January 29, 2023

Recognition of a “Fiery Destruction” That “Ruin the Bulk of Humanity”

*Editor’s Note* – I find it fascinating that over 150 years ago, some men determined to cling to the truth that you cannot separate divine creation from the worldly pursuits of science and philosophy. The author recognizes that the “subtleties” coming from the “fiery decomposition and destruction” found “below the concrete world” have caused “scientific men” to allow themselves to “sink down to the idea that science and philosophy have only to do with dead and beggarly elements of the world.” It is but tragic and still we hear, “The science is settled.” Now we gain understanding as to why man-god’s science is settled.

“Were it not that this work is avowedly astronomical and philosophical, it could easily be shown here that far above the sun, moon, and stars, and beyond the region of electric, magnetic, and other active subtleties, there is a fountain, an infinite conservatory of realities, as much more subtle than electric and magnetic entities, as these are than, the solid elements of the earth; and from which man receives all that makes him better than a demon, and enables and helps him to a god-like existence, whilst below the concrete world of earth and water, a region of fiery decomposition and destruction exists, and whence originate realities–subtleties more subtle than gaseous and electric elements, and which pollute and ruin the great bulk of humanity. The author is inexpressibly sorry to leave this mighty subject undeveloped in the pages of this work. He has entered upon a scientific disquisition, and as scientific men in general have allowed themselves to sink down to the idea that science and philosophy have only to do with the dead and beggarly elements of the world, and that all inquiries into the nature and source of the quickening, ennobling, and perfecting subtleties, which can be proved to exist, are but the dictates of superstition, he will not pursue the subject further–in these pages at least–lest the scientific critics who dread the advent of true and vivifying philosophy should charge him with inconsistency or unwarrantable digression.”

Zetetic Astronomy – Earth Not a Globe – An experimental inquiry into the True Figure of the Earth – Samuel Birley Rowbotham – 1881 – Third Edition – Pgs 155-156