February 7, 2023

Another Reason California Bar Shooting Was “Fake” a Staged Event

Ammoland reports that the bar shooting in Thousand Oaks, California, where 13 people were supposedly killed, had 6 unarmed, off-duty police officers as customers. No explanation was given.


Here’s YOUR “Heroes” at Work

Was the guy who got slaughtered a dumb ass? You bet. The other guys in uniform, YOUR heroes, are dumber asses.


Maine Police Nazi Eavesdrop on Citizens Within Social Media

People, the most of whom refuse to even think that THEIR governments would violate the trust and “listen in” on social media communication, will probably never get it, nor will they probably care.

Computer software, designed to “listen” for key words, such as “fight,” “gun” (wink, wink) etc. provide a red flag in which law enforcement, against the written word of the Bill of Rights, spy on you to see what you are up to….but that’s not an intrusion? Oh, yeah! That’s right! You are one of those who bought the lie, hook, line and sinker, that the Patriot Act was also a good and necessary thing.

And what? It should come as a surprise that local and state police in the Pine Tree State are spying on the people? The Federal Government has been doing it for some time now and evidently we like it a lot because we don’t do anything about it. We are told this computer software being used to intrude on citizens was funded by the CIA. GET A CLUE?

A spokesman for the city of South Portland said how their police uses the computer software isn’t prying into personal matters. Oh really? He follows this up by stating the obvious lie: “Most of the hits we get are someone going hunting and talking about their shotgun, so we get some nice pictures of a freshly killed deer.”

Evidently “someone going hunting and talking about their shotgun” being spied on by Police Nazis isn’t prying into their personal matters.

But you keep on using the most destructive tool in America today, Facebook, and above all……



Eric Garner’s Death Is Mourned, Big Government Is Blamed for Tragedy

“A Man Died over Cigarettes and Tax Revenue”

Washington, DC – WASHINGTON, DC — As members of the Project 21 black leadership network mourn the regretful loss of Eric Garner’s life during a confrontation with New York City police officers, they see the root problem in government overreach.

Garner died at least in part from a chokehold administered by a police officer last July after he was accused of selling “loose” untaxed cigarettes outside a New York City storefront. On December 2, a grand jury did not indict the officer who put Garner in the apparently deadly hold. While most protesters are focused on the issue of police brutality, Project 21 members are looking at the bigger-picture problem of an increasingly powerful government which zealously enforces regulations so that even minor offenses can have deadly outcomes.

“A man died over cigarettes and tax revenue. Eric Garner died because of an all too powerful state,” said Project 21 member Shelby Emmett, an attorney and former congressional staffer. “We must ask ourselves what exactly we want the police enforcing with such deadly strength. These officers confronted Garner because he was selling single cigarettes and was thus depriving the government of revenue. He was not threatening anyone’s life, starting fires or even holding up traffic. He was not suspected of a violent crime, so such force should never have been justified. Any person concerned with individual liberty should be disgusted.”

“The overregulated nanny state not only inconveniences our everyday lives, but — as we’ve now witnessed in New York City — it can even end up costing someone their life,” said Project 21 member Christopher Arps, a resident of St. Louis who was witness to both cycles of violence in Ferguson, Missouri after the death of Michael Brown. “I would never condone breaking the law, but it is inconceivable to me that a citizen can be put into a police chokehold and, despite repeatedly saying he couldn’t breathe, be allowed to die over the crime of selling untaxed, loose cigarettes on the street.”

Besides government, violent cultural factors and unchecked crime within the black community is cited as a factor in the death of Eric Garner.

“Black lives do matter, and Eric Garner should not have died for selling loose cigarettes. I agree with Al Sharpton and the racialist lobby that there is a crisis of black men losing their lives, but my harmony with them ends there because they tend to only mourn the loss of black lives taken by whites,” said Project 21 Niger Innis , national spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality and executive director of the TheTeaParty.Net. “The plague on young black men in urban centers is not white racists and nor murderous cops because 93 percent of black men are killed by other black men. There are far too many black men raised in households that have no black male role models and the entertainment-industrial complex perpetuates a gangsta criminal chic. Until so-called civil rights leaders can openly and honestly address this problem, the plague will continue unabated. We need to target the real cause of the genocide of young black men.”

Project 21 member were interviewed or cited by the media over 1,900 other times in 2014 – including TVOne, Fox News Channel, CNN, the Philadelphia Inquirer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Orlando Sentinel, National Public Radio, Westwood One, SiriusXM satellite radio and the 50,000-watt radio stations WBZ-Boston, WHO-Des Moines, KDKA-Pittsburgh, KOA-Denver, WGN-Chicago and WJR-Detroit – on issues that include civil rights, entitlement programs, the economy, race preferences, education and corporate social responsibility. Project 21 has participated in cases before the U.S. Supreme Court regarding race preferences and voting rights, defended voter ID laws at the United Nations and provided comment during the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown judicial proceedings. Its volunteer members come from all walks of life and are not salaried political professionals.

Project 21, a leading voice of black conservatives for over two decades, is sponsored by the National Center for Public Policy Research (http://www.nationalcenter.org).

Contributions to the National Center are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.


68% of Sworn Connecticut Police Officers Failed to Register Weapons

(This makes my day! I like to laugh.)

The unnamed intern then pointed at the list and said, “my dad’s name is on the list, and he is the police chief. I see three other names on this list of family members, all cops.”

