May 12, 2021

An Interaction Takes Two? Intelligence Not Required

The Bangor Daily News(BDN) editorial staff has gone above and beyond the call of duty to exemplify their ignorance on the subject of bears. There’s a saying that’s been around for some time and has changed a bit over the decades but essentially it says that it is better to make people wonder about how stupid you are by keeping your mouth shut, than speaking and removing all doubt.

The BDN editors decided to take a stab at removing all doubt by stating that staff at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) aren’t bright enough to understand in an equation involving bears and humans, the density of the human population factors into that equation. Hurray for the BDN to point out the obvious.

What causes bears to conflict with humans isn’t just how many bears and how many humans are on what sized land mass. But does the BDN know that or do they even care? Doubtful!

The issue of bear behavior, especially in human-settled landscapes is complex and changes rapidly. Editors at the BDN and radical perverts at the Humane Society of the United States have no business attempting to manage our wildlife and game species from their offices in both Bangor and Washington, D.C.

People have been spoon-fed utter nonsense since the day they were born and now they believe it all to be truth. No more than Chandler Woodcock ought to tell the editors at BDN how to layout their newspaper and sell copies, BDN shouldn’t be protecting an animal species they have zero knowledge about and clearly show that they don’t.

This is why Maine residents should vote to let the MDIFW professionals take care of the bears, BDN can continue to print their newspapers and the Humane Society of the United States can continue to fraud the people and steal their money. Or, they could do what others do that are clueless: Go play golf.


Reports From Readers About Bear Referendum

TrustBiologistsOur trip to western Maine yesterday found many of these signs roadside. They were mostly in rural areas. We suspect that many of the rural folks, even though they may not hunt Black Bear, do have safety and economic interests that make them understand that a ballooning Black Bear population will change their way of life forever. [We] saw fresh deer tracks but these critters will not be helped along by having more ravaging Black Bears.

Stopped to buy some honey and the inside of the shop as well as the outside had these signs. The beekeepers will likely be put out of business if the referendum passes as will many of the folks that have their crops pollinated by bees.


Bear Baiting: “I Would Never Try to Dissuade Another Person From Doing So”

I recently submitted an article for my monthly column in the Bethel Citizen newspaper about bear hunting and ethics. It should be published in the next few weeks there. The basis of the article was an attempt to understand why other seem empowered or compelled to dictate another person’s moral and ethical beliefs within the existing laws.

A Letter to the Editor found in the Bangor Daily News today from 70-year-old Hank Hoskins says: “I am in my 70s and have hunted big game animals since my grade school days. The pursuits required efforts beyond sitting and waiting over baits; the activities were hunts, not “shoots.” My hunting days are about over and my ethical code would never allow me to attempt to shoot a bear over bait. That said, however, I would never try to dissuade another person from doing so if such shooting was a legal activity.

A glimpse into the rarity of raw honesty and what might be a solid understanding of individual rights and liberties.


Maine Reps Shaw and Libby: Facts About Bears, Management, and Referendum

“So the questions arises, who would you rather believe — Maine wildlife experts who have studied and maintained the health of the bear population for 40 years, or the Washington, D.C.-based Humane Society of the United States, which boasts that its ultimate goal is the elimination of all hunting, of everything, from big game down to barnyard varmints.”

“These facts evidently don’t matter to a group called Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting, which is pushing for passage of the referendum. In a campaign advertisement the group declared, “States that opted to restore fair chase to bear hunting have continued to maintain relatively stable bear populations.” That, of course, is a flat-out untruth.”<<<Read More>>>



Another Maine Town Resolves to Oppose Question One

Press Release from Save Maine’s Bear Hunt:

Augusta, Maine- The Maine Wildlife Conservation Council is pleased to announce that for the second time this summer a town has issued a resolution in opposition to Question 1, the bear referendum which proposes to eliminate Maine’s three most effective methods of controlling Maine’s bear population. The Town of Portage Lake notified the Maine Wildlife Conservation Council on Wednesday that they had unanimously supported this resolution and join the town of Millinocket in their formal opposition.

“We are so pleased that yet another municipality has decided to formally oppose Question 1. Question 1 would hurt hundreds of small businesses (guides and outfitters, as well as the associated businesses that support them), and undermines 40 years of scientific research at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife that concludes these three methods of hunting are vital to controlling Maine’s large bear population,” said James Cote, Campaign Manager for the No on 1 campaign. “We encourage all municipalities to learn about the science behind these three methods and the nationally recognized bear management program at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.”

History clearly shows that in states where these methods were banned, bears are becoming an increased problem and pose a serious threat to public safety (see attached bullets). In addition, we know that states like North Carolina, New York, and others are seeking to implement new methods of controlling their bear populations because they have become such an issue.

“The bottom line is that long after the proponents of this legislation decamp to Washington, D.C., Maine people and local leaders would have to assume the burden and cost of dealing with an out of control bear population. That’s not what we want for Maine people and that’s not the way we think bears should be managed. Let’s leave the management of Maine’s healthy bear population to the nationally recognized bear biologists and game wardens at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife,” said Cote.



Real Maine Natives Oppose Question One

This guy has lived a long and productive, healthy life thanks to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and the Maine hunters who fund and support proven, sound wildlife management. He’d prefer to put his trust in Maine’s wildlife managers than a group of mentally disturbed animal perverts.


And this bear is locked and loaded, ready for action!




Get The Facts BEFORE You Vote

Vote NO on Question One!



Vote “NO” On Question One