January 27, 2023

Chickenshits in Chicken, Alaska

In case you were asleep, the Alaska Environmental Crimes Task Force raided a gold mining camp near Chicken, Alaska, complete with body armor and weapons drawn, looking for dirty water. That’s right. How many knew any environmental agency needed to be armed like a SWAT team?

Now the 9/11-built, out of control police forces can’t come up with a good enough lie as to why it was necessary. The excuse? Well, the EPA is saying that the Alaska State Troopers told them, “that Chicken, Alaska ‘was rife with drug and human trafficking.'” And shocking as it may seem, the Alaska State Troopers are denying they ever said such a thing.

Here’s an idea. Without even creating another 9/11, let’s just continue to give law enforcement more and more power over our liberties, privacy, and freedoms. Hell, we don’t need them anyway. It’s for national security, right?