December 4, 2022

Should wolves be introduced in Scotland? – BBC News

*Editor’s Note* – There is a video available at the below link. Unfortunately I am not able to bring it over here for viewing.

The myth spoken of, as it pertains to introducing wolves to the Scottish Highlands, is that the wolf is necessary for a “naturally balance ecosystem.” “Naturally balance ecosystem” is not a scientific term. Instead, it is political – a political tool used to shut down land and steal rights and property from people – to promote scarcity and limit access to land. This is part of a global power and control struggle that also employs the destruction of people through different forms of eugenics.

At the end of the video, the narrator says that, “this is about finding a balance between humans and the wild.” No, it is not. It is about the destruction of humans, their food supplies and right to eke out a living.

Wolves have been hunted to extinction across much of Europe but it seems where they have been thriving, their growing numbers may be causing problems.In France, the government has defied an EU law by licensing hunters to kill them to protect farmers’ livestock.

Source: Should wolves be introduced in Scotland? – BBC News


Green Fail: windfarms contaminate the water supply?

So we’ve gone from wind farms chopping up birds to poisoning the water supply. They’re not economically viable without public subsidy, they never meet their promised power generation or reliability, but, hey, they do give you diarrhea. And maybe kill your unborn child. All to fight catastrophic man-caused global warming, a problem that does not exist.

What on Earth are you complaining about?

Now, of course, nothing is proven yet, but I’ll wager dollars to donuts there’s more to this than the hysteria over fracking and earthquakes.

Source: Green Fail: windfarms contaminate the water supply? | Public Secrets


Wolves: Those Who Have and Those Who Have Not

It would appear that people are blind when they want to be. Here are two distinct differences between how people who don’t have to live with wolves and romanticize about them and those that have, for centuries, lived with and dealt with wolves.

Some in Scotland want to have wolves “reintroduced” saying wolves are, “gentle and very loyal creatures.” And that, “I think getting wolves back into the wild cannot harm anyone.”

In Russia, where people have, for centuries, learned of the reality of living with wolves and have come to understand that the ONLY way to deal with the animal is through strict controls – meaning a killing of thousands of them when conditions dictate. has an article and a video showing the problems Russia is facing with wolves and the call for killing about 3,500 wolves, as well as rewards being offered for help in getting the job done.

Like Scotland, here in America, the romanticists think we should cuddle up with the nasty, disease infested killers, much because neither place has much history, or any that wants to be remembered, in living with wolves. And yet we refuse to take a lesson from places like Russia to see the realities of wolves.

Willful blindness.


Some in Scotland Want Wolves Introduced

A LEADING conservation organisation has backed the reintroduction of wolves to Scotland.

The John Muir Trust has claimed there is “no ecological reason” why the species should not return to the Highlands.

Wolves were hunted to extinction in the 1700s and their reintroduction has sparked a controversial debate in recent years.<<<Read More>>>