February 2, 2023

Raccoons Invade Harlem

“Residents complained that the raccoons wreak havoc in the streets daily, and believe they make the trek from Central Park. They want the city to do something because the problem is only getting worse.
“These raccoons don’t behave normally. They’re out during the day time when they should be sleeping. They are not afraid of humans. They’re aggressive,” Flanigan said.”<<<Read More>>>

And so the cry goes out for someone to catch and release the raccoons in somebody else back yard. Uh huh! How about taking them to DeBlasio’s house?


Raccoons Eating all the Bear Bait

From a person who hunts bears and uses bait, he writes that he thinks the 7 million pounds of bear bait used in a season in Maine is an exaggeration. He also claims that while 7 million pounds seems like a lot of bait, in the grand scheme of things it’s not.

However, the claim being made by the Humane Society of the United States that baiting these bears is causing higher birth rates and conditioning bears to human food, this man’s personal experience tells a bit of a different story.

With “thousands of photos and videos” over his bait piles, he contends that bears don’t come that often and when they do are only there for short periods of time. But his bait isn’t being consumed by bears.

Lastly, who eats most of the bear bait? Those furry bandits called raccoons. Every night, I have seen as many as 10 raccoons on the bait. They clean it out nightly. So in all the “7 million” pounds is reduced greatly and is not at all what the anti-bear hunters make it seem.



Silly Animal News Headlines

“Rabid raccoon attacks woman in Woodbridge, taken to Woodbridge Animal Control”

I hope they properly, i.e. humanely, restrained the woman, checked to make sure she had all her shots and treated her for rabies. How were the accommodations?