May 16, 2021

Bing Pulse Tanks During Gun Control Part of Obama’s SOTU Address


Notice that at 10:11, when the President is discussing gun control, the bottom falls out and the negative response to his comments reaches the lowest point of the speech.



Day 29 – No Executive Orders


President Obama has lied to and deceived the American people. In his flim-flamery, a dog and pony show and exploitation of children, he conned the American people by staging a false event. He told us he would sign 23 executive orders that will curb gun violence. He made one signature on what can only be thought of now as a piece of scrap paper.

It’s been 29 days since that act of illusion and yet, not one shred of evidence can be found on the White House website where Executive Orders are signed and posted. Some may say the White House is too busy and yet, just 3 or 4 days ago the White House announced the President would be signing an executive order to do with cyber security on Wednesday, February 13, 2013. That executive order is posted at the White House website, so why not the 23 executive orders Mr. Obama told people he was signing?

To intelligent, independent thinking people, there is reason to demand to see the details of each of these orders. The 23 suggestions that the White House released prior to the magic act mean nothing. They tell us nothing of what will actually happen. Do these executive orders not exist? Is the President hiding that information because he doesn’t want us to know what his plans are? Or, is this more of what I’m inclined to think it is; just a way to create division and angst among the people; a divide and conquer scheme?

Below I have included a video taken of a CNN report of Obama signing the fake executive orders. After the President concludes his speech, he says, as he walks away from the podium, “I’ll now sign the executive orders.”

Wolf Blitzer, the CNN news anchor appears and offers some commentary stating that the President is now signing 23 executive orders. Oddly, the President inks one signature and walks away to go play with the children he’s taking advantage of. Blitzer comments something to the effect that he guesses one signature must be good enough for all 23 executive orders.

It’s an amateur hour or more aptly described as the Gong Show.


Day 28- No Executive Orders


I will continue this charade until such time as people begin to open their eyes that they are being lied to, manipulated, conned and disrespected. If the real intent was to instigate an honest debate about our children’s safety, then the President of the United States, being honest for a change, would have gone a long way. But instead, the President opts to deceive the people in order to stir up trouble, create chaos, promote distrust of Government and between citizens, to achieve his bigger goal of full dictatorial power assumption, through fear mongering and civil unrest.

Nothing is posted on the White House website about 23 executive orders.

In the meantime, Joe Biden, the lying, non thinking puppet, who once said that Obama wasn’t going to get his shotgun, told people he was counting on the “legitimate news media” to carry out he and the President’s lying, cheating, unconstitutional Second Amendment destruction… they have been told to do.

Joe, like President Obama, fears the non “legitimate news media” because they can’t be controlled by them very well, but they are working on it. Out of fear, Biden must demonize anyone writing and presenting facts about both tyrant’s effort to take our guns.

It was announced that on Wednesday, tyrant Obama will either sign an executive order, or perpetrate another dog and pony show, disguised as cyber security. However, we should examine carefully, that is if we allowed to, the details of the executive order as I’m confident this despot will further grow his power while destroying the First Amendment rights of Americans. Wake up! It’s his MO. However, whatever he talks about, I am assuming there will be no details made available until long after he has carried out his unconstitutional plans.


Day 27 – No Executive Orders


The silence on the whereabouts of these fabricated 23 executive orders of President Obama tells us a lot if we pay attention. I stick with my original assessment that the intent here is to create more anger, distrust and violence; perhaps to even drive people to the streets in violent protest. There are no executive orders, at least at this point, but while we are watching and focusing on other things, watch out for the Great Deceiver will foist his 23 Hitleresque executive orders on the people. And while we wait, still nothing is posted on the White House website.

And while we wait, watch this video below and then you should be asking yourself many questions. The most obvious is whether this person is capable of doing his job?; is he capable of rational discourse?; is he an example of the kind of person we should have heading any police department?; what ignorance exists in a man’s mind that he would attempt to convey to people that guns are not a defensive weapon? Also note that I don’t even think any of the people gathered around him believe a word he is saying and some actually seem embarrassed to be there.

I find this video frighteningly staggering!


Day 26 – No Executive Orders


This is the 26th day since President Obama staged what appears to be a fake event, deceiving the people of the United States, while exploiting young children, and pretending to sign 23 executive orders of how he was going to ban guns by circumventing the legislative process and, more importantly, disregard the constitution. There is nothing posted on the White House website of the details of his supposed executive orders.


Day 25 – No Executive Orders


We are closing in on three weeks and still President Obama has not made public the details of his supposed 23 executive orders to ban and control guns. Nothing posted on the White House website yet!

