January 31, 2023

Stop the Debate on Global Warming!

*Editor’s Note* – There is a lot at stake over the claim that the globe is warming – more than most people are even aware of. The responses given in this exchange between Sen. Ted Cruz and Sierra Club President Aaron Mair, shows that the Sierra Club is ignorant of any scientific facts concerning climate change, warming, cooling and/or the effects, if any, of human influence – at least that is how they came across. Instead, two things occur here: 1. Mr. Mair refuses to answer any questions other than what he has been programmed to say, and 2. The Sierra Club wishes to end the debate, publicly, about climate change. This is part of the MO of the global warming PSYOP.

There is only one reason that anyone would want to end a supposed scientific debate is in order that people will not learn that the global warming scare is a corrupt scam, designed, not only to put gobs of money into the pockets of anyone, including the Sierra Club, who is willing to preach the gospel of man-caused global warming and work feverishly to close any discussions about it, but as a means to seriously control the people and provide a platform in which the conspirators can hide their plans for population reductions.

Recently we learned that 20 scientists have asked President Obama to prosecute climate change skeptics. If for no other reason, American’s should question why it is necessary to stop a scientific debate and throw in jail anyone who disagrees with the published “findings” of the establishments who received the money to say so?

But don’t go look!


Techniques of Character Assassination

I’m not advocating one way or the other, for or against, Sen. Chuck Hagel to be President Obama’s next Defense Secretary. However, I would like for readers to what this video, perhaps twice, and the second time focus on the tactics used by Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, to attempt to destroy the character of Sen. Hagel. Interesting, and something we should all learn.