November 26, 2022


Heavenly Father:

Give me strength to endure…..


Sometimes Silence is a Good Thing

Perhaps readers have been wondering what happened to me that I am not posting much of anything. Well, the short explanation is that I really don’t have a lot to say…or the Holy Spirit is having me keep my mouth shut.

What is going on presently with these protests and violent uprisings (seemingly putting the kibosh to COVID-19), I know little about, and where I care about the lives of people, especially those who end up in Hell, I have little interest in all the insanity. Insanity! That’s what it is. I’ve been saying for a few years now that the world has gone mad. Can you see it? I pray that you can. I also pray you are doing something about it. I know some of you are.

At this point, nothing I can say can add anything worthwhile and so I will remain relatively quiet.

I have realized that unless the LORD GOD shows me something different, I am not sure how long true converted, born agains will have to endure the Great Tribulation. With that in mind, I am spending most of my time readying where I am living in preparation for tough times ahead. They are coming.

God bless you and if you are looking for my advice, I suggest you get away from social media as much as possible and instead of reading the words of Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest, open up your Bibles and read the Word of God. It’s the ONLY truth and you can find all THE answers there. Nothing else will do. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. You’ll never regret it.

Under guidance of the Holy Spirit, I will post again.


A Passover Prayer

Precious Heavenly Father, Creator of all things, King of kings, and Lord of lords. There is none above you. You alone are just and righteous. You have loved me despite the many ways I’ve tried to mess it up. I am not worthy of the countless blessing you have bestowed upon me, but I thank you. I cannot find appropriate words to show my appreciation.

Thank you Heavenly Father for choosing me. In my journey back to where I came from, my prayer to find truth, has been answered. You told me once I could never find your complete truth until I realized who I really am, and where I came from. Your precious words that you cannot find your way back home until you know where home is, opened the door to unending Truths. I am eternally grateful.

As a boy, your Spirit of Truth guided me then, telling my adolescent mind that things I was being told were not your Truth. I thank you, Heavenly Father, for never giving up on me and forever being in control of everything I have ever done. There was a reason, as all was part of your plan. What a gift! What a blessing! What a miracle! Even those times when I was working so hard at what seemed in opposition to you, you had a plan. Everything had meaning. Everything had purpose.

I got trapped in the twin host body system of good and evil. There is no premium greater than for you to send your son, EmmanuEL, to enter this system of Satan’s, to shed blood, that would atone for my awful sin(s) and provide a way back home.

This world has seemingly gone nuts, but you have always promised, and you never fall short of any of your promises, that you are in control – in control of the greatest of events right down to the absolute most insignificant one. You are the greatest. I am nothing. You love me anyway.

In this time of seeming madness, my prayer for today is that all evil and sickness will passover me and my family, and all those who have turned to you seeking forgiveness. Protect us all, I pray. The blood of the Lamb of GOD, just as in the days of Moses, will keep us from the spirit of death, I pray.

I know that soon you will come and get me, and the many others who hope and pray, that we are worthy of your escape plan. My life has been far from perfect, my sins are unnameable. How can I ever ask forgiveness for them all? But you promised you would forgive all those who ask. You said that in our fleshly entrapment, we are incapable of knowing the mind of the ALMIGHTY EL. I can see that I can’t understand why you would love me anyway. Unbelievable!

Forgive me Heavenly Father and I am humble in my thanks for so many blessings, that I don’t think I am worthy of, but because your love for me is greater and more powerful than anything I am capable of comprehending, by faith I accept your gift of love and eternal life. Thank you!

I am convinced your return is imminent. Until such time, I remain your humble servant, to do all that you ask of me. I want to serve you. It is the least of what I can do.

It is in the name of your son, EmmanuEL, that I pray….

So be it…..


Attack is Imminent: Pray and Fast Tomorrow

Please consider a day of prayer and fasting tomorrow.

When What You Need Most…



Obama’s Proclamation of Gnosticism

What I have emboldened below, most will not see, as the President of the United States, and those who came before him and who will come after him, place the Government of the United States corporation as the GIVER of the “freedom” to pray, and other limited freedoms as surely they all are. The Creator of this universe, and of all men, is the only One who gives freedom. Man only takes it away, grabbing glory in their sin as they convince the uneducated that their freedom to pray is “rededicated” by the Government and “extending…to all people.”

A review of history tells us this mirrors the work of the Roman Empire.

In times of steady calm and extraordinary change alike, Americans of all walks of life have long turned to prayer to seek refuge, demonstrate gratitude, and discover peace. Sustaining us through great uncertainty and moments of sorrow, prayer allows us an outlet for introspection, and for expressing our hopes, desires, and fears. It offers strength in the face of hardship, and redemption when we falter. Our country was founded on the idea of religious freedom, and we have long upheld the belief that how we pray and whether we pray are matters reserved for an individual’s own conscience. On National Day of Prayer, we rededicate ourselves to extending this freedom to all people.<<<Read Entire Proclamation>>>


Say A Little Prayer…..or a Big One

Milt Inman, my dear friend and famous here for his photography, goes back in the hospital tomorrow morning for another heart or artery catheterization. This will be his second one in as many years. Almost a routine procedure these days but I’d like to ask all readers to take a moment and send up a prayer that all will go well so he and I can once again head for the woods, fields and streams to do some photography, hunting, fishing and just enjoying the outside. Thank you.