With in hours a print off of all sworn Law Enforcement officers in the state was obtained. Comparisons of the list of gun owners who failed to comply with registration requirements and sworn LEOs showed a startling figure. Just over 68% of Connecticut cops had failed to register firearms according to the new law.<<<Read More>>>


Police Shoot Bear That “Made an Agressive Movement”

Here we go again. In Colorado, a bear enters a family’s home. The police come. The bear moves outside and the police follow. A police officer says the bear, “made an aggressive movement” and so he shot twice with a shotgun and killed the bear.

Some people are upset and at the end of an article written at “The Gazette” people have left numerous comments, the majority of them ignorant. But here’s one I personally like:

So sad. Did the bear open the door and let itself in? And an aggressive movement? Gun happy cops. Remember what they did when the buffalo got out? They don’t seen to think in a situation that involves animals. Animals + cops = KILL (emboldening added)


Day 64 – No Executive Orders


It is now Day 64. President Barack Obama, even in his love of the executive order pen, has not provided the details of, what he stated on television and was reiterated by the press, his 23 executive orders he said would provide a pathway in which guns and gun ownership could be controlled in order to make Americans safer. These 23 executive orders cannot be found on the White House website and therefore we can only be left to conclude one of two things: They either exist and are being withheld from public scrutiny or they do not exist and President Obama lied to the American people and performed his dog and pony show in front of cameras for other, perhaps more sinister reasons. Either way his actions are despicable and should be unacceptable to the citizenry.

Looney Gun Haters

If we examine the reasoning given us by the anti gun lobby, we can find it quite absurd; so much so that it becomes so obvious the aim of anti gun zealots is a mere disarming and abduction of Constitutional rights of the people. After all, any sane human being understands that a gun is a mechanical, inanimate object and doesn’t have a will to go kill somebody. It requires the assistance of a human being, and unfortunately, all too often, it ends up being a deranged human being.

If we were to use this kind of mental gymnastics, as is demonstrated by the emotional gun haters, and sort of reversed it, then it jumps out at us as to just how absolutely preposterous, their perverse reasoning is. Here’s and example of what I mean.

You may recall that last February T.J. Lane walked into a Cleveland, Ohio high school cafeteria with a .22 caliber pistol and a knife and killed three people, wounding others. Yesterday he was sentenced to life in prison for his actions.

But that doesn’t tell the whole story. As Lane entered the courtroom for his sentencing, he displayed his T-shirt, in which he used what appears to be a black marker, that read, “KILLER.” During sentencing Lane laughed at his demise and the things people were saying about him. As well, he turned in his chair and flipped his middle finger at the families of those classmates he’d murdered. Obviously this replica of a human being is seriously deranged and was at the time of the killings.

To use the same thinking and logic of gun haters, if guns didn’t exist in this country, T.J. Lane wouldn’t be insane and therefore wouldn’t have given the finger and laughed at his own court sentencing, because he wouldn’t have ever done any killing.

One has to ask who is actually the insane ones.

Police State

It has come to this. Often, as a supporter of a person’s right to self defense, the right of the people to keep and bear arms for protection against those wanting to cause harm and destruction to our person and property, I state that the one reason almost never given to the importance of the Second Amendment is that the people need some kind of protection against tyrannical behavior. Some of that tyrannical behavior was on display yesterday when a New Jersey State Department of Children and Families worker and four local police from Carneys Point, New Jersey, went to the home of the Moore family wanting entry into the house to look for guns because of a picture that had been posted on Facebook, by Shawn Moore (father) of Josh Moore (son) holding a rifle he had gotten for his birthday.

The guess is that someone who might have seen the photo, called Children and Families, who in turn responded. If that’s not bad enough, once at the house, the police, without a search warrant, wanted to be let into the house and be given access to Mr. Moore’s gun safe in order that they could copy the serial numbers and verify they had been registered. New Jersey law does not require mandatory gun registration.

According to an article on CBS Philly, the Department of Children and Families tried to explain why they went to the Moore’s home.

State child welfare spokeswoman Kristine Brown said that when it receives a report of suspected abuse or neglect, it assigns a caseworker to follow up. She said law enforcement officers are asked to accompany caseworkers only if the caseworkers feel their safety could be compromised.

While all of the explaining was going on, in an attempt to exonerate Children and Families from doing anything wrong, there is no explanation as to unethical (tyrannical?) behavior of the local police in attempting to wrongfully gain entry into the Moore’s house. As Shawn Moore put it:

“I don’t like what happened,” he said. “You’re not even safe in your own house. If they can just show up at any time and make you open safes and go through your house, that’s not freedom; it’s like tyranny.”

And that’s the point of today’s discussion. It is “like” tyranny and how long will it take before it actually becomes tyranny? If we continue to disarm the American public, not very long at all and then there will be a lot of second guessing.



You Are On Your Own

I gather from this video there is no real threat to people becoming too intelligent.


City Bans Guns, Gun Ranges Ban Cities

Note: It is the opinion of the editor of this blog that the actions described in this news report have been done solely for the purpose of inciting people to public demonstration and violence. As is pointed out in the article, the police department in this small Vermont town expresses disappointment in the results of the “important and much-needed community dialogue regarding gun control” by showing they don’t like the outcome they believed they could dictate to the people. Too bad. If I’m not mistaken, it was idiots like those in Burlington, Vermont who began this so-called dialogue. This has been anything but a dialogue and now that people are pushing back, the fascists don’t like it. This pushing back can be accomplished without taking guns to the street and killing people. Those behind the effort to disarm America want violence. It’s their only tool to implement marshal law.

A Vermont gun range has banned the Burlington Police Department from using its facility after City Council voted to advance a proposed ban on semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines. And given the fact that such facilities are limited in the area, the move could impact when and where officers can go target shooting.<<<Read More from The Blaze>>>