December 1, 2022

The Life of Adam: What Do We Know About the Sandy Hook School Shooter


Familiar Sandy Hook Victim Photo Shows up in Pakistan School Shooting Memorials

“Among the alleged victims emerged the familiar face of Noah Pozner, one of the children supposedly killed in the December 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.”<<<Read More>>>


Sandy Hook Families Sue Gun Manufacturer

Can it get any more absurd?

“Family members of some of the victims of the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., have filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer, distributor and seller of the rifle used by the gunman to kill 26 people.

“The lawsuit filed on behalf of 10 victims claims that the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle never should have been sold to the public because it is a military weapon.”<<<Read More>>>


From Sandy Hook to Malpractice?

“Doctors use dead children and manipulated research to promote civilian disarmament.”

“As we approach the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, it has become clear that civilian disarmament proponents use 20 dead children to promote their disarmament agenda.”

“But by not fact-checking, media failed to act as a disseminator of truth and government watchdog, instead becoming a promoter of government policy, and socially engineering public opinion to support that policy.”<<<Read More>>>


Eric Holder Pays Sandy Hook $2.5 Million

Eric Holder’s (in)Justice Department sent $2.5 million to the Connecticut State Police and Sandy Hook Elementary School. “for their response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.” Why? Is this the norm? Is this hush money? Is this bribe money? What’s the deal?


Day 80 – No Executive Orders


It is now 80 days since President Obama pretended to sign 23 executive orders on the destruction of gun rights. I have asked the question several times. Does there exist these stealth executive orders that the president is deliberately hiding from the people, or was it all just an act? For sure, nothing about executive orders dealing with gun rights is posted on the White House website.

He Lies!

Jacob Sullum at, writes about four things that President Obama said in his address in Colorado the other day that breeds “mistrust” in the American people over his efforts to reduce Second Amendment gun ownership rights. Listed below are the summary of his four ideas. Please follow the link and read more of his explanations. I will provide my own commentary.

It is my opinion that Mr. Sullum left a fifth item off his list. I will add it below the following four items.

1. He conflates a failed background check with stopping a criminal from obtaining a gun.
I believe it was the Virginia Tech killer who passed his background check just fine. But facts aren’t important when a tyrannical agenda is in motion.

2. He falsely equates “assault weapons” with military guns.
Yesterday I posted a story of how the President, in a speech, told attendees that the Sandy Hook killer used a “fully automatic” weapon to kill 26 people. My questions about this statement were wanting to know if the President is too ignorant to know the difference between a “fully automatic” and a semi-automatic, a bolt action, lever action, revolver, pump, etc.; The second question was whether the President knows this information and is only attempting to embellish and incite anyone willing to listen in order to fulfill his despotic ambitions; Or, that the President knew Adam Lanza used an automatic weapon and he’s been keeping it from the people.

3. He says there is no logical connection between “universal background checks” and gun registration.
I have never and will never obtain a permit to carry a weapon because it is a violation of my Second Amendment rights. Obtaining a permit is nothing more than gun registration. Universal background checks accomplishes the same thing and does nothing to curb violence and protect children. The ignorance here is that people are made to believe that a criminal, intent on killing someone, will not do it because they have to undergo a background check. It’s like saying a car thief won’t steal a car because they don’t have a valid driver’s license.

4. He pooh-poohs the idea that there could ever be anything adversarial about the relationship between Americans and their government.
And this is the most tell-tailing statement any would-be despot would make. Obama is on record as stating that the Founding Fathers got it all wrong because they put restrictions on government. Since taking office, this President has done more than his share to tear down those restrictions on government and put all the power into his own hands. And this same President wants to declare that government is our friend and we should, without question, follow him over the cliff? No thank you.

This is where I will add number five.

5. The President is a liar.
Not really unlike the boy who cried wolf, President Obama is a notorious liar. Nothing that comes from his mouth can and should be believed. He has made his own bed and he should lay in it. No person can spend every waking minute of their presidential term making and breaking promises to the degree this man has and expect that the people of the United States would trust him.

This may be one of the reasons this President feels the need to circumvent the legislative process established in our country by using executive order abuses because he fails miserably in leading the people of this country due to his deliberate and excessive lying.

