March 20, 2023

Frustrations In Dealing With Rigged Systems

Most fail to even recognize that our trapped existence takes place within a politically rigged system – at all levels – designed by man for man. Those of us who completely understand this presence avoid it like a wicked plague. Most get frustrated by failures in getting their idealisms pushed through governmental agencies that don’t operate on the same plain as our captive existence.

I was reading a piece the other day from someone exemplifying this very reality. The frustrations where spelled out in disheartening text, sharing such depressing news of how, in his opinion, our government – legislators and administrative departments – don’t do as the people ask, even extolling misguided beliefs that our legislators, as commissioned by their vote, are required to bring to the Legislature all proposed rules and regulations all of which are designed, either purposely or ignorantly, to further repress a once freer society.

Of course our government institutions don’t do as the people want. They do as the People want, but few understand that concept.

We’ve been trained to believe we live in a democracy…as though a democracy was a good thing. The best known definition of democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for lunch. And somehow this is sought after by some? The wolves no doubt.

The frustration exhibited in the piece I’ve referred to is that the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) won’t have public hearings and full panel discussions on every proposal any person has ever thought of. The writer exclaims the system is, “…not as it should be.

I might agree with such an assessment however, it appears that according to this writer the way it should be is more personal idealism than realism. In this case the frustration might be more fueled by a person not getting his way most of time rather than the system “not as it should be.”

Then things get confusing. The frustration with the system, described as “the antithesis of democracy, as well as the undermining and ultimate suppression of citizens’ rights,” turns to resentment and whining because the system won’t do things his way. The writer then begins to blame everything on the special interest groups – those groups of course he does not support – and how such special interest groups represent a minority. Is this what his idea of democracy is? That only the majority have a “right” to complain? When we don’t get our way, it seems to be quite normal to blame it on everything but what it is. Blaming special interest groups – in this case hunters, trappers, and fishermen – is a much easier task than learning about and then explaining why our system is rigged and does not operate the way we have all been taught, and then discovering what can be done to change this reality.

In frustration, the author writes, “Let’s not forget that Maine’s wildlife is a vital part of the public domain, not some group’s private preserve to do with as they wish. Just as motorists don’t own public roads, boaters and swimmers don’t own public lakes, hikers don’t own public land, anglers don’t own the fish who [fish should not be referred to as a who. They are not people.] live in public ponds and streams, so hunters and trappers don’t own the state’s wildlife.”

I understand the frustration…really, I do, but, on the same token a voter does not own every proposed piece of legislation. The writer makes it sound like hunters, motorists, boaters, swimmers, hikers, and anglers enjoy unfettered access to any and all wildlife and lands and waters. I believe the argument could honestly be made that those special interest groups experience just as many frustrations as this writer. There is no need to suppress the frustrations and desires of one group over another so that a rigged system might operate as one might suggest it ought to in order to get their way.

It’s difficult to take the complaints seriously from those who stand up in support of democracy and in the same breath speak out against the symptoms of democracy. That makes little sense. If democracy is the form of servitude rule you desire, then your only recourse is to be subject to the rigors of democracy. In other words, sometimes you are the sheep.

Perhaps if the writer, instead of saying the system isn’t working the way he thinks it’s supposed to, had said the system isn’t working the way HE wants it to, would have been more accurate.

We all experience the same frustrations. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and sometimes the squeaky wheel is not the wheel we choose. One thing is for certain. You can’t change a rigged system by employing the rigged system to fix itself. Insanity dictates it’s time to change.


Two Totalitarians Debate Guns

It’s what’s wrong with everything!

I’m reading this morning an article in the Bangor Daily News about a doctor and a sportsman debating guns. It became clear that both debaters were totalitarians and showed definite signs of ignorance of facts.

Here’s one example of the what was presented in this so-called debate: “During my time at the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, I was proud of SAM’s support for successful legislation that took guns away from those served with temporary protection orders. At that time only permanent orders gave the judge the option of taking away a person’s guns…

“Unfortunately it is very difficult for the police to get authority to enter that person’s house and make sure the guns are gone.”

This sounds like the talk out of the fascist President Trump’s mouth when he said he would confiscate guns and worry about due process later.

The irony and hypocrisy of the debate appear when the other side of the discussions says: “The rights listed in the Bill of Rights are not absolute, but rather apply only if they do not deprive others of their rights.”

Both sides appear to want to disrespect a person’s granted and inalienable right to choose how they will protect themselves, one by taking guns and asking questions later (I guess that destroys any sense of innocent until proven guilty, i.e. Due Process) and the other by pretending that it is a just thing to deprive a person of a right so long as it fits conveniently into his narrative.

Ignorance in the debate shows in two ways. One, when one person suggests that gun ownership is all about hunting, and two, when the same person compares as equal a violation of a person’s constitutional and inalienable right to self-defense in the name of public safety to “lead in gasoline, sinkers and paint; mercury thermometers; dioxin in our rivers; asbestos in our ceilings and brakes; and smoking in public places, to name a few.”

I was reading another article posted on this website about social engineering, behavioral engineering for the purpose of belief engineering. In the Comments section was a post made about the Stockholm Syndrome. Defined as “feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor,” it is becoming more apparent that our society is loaded with victims (or willing participants) of this psychological phenomenon.

