January 30, 2023

Random Thoughts and Comments

Well, perhaps not so random.

Evidently there were violent protests outside a Trump rally in Mexifornia, where protesters, mostly of Mexican decent, jumped on police cars and other outstanding acts of idiocy, while waving Mexican flags. My comment is a question. If it so goddamn wonderful here in the United States, then why not wave the American Flag instead of the flag of the place you disliked so much you had to leave? Or is it somebody is paying them enough money to wave the Mexican flag so as to foment more hatred?


I do recall while I was in the U.S. Military during the early 1970s, everyone was required to take a government-crafted race relations class (wink, wink). I grew up in a northern, predominantly-white state and had no thoughts one way or another about race. As a matter of fact, a man I befriended while in Boot Camp, happened to be a black man. We hung out when we could and shared puffs on cigarettes, etc,…until the “brothers” threatened him with his life if he didn’t stop hanging out with a “whitey.” Thus began my real race relations schooling.

But, back to race relations class. After a week of classes, in which with each successive day I built up more anger and resentment toward the blacks, in general – something I never experienced before in my life – we were required to take two tests. The point of the tests, supposedly, was to prove that testing can be white-biased and/or black-biased, i.e. if a white man took a black-biased test, he might experience what black men face taking a, so-called, white-biased test, provided of course that such test taker was a product of government-sponsored education, propaganda and fomenting of hatred. If you happened not to be, Government was going to make sure you were one way or another.

I got a perfect score on both tests and was immediately kicked out of the class.

I wonder why?

Over the years I have learned that almost all events in life that originate from governments are designed to fail in positive ways, but winning is what we see in society today – more hatred and racism.


John Boehner is heard telling a group of people that Ted Cruz is “Lucifer in the flesh.” I made a comment the other day that if anyone should be able to recognize “Lucifer in the flesh” it would be him. Of course his comment was meant to be a joke. Bwahahahahahahahahaaha

Evidently Lucifer in the Flesh’s father didn’t like that comment and decided to lash out at Boehner by attacking Donald Trump. While claiming the high ground, Rafael Cruz said that Ted is essentially the only man in the world who knows, understands and follows God’s word. Really? I think I heard similar statements before….. and millions of people have died at the hands of the Vatican.

One has to wonder, that if a person is so heavily into God and his Word, how can he therefore exclaim, “If you vote according to the word of God, there’s only one candidate you can vote for,”

It is my thought that if you are following God’s word, you wouldn’t be participating in the biggest fraud and deception this country promotes that works so hard at destroying God’s word.


John Wayne Day in California isn’t going to happen because all the minorities that aren’t minorities anymore, are offended by John Wayne.  If that’s how the game is played, let’s make a list!


Idiots in the Media are saying that one football player, once believed to go high in the Draft, which began last night, instead of getting drafted in the top 5 or 6 fell to 13th, overall, because somebody released a video showing him with a gas mask on smoking pot with a bong. If that how the game is played, let’s make a list.


China is building military bases in the South China Sea. The United States doesn’t like that. So, how many military bases does the U.S. have scattered around the world? – 662 in 38 foreign countries comes to mind.


And finally, for all you devout Catholics who believe you must go to a confessional to tell the “father” all your secrets/sins in order to be worthy of….of….of….well, I dunno what it makes you worthy of. But soon, you will be able to spill your guts to the pope through a robot. I wonder if the machine will take paper money or credit cards only? What could possible go wrong?


Astronomer Royal Martin Rees: How soon will robots take over the world? 

From what I’ve seen, what’s left really doesn’t resemble human anyway. The difference I see now between humans and robots, is humans bleed…or at least I thought they did.

An explosion in artificial intelligence has sent us hurtling towards a post-human future, warns Martin Rees

Source: Astronomer Royal Martin Rees: How soon will robots take over the world? – Telegraph


Platitudinously Speaking

PlatitudeSeveral years ago I read a book I didn’t like. It was easy to figure out why I didn’t care for the book – I couldn’t understand it. Unlike most things written today (I’m sure I am guilty too), this book contained words and phrases the author placed together all on his own. In other words, it was original thoughts. Because our educational institutions have failed us, independent thought is missing from our culture. Note: I say our schools have failed because I see the failure as being the destruction through allowing and creating an atmosphere in which humans cannot question and draw conclusions on their own. It is not a failure if the intent is to create non-thinking robots echoing the cliches created specifically for them.

I doubt any field of interest is exempt from the bromide. I think the worst kind of platitude is one delivered from a position of moral superiority. Just today I received an email that had been forwarded several times before cluttering up my email box. The original message was from a fish and game organization, whose website states that: “It’s time for sportsmen to stand together.” This epitomizes an over-used cliche that achieves the lower boundaries of boredom. Because the organization is promoting their own membership with platitudes of self-perceived grandeur, the moral impact of this comes from the simple fact that the “stand[ing] together” must happen on their terms because of superiority of thoughts and actions. This, in and of itself, is terribly unoriginal.

But, I shouldn’t pick on just one organization. It’s everywhere: “we need to reach across the aisle;” “we need to get something done;” “it’s important to compromise on issues in order to get something done;” “it’s been done this way since the beginning of time;” “It’s for National Security;” “Think of the children.”

It’s enough to make one’s stomach roll. But I have my doubts as to how many can see and recognize the boring, meaningless words and phrases that they’ve had drummed into their heads since childhood.

Earlier today, I was also following a discussion about how, “there needs to be a law” in order to deal with people who are doing things somebody else doesn’t like. This is what has become of our thoughtless society. It matters not whether one person is being lawful or not. If another doesn’t like it, “there ought to be a law to stop it.” After all, it would be “getting something done.” Is that what is meant by that statement? If so, then should we then, “stand together” and “think of the children” as we “reach across the aisle?”

Even before the moment we reached an age that we began speaking words, our minds have been bombarded with cliches and boring, meaningless, truism – catch phrases that tickle our feel good buttons. We are clueless as to what the actual meaning is but how wrong can it be to state: “It’s time for sportsmen to stand together?”

I am reminded of when the German people, after years of deprogramming, were convinced they needed to stand together. Somebody forget to question what it was that they were going to stand together for.


Robotic Bees to be Used for Pollination

Honey bee populations around the world are in decline due to causes ranging from ‘super mites‘ to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and even cell phones – and if the insects disappear completely the planet’s ecosystems would be in peril. The issue has become so dire that now a team of Harvard and Northeastern University scientists are working on a swarm of miniature Robobee robots that could pollinate flowers and do the job of real bees if required.<<<Read More from Food Democracy Now>>>


When In Capable of Thinking Robots Speak – Think Tavistock

One has to wonder if Maxine Waters, a congresswoman from California, and Hank Johnson, a congressman from Georgia are related. If you might recall it was Hank Johnson who said that if we put too many people onto the island of Guam, it would tip over.

Maxine Waters said yesterday that if we allow sequestration to take effect 170 million jobs would be lost. That’s quite amazing if you consider there’s approximately 150 million jobs in the workforce that exist.

What’s funny and not so funny, all at the same time, is that The People’s Cube published a satirical piece on Maxine Waters and in it stated that for this reason she supported opening the borders so we can bring in more workers to take those unspoken for jobs.

Of course, People’s Cube wasn’t serious about Waters saying that but in reality that’s how politicians and far too many people don’t think only follow in this country. Repeat after my leader……..

And as can be expected these days, once Waters repeated something she was probably told and robotically accepted it, once called out on the error, she robotically exclaimed to have “misspoken.” Isn’t that the Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card only politicians get to play?

Comrades, comrades, comrades!