Perhaps we can gain a bit more understanding as to why the Department of Homeland Security would have need of 1.8 billion rounds of ammunition. According to the DHS Insider, agents within this department are preparing for a collapse. One can only imagine, depending on the severity of such a collapse, what the response of the people would be.


Mandatory Liability Insurance for Gun Owners?

Rapid-fire weapons capable of mass casualties would require higher premiums than less-lethal firearms.<<<Read More from the Wall Street Journal>>>


Day 24 – No Executive Orders


Three and one half weeks, and we are still waiting for President Obama to post his 23 executive orders on gun control so we all know exactly what his plans are. Nothing posted yet!

And now we have an ex-cop on a killing spree. During the manhunt, LA police shoot two women who were delivering newspapers. Just think, if cops didn’t have “assault weapons” and large magazines, these two innocent women wouldn’t have gotten shot…….or would they?

We’re waiting for your unconstitutional executive orders so we know what you intend to do……specifically!



Day 23 – No Executive Orders


I climbed a high mountain to see what I could see, and behold, I saw absolutely nothing! No 23 executive orders on gun control written and posted at the White House website.

Brainwashing displayed in living color! Among others, iconic singer Tony Bennett said that if the United States didn’t stop the violence, meaning more gun control, we might end up like Nazi Germany. You can’t make this stuff up.



Claiming “Backfire” in Gun Control Debate is Premature and Misleading

I was just reading a rousing rendition from Michael Adams at Natural News, about how “The push for gun control, however, has spectacularly backfired.” Adams’ long list of events that he believes are the result of backfiring against, “people like Biden, Bloomberg, Cuomo, Feinstein and Obama,” is impressive and on the surface one can easily be drawn into the ticker tape victory parade and exclaim, “We showed them!”

I have no intention of trying to prove facts wrong. I’ll leave that up to the liberals and “True Believers.” What I would like to caution readers about are two things that are openly present in this article. Let’s address the first one.

As Yogi Berra once said, “It ain’t over til it’s over”, the same can be said in this Second Amendment battle. How do we measure success and failure or winning and losing?” Isn’t the bottom line here, that when all the dust settles, there is no further destruction in the Second Amendment? While we may claim more people went out and bought guns, and more people joined the NRA, etc., etc. the deaf and out of touch tyrants on Capital Hill are still agog about writing gun control legislation and the republicans have indicated they are willing to sit down and talk about expanding and enhancing background checks on guns. Should this or any other anti Second Amendment bill pass, where’s the victory in that?

Oh, yes! I will be called an idealist, a Second Amendment purist, a radical and God forbid, one of those not willing to compromise away my right to defend and protect myself and my family. Can I honestly do that when the very government that wants me disarmed is the same government that is going to approve my “background” check? After all, I’m probably on the Government’s terror watch list because of my activism and outspokenness against a tyrannical government.

Why is it that people are eager to systematically erode the Second Amendment to a point where it is useless? Why? The cry goes out for public safety and yet, history shows any imbecile that taking away gun rights increases violent crime and lessens public safety. Why do we do this?

The Second Amendment is simple really – “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” It took 217 years for the United States Supreme Court to affirm that the Second Amendment is an individual right, but in his majority opinion, Justice Scalia made sure that the world understood that the Second Amendment in no way guaranteed there wouldn’t be “reasonable” limits placed on this Bill of Right. This of course left the door wide open, rendering the actual decision as not having much grip at all. The same can be said in NRA v Chicago. People have a right to have a gun but the courts refuse to apply the pure rights intended by the founding fathers.

One can argue that the First Amendment rights of the press do more damage, emotionally and psychologically than any gun violence does, but do we see the same emotional clap trap taking place of placing limits on the First Amendment? Why is it then that Americans, including the self absorbed egoists in Washington, are so wanting to limit Second Amendment rights but it’s taboo to touch freedom of the press or freedom of speech?

The second issue I want to bring up that’s discussed in this article is the claim that it’s a backfire, a victory for gun rights advocates that, gun rights are threatening to use violence if necessary to push back. This is not a victory for gun rights but would be a huge victory for the Marxist regime of President Obama. I have contended all along that it is the goal of this administration to piss off enough people, to do whatever it takes, to get them into the streets displaying violence. Just including this kind of violent threats in any gun rights discussion, incites anger and plays right into the hands of the despots.

While it is grand to rally the troops with thoughts of the things that did happen as a result of the attempt at grabbing our guns, let’s not forget that many of the things that took place were done to test the reactions of the people so the government and those who control the government, get a better sense as to how far and how quickly they need to move to accomplish their goals.

We should not be so quick to wave the victory flag when it ain’t over til it’s over!