February 4, 2023

Question 3 Intentionally Confusing to Isolate Gun Owners

*Editor’s Note* – As the debate on Maine’s referendum Question 3 continues, the author, linked to below, offers an interesting approach and resolve, and perhaps one that is not fully understood.

The author seeks power in the unity of gun owners. As a society it is what we know, but do we fully understand it? For someone like myself, I find my strength in self-determination and the limitation of my succession of liberties, given me by my Creator, in efforts to preserve some sort of sovereignty. Once any man joins forces with any group, community, country, state, shooting club, NRA, a political party, etc. they have willingly given up another chunk of their sovereignty, until, one day, it is all gone. There is no escaping it.

The dilemma freedom seekers face is exactly as the below author describes – that the only way to fight the fascists is to grow the membership of an organization, where more members equals more power to fight and yet, the resulting action actually ends up further destroying your perceived sovereignty.

Ah, but you say, it is necessary, it is the only way to fight it. Perhaps so, but understand that the end result is always a compromise – a giving away of another portion of your rights. There is no escaping it. As the old saying about “spreading the wealth,” what happens when you have compromised everything away?

It’s not that you shouldn’t do what you believe necessary to accomplish what you think you can accomplish but it is to question whether the immediate action is the right one and to do that one must understand the fullness of their actions, first. Perhaps there is that needed “Power” through something other than a man creation. If we all had it, there would be no Question 3.

“The greatest strength of the right of individuals to keep and bear arms is not in the individual himself, but in the greater community of gun owners and those they would share their love of firearms with. The anti-gun crowd is not just attacking us as individuals, but attacking our very right to have a community, so they can isolate and weaken us in the eventual hope of destroying our rights altogether.”<<<Read More>>>



Old White Guys Suck. Don’t Fit “Asshole” Follower Paradigm

As disgusting as the title is, and as equally disturbing as the article found in the Washington Times, written by Wesley Pruden about the changing perspective of today’s lifestyle is, none of it can be appreciated unless you can laugh and that you have a sense of what is right and what is wrong. (I know that makes my audience small.) Forget the Constitution. That no longer has any bearing on life in these United States…well, unless it becomes a convenience to fill in voids in one’s narrative. It works quite well on anyone at sea over having understanding of what’s in the Constitution and who it was written for.

First for the humor. Pruden writes about Susan Rice addressing a mostly Hispanic audience in Miami Florida about there being too many Old White Men: “Miss Rice apparently learned this at the White House, where President Obama tolerates no Republicans, conservatives or other dissidents to upset the groupthink prevailing. “In the halls of power,” she said, “in the faces of our national security leaders, America is still not fully reflected.” This may well be true. When you’re following a leader who is “leading from behind,” all you can see is the seat of the pants of whoever marches ahead of you, and for most of us that’s not very inspiring.”

Not intending to insult anyone’s intelligence (cough, cough) but I’m not sure that “some” can appreciate what Pruden is saying here. So, I’ll interpret for you. Obama is said to lead from behind. That would mean that Obama and all his administration are always looking at the “seat of the pants”  assholes walking in front of them. Rice says this isn’t a reflection of who we are. She means not all of us are brain dead assholes…yet. Now do you get it?

With the brainwashing nearly complete, Pruden points out that nobody is any longer interested in anything “old white guys” had, did, or will do. In other words, in this day and age, we plain suck. It no longer matters of results. It no longer matters of any sense of morality. It no longer matters that all people should be left alone, protected and respected of their rights gifted them by their Creator. Progressiveness means kill those who no longer agree. Old White Men are now the useless eaters. We can no longer live lives full of prosperity and the pursuit of happiness.

Obama is a mindless puppet, and mindless people don’t want to see or hear about any of it. They just can’t, and don’t want to, put any pieces of the puzzle together. One who pulls his puppet strings, Susan Rice (but don’t go look at why, because you might learn something of importance), says that, “we should all know the dangers of ‘groupthink,’ where folks who are alike often think alike. By contrast, groups comprised of different kinds of folks tend to question one another’s assumptions, draw on divergent perspectives and experiences, and yield better outcomes.” (Note – Rice evidently never studied history, including that of the Bible, to understand the realities of forcing diversification upon people’s not led by and following God.) She doesn’t really believe what she said, but the way it’s worded she wants YOU to believe that. Sounds great doesn’t it? That’s because of the way we are programmed. No longer is anything in life about respecting the sovereignty of others, it’s about presenting a false ideology, made to sound exquisite (double speak), the result a disaster. Disasters cede power and control of the individual to the Ruling Establishment people like Susan Rice.

I have written often of the modus operandi of the Ruling Establishment (the Susan Rices of the world). Let me repeat for you: They (Ruling Establishment) create the problems first. They follow this up with embellishment. And lastly, they construct a “cure.”

In the case referenced above, Rice embellishes her “created crisis” (“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Ever heard that before?) – “GroupThink.” Her idea is if we throw everything we can find in the “Old Man’s Soup” and blend it all together, we will “yield better outcomes.” The non thinking asshole follower loves the idea of “better outcomes,” but has no idea what one is. They have to be told. In the meantime Rice fully understands the “better outcome,” – it is intended for her and her posterity (Ruling Establishment).

Old White Men are useless and you should learn, through the Ruling Establishment’s propagandizing campaign that Old White Men are dangerous. We own guns and respect the rights of others! I guess we didn’t realize that being nice about it would be the cause of our demise.

Assholes, following assholes become the assholes others will follow. I guess that’s a better outcome?

Leading From “Behind”



Rescuing the 21st Century [or Bringing Back Self Determination?]

“Yet somewhere over the next decade a strange reversal took place. Everyone was astonished to learn the future was really the 8th century. In the major capitals of the West it became fashionable to don a keffiyeh, burka or grow a beard. British public figures started converting to Islam. But there was more. Set to challenge the 8th century for supremacy of the coming century was a resurgent 19th. Malthus, in the shape of Global Warming and Marx in the guise of political correctness and “positive rights” were back in intellectual vogue. Socialism, which had collapsed of its own weight in the late 20th century was again resurrected, for the nth time, as the Coming Thing.”<<<Read More>>>