December 1, 2022

Fake Free Speech and Other Fake Rights

What’s the trouble with rights? You don’t know? Well, then, that’s the first indication of why rights are in trouble.

Yesterday I was reading a column, written by a man in Maine – Al Diamon. He writes: “The trouble with the right to free speech is other people’s vocal cords. They insist on flapping them to utter obnoxious noises.

Also, other people’s computers, used to produce ridiculous postings. And let’s not forget other people’s fingers, which operate the aforementioned computers, light matches to burn American flags and flip us the bird when we politely suggest they conceal their ignorance by shutting their pie holes.”

I long for such eloquence. (That doesn’t mean to shut your pie hole.)

Rights are a funny thing these days, mostly because we have been trained to disrespect anyone in disagreement with our ideology and perspective on rights. Along with this training, comes the action to force everyone to do what I want them to do and to hell with you. Perhaps if we took a giant step backwards and began all over again learning about respect and proper etiquette, the problem could be solved.

It’s mostly simple stuff. I remember in what today is called Middle School, learning something as simple as answering a telephone. I suppose in a day and age when actually using vocal chords to communicate on a phone is falling by the wayside, replaced with texting in coded language, proper etiquette in telephone use would be laughed at. However, as digitally techie everything has become, we still need to talk on the phone and should learn the once-proper way. And, what about holding doors and helping elderly people across the street, checking on your neighbor, assisting a disabled motorist, etc.? I always hold doors to whoever is behind me, regardless of their species. Most are thankful, but I have had some, mostly of the opposite sex, tell me they are very capable of holding their own door. See what I mean? Me holding the door has nothing to do with whether a person is capable or not.

Those who think they promote free speech have an odd way of going about it. In their one hand they carry the torch for free speech, while in the other they wield the machete of eagerness to chop the heads of those who don’t agree with them – exercising their right to free speech. This is when the right to free speech becomes nothing of the kind, more closely resembling fascism.

Realizing it is impossible, try to imagine how free speech would work if there existed something called respect. Yeah, I know. You can’t do it. You are programmed in opposition to such thinking.

What has amplified the distorted view of free speech is technology. Techno-Zombies are everywhere. With their equipment, a devise purposefully designed to destroy societies, in hand, there is little, if any, accountability for the letters and words that are put on a computer screen or cell phone. We have been programmed to believe it is your right to do, say and act anyway you choose because “you have a right to free speech.” The boundaries of respect are falling at a pace that’s sure to end this society in disaster.

People haven’t a clue about verbal tonal inflections and body language that tell us much more than the words someone is uttering. These two elements are missing from text. If the author of that text hasn’t a clue, they will write words that are dangerous and harmful and not realize what they are doing.

Often I hear people talking to me and telling me of an email they got from someone. They begin to repeat the text of the email, adding their own tonal inflections and body language. HUH? I ask, how do you know that was the tone and attitude behind the texted message? Did you actually speak to this person? If not, there is no way of knowing exactly what the message was.

In short, texting can be and is a dangerous weapon, loaded with the false belief that the sender has a right to free speech, and they don’t have a clue about their responsibilities in exercising that right.

If you drive a car, unless you have lived a very sheltered life, you have taken your car into a traffic circle. Traffic circles once were designed to better keep traffic flowing instead of piling up at a traffic light. Traffic circles are mostly a thing of the past, but the more I travel, the more I see things that sort of resemble a traffic circle. Here in Florida they are called a round-about.

The magic of a traffic circle is that it was once designed with the idea that drivers would have respect for the other driver, sort of a give and take approach. This is why they don’t work today. The attitude is “Screw You” and get to hell out of my way. This “right” and right to free speech carries over into much of our lives today. The highways are hell. Entrance ramps to highways generally have a “Merge” or a “Yield” sign for traffic entering the highway. Almost never do those drivers merge or yield. It’s only TAKE. Screw you. Get out of my way. I have just as much right as you do. Instead of teaching what respect is as a driver, we have paid billions of dollars to redesign on-ramps in order to allow aggressive and disrespectful driving.

I wonder if you would honestly answer a question if I posed it to you? Here’s the question. Have you ever spoken or blurted out at some point during a conversation and said, “There oughtta be a law?” Unfortunately most of us have and for all the wrong reasons. Somehow we have been trained to believe that how you think, others should think the same way; that how you act, others should act the same way; that how you eat, sleep, relax, worship, etc., others should be forced to do it that way too.

Hidden in the act and wrongly perverted is a person’s notion that that is free speech. Wrong.

