January 29, 2023

How “Bearing Arms” Can Work

Two legally armed citizens stopped a shootout in an Augusta, Maine Wal-Mart parking lot. Police stated they would recommend the legally armed citizens have fled the seen and “become good witnesses.” Witnesses to what? The shooting deaths of 4 people? Police state.

“Daniel Chavanne walked over to the nearby scene of the shooting and dispute, showed his Glock 42 pistol, announced he was armed and told those fighting to get down on the ground.”<<<Read More>>>

Instapundit has brief story. Comments are an interesting read and perhaps a good commentary of life today in America – not exactly good. (Note – When I was on Instapundit website, I had difficulty navigating the page. I don’t know if it is because the site was so busy or because it is loaded down with ads and other crap – which is the way of it these days.)