservation director after serving nearly a decade at the National Wildlife Federation, where he supported sportsmen campaigns and public lands policy.

Katie McKalip is BHA’s new communications director after several years with the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, where she led media outreach and other communications work.

Both joined BHA’s national staff this month.

“John’s background and appetite for engagement in the policy arena combined with Katie’s expertise in communicating these issues to the media and sportsmen in general will be instrumental to our continued and increasing success,” Land Tawney, BHA’s executive director, said in a statement.

“They’re joining BHA at a pivotal moment, and I couldn’t be more excited to have them be part of our team.”

The hires come at a time of fast growth for BHA, a decade-old group whose membership numbers have doubled over the past 18 months, the group said. It had six staffers and ran on a $582,000 budget in 2013, according to its most recent filing to the IRS.


BHA now has 13 staffers and is hiring a 14th, it said.

BHA works to preserve non-motorized access to backcountry hunting and fishing grounds and protect wildlife habitats from incompatible off-highway vehicle use and energy development. It has ramped up efforts to oppose bids for states to take over federal lands, which it argues would reduce access to quality wildlife habitat.

Gale, who hails from Idaho, cut his political teeth after high school working for Republicans in the Gem State Legislature. He later was a whitewater river guide and ranger while studying natural resources at the University of Idaho. Currently a resident of suburban Denver, Gale said he considers elk season “a spiritual time of the year.”

“The backcountry is where wildlife populations are healthiest,” he said in an interview. “If you’re willing to work for it, the rewards are tremendous.

It’s getting more difficult to experience solitude and get away from it all.”

Gale, who has served on BHA’s board, said the group appeals to a younger generation of hunters and anglers.

“We’re attracting backcountry athletes who invest more in their hiking boots than their beer bellies,” he said. “There’s an ecumenical set of hunters who want to go deeper into the forest. The hike in is worth the pack out.”

Gale spent the past couple of years directing NWF’s national sportsmen’s policy effort, organizing hunters and anglers as advocates in public lands and energy policy. Before joining NWF, Gale worked for three years at Trout Unlimited in Washington, D.C.

McKalip cited BHA’s work to protect Americans’ ownership and access to public lands, as well as the enthusiasm of its members.

“Communicating the importance of policy and legislative issues to rank-and-file sportsmen can be a challenging task at best,” McKalip said in a statement. “I’m eager to put my experience to work in support of BHA’s mission and in service of the millions of citizens who cherish the solitude, solace and physical challenges found in America’s backcountry.”

McKalip has worked with the board of the Outdoor Writers Association of America, where she previously directed communications. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the College of William & Mary and a master’s degree from the University of Montana.

TRCP last month announced that it and more than a dozen other sporting and conservation groups — including BHA, the National Wild Turkey Federation and Trout Unlimited — were forming a grass-roots coalition of sportsmen to persuade lawmakers not to transfer federal lands to the states.