Biased News Reporting

What else is new, right? CBS announced that it will be airing a 60-Minutes program in which, “Some of the parents and family of the 26 children and adults killed in the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., tell Scott Pelley their mission for gun control will last throughout their lifetimes.”

Who can blame the parents for trying to do something, even if they are being misled and/or misguided. This isn’t the issue here. The real issue is that CBS’s 60-Minutes have “some” of the parents and in the leaked portion of the upcoming show, the talk is all in favor of opposition to gun rights. I’m wondering if the full broadcast will include some of the parents who disagree with this assault on the Second Amendment, and/or would like to see more of a focus and assault on the real root of violence, what causes it and how to correct it?

UN Gun Treaty and One World Government

It really should come as no surprise that the United States, under the direction of President Obama, has signed on to the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. For some, it still comes as a surprise that the U.S. Senate must ratify that treaty. Previously, in a resolution voted on in the Senate, by a 53-46 vote, it resolved that it would not vote to approve a United Nations gun control treaty. I believe that margin of difference remains safe for now, as a two-thirds majority vote is required.

However, this should not deter people from contacting their Senators to make sure they oppose this treaty. In addition, Americans should familiarize themselves well with this treaty that Obama has signed, because when the United States falls into the control of a One World Government, indications being it will be administered by the United Nations, this treaty should give us an indication as to how guns will be control and confiscated by that power.


Day 73 – No Executive Orders


Day 73 and the lie continues! No executive orders on gun control published on the White House website.

Pot, Meet Kettle!

In what can only be described as the most shameless act of the pot calling the kettle black, President Barack Obama appeared before a group of family members of supposed Newtown, Connecticut’s Sandy Hook School shooting victims and attempted to shame the country for not passing any gun control laws since the mass killings.

“We need everybody to remember how we felt 100 days ago and make sure that what we said at that time wasn’t just a bunch of platitudes, that we meant it.”

73 days ago, Barack Obama, the ring leader of all the gun control platitudes, as he seems now to accuse others of using, went beyond platitudes and engaged in outright lying, cheating, deceit, fear mongering and exploiting children, with a goal of creating hostility and deepening the divide among the American people. It appears he’s up to his old tricks.

Consider the intestinal fortitude of a man, so accustomed to lying it is commonplace, brazen enough to stand before millions of people in an attempt to shame them from NOT GETTING SOMETHING DONE about gun control! Think about it for a minute. This inept, fraudulent human being, staged the biggest dog and pony show, promising millions of Americans he had created 23 executive orders on gun control and pretended to be signing them before the public. What the public saw were 23 ideas he and his administration had come up with lacking details and nothing published and/or made available for public scrutiny. So, what are we to believe? Do the executive orders exist and he is hiding them? Or, has this Kabuki Theater closed the curtain, perhaps only waiting for an encore when Congress fails to produce some kind of assassination on the Second Amendment or he needs votes from the gun hater groups?

His act is really quite pathetic.

Readers of this blog should understand that President Obama is intentionally, I believe, crossing and muddying lines between two distinct issues. One, is somehow the President is indicating that because Congress has not passed strict gun control laws, people no longer feel sorry for the victims and their families of Sandy Hook. This is far from reality.

The second and what should be separate issue, is whether or not any proposed gun control laws will actually do anything to make kids and/or Americans safer. The idea of making laws because we might feel sympathetic is pathetic.

Angus King: Michael Bloomberg’s Puppet

Many residents of Maine knew, even before Sen. Angus King took the U.S. Senate seat from retiring RINO Olympia Snowe, much, if not all, of the success behind King’s campaign came from Michael Bloomberg and his political action committee. And so, as people continue to fail to see and want to see, politics is more about posterity than “we the people.”

The Maine Wire is reporting that the NRA is targeting King because of his votes in the Senate against the Second Amendment. The Maine Wire reminds readers that when Angus King was governor of Maine, he was endorsed by the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, as King presented himself as an “outdoorsman.”

Test the wind, make the costume, and become whatever is necessary to get a vote. Then proceed to screw the people over. That’s politics as usual.


Filibuster For Show

Senators Paul, Cruz and Lee say they plan to filibuster, if necessary, any attempt by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to introduce legislation that goes against the Second Amendment. And this effort will……………?


NBC Says Only 4 Handguns Used At Sandy Hook, Lanza Got in Fight At School Days Earlier

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