March 21, 2023

Global Warming Irony?

Oh, I think not! At least not in this piece of propaganda nonsense, disguised as journalism or some kind of “ism.”

This video epitomizes all that is wrong in this country….by design. No really, but you can’t see it if, 1). you don’t want to, and 2). you are a heavy “True Believer” on one side or the other. “Come out of her!” That means get your head out of your astronomically large air raid shelter and use it for something besides a hat rack.

The video contains one lie after the other, and not because you think I think one “side” is right and the other is wrong. There is virtually nothing spoken in this video that is the truth…..nothing, by any one on either “side.” And yet it is designed, as it always has been, to convince each of us, individually, to fall into a one “side” or the other “side” paradigm. This works marvelously to deflect attention away from what is actually occurring.

But if you watch and watch closely, you will see some of what is really happening but it isn’t presented that way. It is presented as a lie by? You guessed it. The other “side.”

You are in the middle. THEY know this and the game is to get you to take a side….not because you have done your own investigating but because one “side” said or did something your manipulated mind likes the sound of. And, who wins?

Remember, the foundation (corrupt extortion of money from unsuspecting people) of “global warming” is based on the premise that whatever is happening with weather and climate IS BECAUSE OF MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING. That’s like a UCMJ Article 134 or The Coach’s Rule (1. The coach is always right. 2. See Rule 1)

It’s totally laughable to watch this guy talk of how the “right” is trying to use a research ship stuck in the ice in the Antarctic to promote their position as “deniers.” Gosh, the Algorites, never did anything like that before.

And to give you an example of ignorance (remember, this isn’t about fact. It’s only about making one side or the other look correct. I mean both “sides” can’t be right or wrong…..can they?), check out the video where the narrator claims that the “Right Wing”, the “Deniers”, have spent as much as $1 billion dollars to convince people that global warming isn’t real. And then in the next series of frames it talks of how “science” has spent in excess of $100 billion dollars to “prove” man-caused global warming. But, if you are a “True Believer” that’s a good investment because the planet will be saved.

I’m still laughing my frozen ass off!