March 22, 2023

Shadow Boxing and the Fake Ridicule of Obama’s Line-Drawing in the Sand

Why can’t people see through this crap?

Remember when President Obama drew an imaginary red line in which Media reported was meant to warn Syria that if they used chemical weapons, the U.S. might issue a “military response.” Supposedly Syria did and Obama didn’t… do anything. The Republicans took the opportunity to take cheap shots at the president. The news was full of the nonsense. It was a great opportunity for both parties to mark their territories, like dogs on a backyard fence, and to convince the ignorant masses that one side is good and the other side is bad – and let’s further prop that up with some serious hating on somebody.

We move ahead about 2 1/2 years and we find President Obama signing a Paris agreement, on the fake Earth Day, in which he promises to steal more and more of American’s money to use to bribe other countries to support the fake “Climate Change” amalgamation. Can’t we all just get along…and keep giving to the Cause?

According to “The New American,” they claim that because of a law signed during Bill Clinton’s era, it is illegal for Obama to fund any part of implementing the Paris climate agreement, because The State of Palestine is not recognized by the U.S. as a state and member of the United Nations….or something. – “Thanks to a Clinton-era statute and an obscure vote last month by the United Nations, federal law now officially makes it illegal for the Obama administration to send a single penny of your money to the UN climate bureaucracy.”

Isn’t that nice?

But not so fast. According to the same article, Obama was a criminal because he gave a half-billion dollars of U.S. taxpayer money to fascist Climate Change dictators within the United Nations. “Among the UN agencies affected will be the giant slush fund for dictators run by dictators’ representatives known as the Green Climate Fund, which Obama lawlessly gave $500 million to in defiance of Congress after illegitimately pledging billions during a trip to Australia.”

So, let’s get this straight. According to this information, President Obama carried out an act that certain republican members (perhaps we should name them the Bowry Boys) of Congress say was, “illegal on multiple accounts,” and yet, one has to ask, what did this same group of mouthy republican Congressmen do about Obama’s supposed illegal action?

Supposedly, Obama’s lawyers, noted as “Obama’s legions of U.S. taxpayer-funded lawyers” declared that it was not illegal to spend 500 million taxpayer dollars to fund Climate Change dictators at the U.N.

The group of republican Congressmen warned Obama that he better not do something like that again, or else…..(here is where a “red line” can be drawn.) And if that doesn’t scare the president enough, weeeellllll, these lying, gutless politicians really let Obama have it by writing a letter, described as a, “stake through the heart of the UN’s “climate” regime.” – “The American people must understand the dynamics and the hollow promises of Paris Agreement supporters, lest they allow these meaningless agreements to gain credibility and cause further damage [to](sic) the American economy and sovereignty.”

By God that ought ta just about scare the living crud right out of anybody! The letter further “threatened” that a signed “pseudo-treaty has no force or validity.” Last time I checked, whatever Obama or any president before him signed as a “treaty” will have no “force or validity” unless and until the United States Senate ratifies a formal treaty.

It appears that this muscled-up group of blowhard idiots have drawn at least two “Red Lines” with not the courage to do anything about it. But is it actually courage they are lacking? I think not. What they are lacking is nothing really. Perhaps a few lessons on how to better lie to the American people – or am I just catching on quicker – to make them think the republicans have the answer? They are allowed to do that until it’s the democrats turn to lie when a republican president is making up his own laws and defying (wink, wink) Congress.

If, as this group of hacks claim, President Obama violated the law by sending $500 million to the U.N. for Climate Change Dictators, then it is their duty to actually do something about it. I heard someone on TV (Fox News – another wink, wink) just this morning say the United States was a nation of laws. Therefore, it must be so.

So, either the Bowry Boys are slimy, useless, slugs, or they actually want the money to go to the U.N., or it really isn’t against the law (laws don’t matter) – or any combination of these three issues.

Doesn’t one then have to ask, if Obama and his lawyers thought and acted as though giving that half-billion to the U.N. was not illegal, why then do these mental-midget, criminal republicans think Obama and his “legion of lawyers” is going to avoid stepping over that “red line” and not send any funding to prop up the Paris agreement?