November 29, 2023

Southern Maine’s Invasion of Black Bears

Here we go again! Bears are showing up in places in southern Maine, where most people necessarily do not expect to find bears wandering around in the daylight, and Maine officials are “rounding up the usual suspects.” (Note: As an explanation to the preceding quote, I refer to the movie Casablanca, in which “Louie,” the local Prefect, in his farce of pretending to be in compliance with the Nazis, is often telling his officers to “round up the usual suspects” in order that the Nazis think he is doing their jobs for them.)

According to a short article found on the Web, the Maine Warden Service (MWS) says that the bears are out because of dry weather and a lack of “vegetation.” Perhaps it is contributing to the bear sightings but isn’t this also a great time to point out the consequences of protecting bears and managing for number so large that it puts the public at risk?

And don’t forget to LOOK BIG, when you spot a bear ready to chomp on your behind!





Even Heavily Populated Connecticut Seeing Problem Bears

“Over the past 12 months, Wiltonians have reported two bear sightings to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. While Weston has been home to only one reported sighting, Ridgefield has seen seven, and Redding has seen 11.

In fact, a Redding beekeeper even had his artificial nests destroyed by a black bear in June. The large pawprints left behind on the equipment were one reason the resident knew it was a bear and not vandals.”<<<Read More>>>



Bearing Roaming Downtown Waterville, Maine

WATERVILLE — Police have received multiple reports from people who say they have seen a bear wandering about the city.<<<Read More>>>



Wolf/Coyote Hybirds Menacing D.C. Suburb Park

“We’ve known for a while that most Eastern coyotes are hybrids to some degree, and now we’re finding a greater degree of hybridization than anyone expected,”<<<Read More>>>


But…But…Did You “Look Big” to Scare That Bear Away?

In Washougal, Washington a woman and her neighbors are frustrated with marauding bears. She says the bears are not intimidated with gun shots and noise makers and that she and the neighbors have taken all the necessary steps to discourage bears from hanging around.

I don’t see in this report that any of the people they reported on are “looking big” in order to run the bears off.



Most Bear Nuisance Calls Ever in One Day

Maine Game Warden Jim Fahey said Sunday evening that he received three calls about bears — the most he’s ever had in one day — and took time to warn residents about how to prevent the hungry bears from becoming a nuisance.

Homeowners who want a bear removed often don’t realize that when that is done, “typically it’s at the homeowner’s cost,” Fahey said.<<<Read More>>>

Hey! You forgot to tell people to “look big” if you encounter a bear!


California Acrobat Bear “Surprises” Residents

A bear performed a balancing act on the roof of a two-story Southern California apartment building Thursday before showing off more agility by climbing down a tree and scampering across a busy intersection to the surprise of drivers and pedestrians.

Animal services officers responded to the report of a medium-size black bear that climbed on the rooftop and balanced on wooden beams near balconies at apartments in Monrovia. Neighborhood bear visits are not uncommon in the San Gabriel Valley foothill community, where the bear was likely looking for food.<<<Read More>>>


More Bear Troubles in Pennsylvania

A young black bear — estimated weight between 175-200 pounds — triggered a major police presence in Bensalem for about an hour Friday morning, marking the third black bear sighting reported this month in Lower Bucks County.<<<Read More>>>(Pay Wall)


More “Rare” Bear Encounters, Encroaching on Humans

Here are some more of those so-called “rare” human/bear encounters that bear and predator protectors seem to want everyone to believe.

1. In Waterbury, Connecticut a young bear is spotted wandering the city. Eventually the bear climbs a tree, gets a dose of drugs and is released “somewhere else.” In this report, it at least admits that the bear population has increased adding to the number of incidents with bears.

2. Near Worcester, Mass, a bear and two cubs spotted, drugged and removed along with reports of other bear sightings lately in the same area. Officials in this report say, “bears are usually shy and won’t bother people.” Right!

3. Two bears were spotted around schools in the Leominster, Mass. area forcing kids to remain indoors. Authorities allowed the bears to “wander away.”

4. Game Wardens in Downeast Maine, at Princeton Elementary School, set a trap to catch a “nuisance” bear. Maine has seen numerous bear complaints and encounters already this spring. Not to worry though if your child is a student at Princeton Elementary because they are protected with walkie-talkies.

Children were allowed to go out for recess on Wednesday, but they were confined to the playground area, the principal said. The playground is about three-tenths of a mile from where the bear was seen, and it is located on the other side of the building. The children were monitored by school staff equipped with a walkie-talkie, she said.

“We felt they were safe,” Williams said.


5. The Arizona Game and Fish Department explains that bear encounters are numerous and offers tips on how to “prevent” bear encounters and tips on what to do if you “encounter” a bear. And don’t forget to “look big.”


Bears Breaking Into Cars in New Hampshire

According to reports, there has been a rash of car break-ins in New Hampshire. The suspects are hungry bears.

Like a skipping record, authorities tell people to lock up your garbage, bring in bird feeders, secure your house so bears won’t get in and yet we have heard on several occasions this spring that bears are breaking down garage doors and smashing out car windows to get at whatever it is they want inside.

In the case of bears breaking into cars, perhaps if the car “looked bigger” and “made lots of noise” (alarm system) the bears would run like chickens in the other direction.

Bear Treed by Cat

This cat don’t look so big. Must have a very loud “me-ow.”