December 9, 2022

Get Off My Lawn: Americans Prefer Living Among Armed Neighbors

Proof that the continuous brainwashing and mind control continues, successfully, as more and more Americans are convinced that “semi-automatic and assault weapons” are scary and should be banned.

Rasmussen has a new poll out about American voters’ attitudes toward their gun-owning neighbors.

…More than half say they think there should be a ‘ban on the purchase of semi-automatic and assault type weapons.

Source: Get Off My Lawn: Americans Prefer Living Among Armed Neighbors | PJ Tatler


Field & Stream Wants to Know How Much a Poached Buck is Worth

You can take the poll.

Here’s a copy of the latest results as of this posting.



New Poll Shows 57% of Mainers Oppose Bear Referendum

Readers should be aware as well that according to this information provided by the Portland Press Herald, the same poll shows that as more and more people “educate” themselves about the bear hunt, they oppose the referendum.

This should be considered normal, if we were only dealing with facts. Instead we are dealing with a lot of propaganda. It is my opinion the majority of information being given by those in opposition to the referendum is factual or strongly based on facts. The other side? Not so much. It is, therefore, relatively easy to conclude that those opposed to the referendum are doing a better job of swinging voters.


Maine Sportsmen Have Small Lead in Recent Anti Bear Hunting Poll

Patrick Murphy will deliver some great news tomorrow to the sportsmen of Maine. A survey of Maine voters conducted by Murphy’s company, Pan Atlantic SMS Group of Portland, found that 46.7 percent support a ban on hunting bears with bait and dogs and trapping bears, 48.1 percent oppose the ban, and 5.3 are undecided.<<<Read More>>>


Online Poll About Maine Bear Hunting

John Holyoke has an online poll question about supporting the anti bear, anti human, anti hunting fall referendum created by The Humane Society of the United States.


Obama: Sandy Hook Shooter Used Fully Automatic Weapon

From the Weekly Standard:

Now, over the next couple of months, we’ve got a couple of issues: gun control. (Applause.) I just came from Denver, where the issue of gun violence is something that has haunted families for way too long, and it is possible for us to create common-sense gun safety measures that respect the traditions of gun ownership in this country and hunters and sportsmen, but also make sure that we don’t have another 20 children in a classroom gunned down by a semiautomatic weapon — by a fully automatic weapon in that case, sadly.

These are the words of the Campaigner in Chief at a fund raising event in San Fransisco, while North Korea threatens a nuclear attack on us. One or more of three things can be concluded from this statement:

1. The President is ignorant
2. The President is a liar
3. The President knows that the weapon Adam Lanza used was a fully automatic rifle and he has kept that knowledge from the people.

Please take a minute and answer the poll question below:

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Giving President Obama Power to Decide Tax Cuts

A recent poll indicated that the majority of readers, or at least those who participated in the poll, didn’t think the whoop-ti-doo over sequester was anything but a smoke screen. President Obama continues his campaign to scare people about how you and I will grown an extra set of feet because, well, there might not be enough money to prevent it from happening.

Now we hear from the stupid “elephant” party, that as a compromise (spelled I don’t care anything about rights or even doing what’s right or wrong) they are willing to cede the power over to despot Obama and let him decide where cuts will be made in department budgets. (Won’t that like require work or something? He better check his tee times before making such a big decision and check to see if the Senate has gotten “off their asses yet.”)

This is another dog and pony show and as always the American people will wake up with bird poo in their eyes and all the politicians will brag about what terrific people they are because the poo bird didn’t poo in their eyes.

So, the question today, if you care, is, do you really think there is a difference between members of any political party? And as always feel free to carry a debate to the comment section. Thank you.

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Will You Watch President Obama’s State of the Union Address?

I have listened to a lot of presidential State of the Union Addresses over the years and I have for the most part stopped watching them because it is a dog and pony show; lies and more lies for no other reason than to give a dysfunctional press something to yap about and more times than not, it’s a diversion to draw attention away from something else a president doesn’t want you to see. If you think campaign speeches are bad, SOTU addresses are more of the same only a president attempting to brag about his accomplishments.

SNORE! But that’s me! What are you going to do?

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Share Opinion Poll – Obama Nominee Sec. of Interior

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