February 6, 2023

When MDIFW Stopped Managing Whitetail Deer, the Herd Began to Die Off

In a recent report filed by George Smith on his blog, he stated that Wildlife Management Section Supervisor from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW), John Pratt, “encouraged me to write something positive about the program” [speaking in reference to the miserably and embarrassingly failed Maine Land Owner Relations Project].

What a joke! Pratt’s comment states that, “when tools and/or funding is provided for the deer effort, good things do happen”. Perhaps sportsmen like myself could muster up something positive to say had MDIFW actually been managing the deer herd over the past 30 years or so instead of stroking the golden goose and hoping against all hope that magic, a dash of global warming and continued lawsuits filed by environmentalists and animal perverts, would take care of any problems that might show up before anyone realized all the time and money, of which MDIFW claims they have no more of, was spent on search and rescue, non-game programs, piping plovers, studying and protecting bears, bowing down to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and permitting a non endangered or non threatened Canada lynx to take away the only tool left to control coyotes from killing deer. Alas, but to MDIFW, that’s really not a problem is it? Nor is the fact that there are an ungodly number of black bears and so many moose they’ve all been infected with disease and are dying off. Evidently dragging bears out of their dens in the winter does nothing to help know how many there are and that they are contributing to the absent deer herd.

Gasp! Had actual deer management been taking place, MDIFW would know that wouldn’t they? Somebody tell me they would.

So, now that MDIFW has failed miserably in their jobs to manage whitetail deer in Maine, it has become the fault of “there is no money”, “the economy is in really tough shape”, “those evil landowners cut down trees”, and/or “it’s not my fault” (equivalent to the dog ate my homework.)

I think George Smith is trying to write something positive and somehow justify fantasy, hands-off deer management by saying that he thinks it’s “disappointing” that in trying to strong arm landowners to stop cutting a hunter’s favorite hunting ground to save the deer herd, “sportsmen are unable or unwilling to put up the money necessary to get the job done.” Really, George? I think me and about a few hundred thousand other license buyers have been footing the damned bill for decades and decades believing actual deer management was taking place. Now that the proverbial excrement has hit the fan, some believe it’s a shame that sportsmen can’t enable the drunken sailors and give the dysfunctional department more money.

If MDIFW needs money to put up some kind of charade they are trying to convince Maine citizens is necessary to save the deer herd, being they aren’t using any biologists and resources to manage deer and haven’t for a long time, perhaps it’s time to cut the MDIFW staff and budget by the same percentage as all other game species hunting and fishing activities contribute to the economy of the state of Maine?

MIDFW, needs to give it a rest on the pity partying of “we ain’t got no money!”

Please give us something good to write about and don’t ask me to lie to do it!