January 30, 2023

Interior Secretary Zinke to visit Katahdin national monument next week

*Editor’s Note* – It appears that Secretary Zinke will get the FULL experience of the Katahdin Woods and Waters, i.e. the report says he will go canoeing – as if this is the only place someone can go canoeing. In addition he will look at Mt. Katahdin – as if being in the monument is the only place to look at the mountain. But, most of all, he should get a good sampling of black flies and mosquitoes. I hope Sec. Zinke remembers that “black flies matter.”

“According to a press release from the Interior Department, Zinke will spend next Wednesday and Thursday in Maine. He will spend much of the day Wednesday touring the monument and on Thursday will meet with the local chamber of commerce, members of the Penobscot Nation and the Maine Woods Coalition.”<<<Read More>>>