March 27, 2023

NRA Supports Second Amendment Rights for Maine

*Editor’s Note* – Take notice of the statement by the NRA that says, “Self-defense is a fundamental, God-given right that belongs to every law-abiding American…” (I’ve highlighted the keywords) Perhaps the NRA is a bit confused and/or chose their words without giving enough thought to what they are saying. A “God-given” right belongs to every one of God’s creations. A State-given right has limitations even if we believe the rights to be constitutional and/or God-given. Self-defense is a fundamental, God-given right but should not be denied by the State because the State has determined someone to be “unlawful.” I think the NRA is attempting to lump together two distinct differences which cannot be done.

“Threatening to evict Mr. Lembo for defending himself clearly violates his constitutional rights,” said NRA Maine State Liaison John Hohenwarter. “Self-defense is a fundamental, God-given right that belongs to every law-abiding American – no matter their tax bracket, zip code or street address. Furthermore, Article 1 Section 16. of the Maine Constitution echoes this sentiment by stating: ‘Every citizen has a right to keep and bear arms and this right shall never be questioned.’ The 5 million members of the NRA stand in full support of Mr. Lembo’s efforts to preserve his Second Amendment rights and his ability to protect himself and his home from criminals.”

Source: NRA Supports Second Amendment Rights for Maine


The Right Reverend Rambo

“Israel needs to exist because it is where Jews can get guns, with or without the permission of the EU. And guns turn you from “hey” into “Mister”. Jews learned from the concentration camp that tolerance comes not from fine words but grows out of the barrel of a gun.”<<<Read More>>>

Europe’s Leading Rabbi: Jews Must Begin Carrying Guns

“The Paris attacks, as well as the many challenges and threats which have been presented to the European Jewish community in recent years, have revealed the urgent need to stop talking and start acting,” Margolin writes.

“We hereby ask that gun licensing laws are reviewed with immediate effect to allow designated people in the Jewish communities and institutions to own weapons for the essential protection of their communities, as well as receiving the necessary training to protect their members from potential terror attacks.”<<<Read More>>>