November 29, 2023

We’re pleased to announce the recipients of the 2016 Lifetime Outdoor Achievement Award!

From the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife:

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s Lifetime Outdoor Achievement Award.  Oscar Cronk of Wiscasset, Maine, Gary Cobb of North New Portland, Maine, and Jim Martin of Bangor, Maine.

These gentlemen were chosen from many wonderful nominations, heartfelt stories and great photos.  They all have shown a great love of the traditional outdoor activities and a mentorship that will help to continue their passion for generations to come.

All three will be recognized at the Sportsman Alliance of Maine annual banquet September 10, 2016 at the Waterville Elks.  Ticket information at

Recipient Bios:

Oscar Cronk of Wiscasset, Maine has been hunting, fishing and trapping for over 60 years.  His love of the outdoors has been chronicled in the many articles he has written.  Oscar has also shared his experiences by giving instructions on trapping and hunting.

Gary Cobb of North New Portland, Maine learned to hunt with his grandfather at age 10 and brought his family up in a remote camp. Gary has made being a Maine sportsman his life’s work.  Gary has shared his knowledge of the outdoors as a guide, a teacher and of course owning and running Pierce Pond Camps. He has also been instrumental in forming the Maine Wilderness Watershed Trust.

Jim Martin of Bangor, Maine is an avid angler, hunter and trapper using his skills for several decades.  As an accomplished outdoorsman, he has dedicated many hours to the Maine Youth Fish and Game Association sharing his knowledge to help define the next generation of sportsmen and women.

“It is a pleasure to recognize all the men and women who were nominated for this award, and especially the three recipients.  It is rewarding to note that through their experiences and mentorship, our outdoor heritage has been passed on and preserved,” Commissioner Chandler Woodcock commented.


Oscar Cronk: Still Learning and Loving the Outdoor Life – Turns 85 in June


“Oscar Cronk has had many titles over the years, worm digger, hunter, trapper, dog trainer, husband, church elder, and renowned maker of hunting scents; just don’t call him legendary.

“I prefer to think of myself more as being the last of my breed,” he said. The original Cronk of Cronk’s Outdoor Supplies isn’t thinking of retiring, although he admits to slowing down a bit.”

Source: Oscar Cronk still learning and loving the outdoor life | Wiscasset Newspaper

On the Track of the Cat – Article in Sports Illustrated:

“For 38 of his 52 years, Oscar Cronk Jr., Maine wilderness trapper, has been spending most of fall and winter in the woods. Since 1968 he has been going to his camp in the vast wilderness waterway called the Allagash. Late every October he kisses his wife, Edie, goodby, throws his hound, Emerson, in the back of his Chevy pickup and drives 250 miles from his home in Wiscasset on the coast to the camp in northwest Aroostook County. The route takes him into Quebec, past desolate, windswept farms sculpted by snowdrifts. The truck leaps over frost-heave ripples on the road much of the way, and Emerson, from his dog box, yelps like a child on a roller coaster. They rejoin Maine at the remote customs station of Daaquam and drive the final 18 miles over a frozen logging road that leads to the camp just across the St. John River.”



Oscar Cronk’s Mountain Lion at L.L. Bean’s Store in Freeport, Maine

*Editor’s Note:* The following report and photos were compiled by contributor Richard Paradis of Maine.

The Mountain Lion roamed the Maine woods a century ago and there are Panther Ponds and Mountains still in Maine as well as sporting camps and lakes that still use the Wabanaki name for the Eastern Cougar: Lunksoos.

A few photos of Oscar’s magnificent Mountain Lion follow:

This Mountain Lion was struck by a car and killed near New Haven, Connecticut June 2011.