What this world needs is to take a giant step backwards and begin to learn respect all over again. I wonder if it could really be done?

From my perspective and knowledge, there is only One who can accomplish that task. If only we should ask.





If you don’t have self respect, you won’t defend your own human dignity from attack by your enemies.

“Not only do the democracies today blame themselves for sins they have not committed, but they have formed the habit of judging themselves by ideals so inaccessible that the defendants are automatically guilty. It follows that a civilization that feels guilty for everything it is and does and thinks will lack the energy and conviction to defend itself when its existence is threatened. Drilling into a civilization that it deserves defending only if it can incarnate absolute justice is tantamount to urging that it let itself die or be enslaved.”

“At both ends of the democratic world’s political spectrum there is agreement with the Soviet Union’s rationale for its plan to destroy the liberal societies — from radical critics out of conviction, from conservatives out of resignation.”

“And that attack, which is being waged with unexampled vigor, scope and intelligence, is catching the democracies in a state of intellectual impotence and political indolence that disposes them to defeat and makes a Communist victory probable, …”

“All mankind would then come under Communist domination.”

Livy, sharing thoughts and opinion from a bunkhouse on the southern high plains of Texas.



Is Maine’s Hunting Future About Leased Land?


The State of Maine has a wonderful heritage of access to land, a heritage that operates well when there is mutual respect. Under state guidelines, private land is open to public access unless it is posted by the landowner. For those looking for hunting access and even recreational access in general, we discover signs reading that the land is closed to all trespassing, by permission only or perhaps even restricted use to specific activities such as hunting.

Maine is quite unique in this fashion of open access unless otherwise signed differently. But, is that changing? Is the purchase of leases from landowners going to become a thing of the future?

I have believed for many years that it was only a matter of time and now Maine may be seeing more and more signs of it coming to fruition. As a matter of fact, believe it or not, there are some in Maine pushing for hunting leases and they are not necessarily one of those landowners who can only see a profit. Other states require written permission and/or to pay the owner of that land a certain sum of money for a lease, complete with covenants, that may restrict activities and limit number of hunters in a lease, times of the day and days of the week.

Depending upon the size of the private property, more than one lease may be established and if this parcel of land is a very desirable hunting ground, the cost of a lease can be quite expensive; even unattainable if you don’t have any money. Which brings us to perhaps the absolute worst part of hunting leases: It disqualifies many hunters without the financial means to purchase a hunt. They are then restricted to public lands, if there are any open to hunting. Where in the public trust is opportunity limited to one’s financial status? And should then all hunters have to pay the same price for a license now that their opportunities are restricted?

There is more to the establishment of hunting leases than a landowner seeing dollar signs. The sportsmen themselves, including the guides and outfitters, encourage this action whether they fully realize it or not.

In the sign posted above, take note that the area has been leased for bear hunting and nobody else is allowed access to this land for hunting bear with bait or with hounds. I assume others may access the land to hunt bears via stalking method? And please define “bait.” Is it a food product or scented lures?

The photo was taken by a friend and was sent to me. I have no way of knowing who holds the lease for bear hunting on this land. There is an example of what might (emphasis on might) be going on here or is the result of what has gone on in the past.

At Robin’s Outdoors website, she writes of an incident involving her, her husband, and a very aggressive/angry guide.

He [the guide] asked Steve what he was doing (waiting for his wife who was sitting over a bait), demanded to see his AFM (American Forestry Management) permit, and gave Steve a hard time. I don’t have or need an AFM permit. I’m not hunting on AFM land. I was on Peter’s land. He told Steve that as a Registered Maine Guide he has the right to demand to see his permit and hunting license (He does not.) and is obligated to turn him into the Maine Warden Service for illegal hunting on his baits.

Guides, not all, want unfettered and sole access to land for bear hunting for their “sports” (a term used to describe a sportsman who hires and pays for guide services). I can understand, to a degree. I’ve been in business my entire life and certainly understand the need to run a business for profit. But at what expense?

If you read the entire article linked to above, you will also see that it is a fact that idiot hunters undertake illegal acts by sitting in tree stands and utilizing bait stations that don’t belong to them. This action further inflames the attitudes of others to seek a lease for exclusive access and rights for bear hunting. In other words, the pointing of the finger as to what causes signs like the one shown above to go up, can go in both and other directions.

So, now we hunters must ask, how long is it going to be before this sort of signage begins appearing over much of the Pine Tree State? In addition, how long before a word is changed in that signage from bear to deer or moose or for trapping, fishing, etc.?

It is a sad day indeed and perhaps a commentary on what’s become of a civil and respectful society.