To fully understand how this applies to people, we must understand that “kidnapping or hostage-taking” can be either literal or figurative. There are many ways in which we are kidnapped or taken hostage over our free will. Feelings of affection and/or trust for those whose bent it is to diminish and eliminate our freedoms and individuality is being displayed on many fronts often without the awareness of individuals that they are lobbying for the rope that will eventually hang them.

To undergo debate that involves ceding rights as well as declaring that no right is absolute is eagerly playing into the hands of the hangmen. Denial of the intentions of the executioner is in and of itself a display of Stockholm Syndrome. We see this managest daily with trust for our government and the belief that this government has never, is not, and never will have tyrannical intentions toward placing you in slavery. We are slaves now and deny it. How much more difficult can it be to reach saturation?

Why are we even having this debate? To debate this issue is denying that anyone has an unquestioned right given them by their Creator to protect themselves, their family, and property. Willingness to remove that right is a call to place control over that right in the hands of a centralized authority. This now becomes a government-meted privilege, in which any authority with the power to parcel out rights has the same power to take them away. Our “syndrome” prevents us from that realization.

Is that what this is all about? Or is it just plain ignorance. Maybe it’s both!




SAM Exposes More of Who’s Supporting Question 3

According to an article, Online, at the Boothbay Register, Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine executive director, David Trahan, further exposes the dishonesty and cover-up of those funding and supporting Question 3, worded as implementing “universal” background checks.

“Trahan criticized Yes on 3’s media campaign as being “distortions and paid for by out-of-state money.” One endorsement features Bobby Reynolds, a Maine resident, identifying himself as a gun owner and Second Amendment supporter.” What Reynolds doesn’t say, according to Trahan, is he works for Maine Street Solutions, a Washington, D.C. firm being paid by “Yes on 3.”

Another endorsement features two police chiefs: Michael Sauschuck of Portland and Ed Googins of South Portland. The two are members of the Maine Chiefs of Police Association, which supports the referendum. Trahan said the two aren’t telling the entire story. Both are also Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence board members. Trahan described the organization as “the state’s most anti-gun coalition” favoring every gun control measure proposed in Maine.”

There’s also some good, but mostly bad, found at the end of the article when Trahan said, “if the referendum is approved it wouldn’t stand in the current form. Trahan promised to work with the legislature in January making the law “more workable and livable” for lawful gun owners.”

While there may exist a certain degree of comfort and gratitude that efforts would be carried out to tone down a fascist law, the ultimate crime is the further destruction of the Second Amendment – a Bill of Rights amendment that the majority of Americans disrespect at some level, from “reasonable” limitations to an all out repeal of the government-granted right.

Regardless of the outcome of the vote on Question 3, it’s yet simply another sad day in America as blinded fools dig their own graves of slavery and servitude and, yet, have no clue to it. Sad.


Rations For Slavery



Further Proof of the Totalitarian Dictatorship We Live In

Which will immediately be followed by responses of denial by the blinded masses!

If you have signed up for an account with “My Social Security,” undoubtedly you received an email from the Social Security Administration informing you that you will no longer be allowed to access your account unless you provide them with a text-capable cell phone number – and by the way the email also says: “cell phone provider’s text message and data rates may apply.”

At the least, this is an attempt to make sure the SSA has a copy of your cell phone number for whatever reasons you might choose to think they would actually need that other than “another layer of security.” (wink, wink)

At the meat of the issue is the lie that it has become necessary to “make sure you are the actual owner of your account.” They call this “multifactor authentication” (wink, wink) and we are told it is being done per “Executive Order” from the dictator.

Not only may “cell phone provider’s text message and data rates may apply” the dictator-in-chief is demanding that everyone has a cell phone. He must think everyone has one of his “Obamaphones” he has forced all other cell phone owners to pay for. This is simply another layer of forcing “free Americans” (wink, wink) into slavery – and you love it. Addicted to cell phones? Do you think that was simply happenstance?

So, what if you don’t have or don’t want to have or provide a cell phone number? Simple: “If you do not have a text-enabled cell phone or you do not wish to provide your cell phone number, you will not be able to access your my Social Security account.” For some reason the lying bastards fail to tell you precisely what that means.


Okay all you “Bread and Circus” monkeys! Give the crooks and criminals more of your personal information and bow down to the dictator’s executive orders. The bastards stole your money and called it Social Security Insurance. THE NEW DEAL! Now they are doing everything they can to make sure you can’t get any of it back.



Juneteenth — America’s Celebration of the End of Slavery — to be Celebrated Sunday, June 19

*Editor’s Note* – What end of slavery?

Project 21 Joins Those Calling for the Appreciation of and Continued Advancement of Freedom

Obama White House Strangely Silent for Eighth Year, Despite Calls that it Issue Some Form of a Commemorative Proclamation for Juneteenth, Joining 43 States and the Bush White House

Washington, D.C.Sunday, June 19, marks “Juneteenth,” the anniversary of the arrival of Union soldiers in Galveston, Texas on June 19, 1865, who carried with them the news that the Civil War was over and that slavery had been abolished by President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation two-and-a-half years earlier.

According to the National Juneteenth Observance Foundation, 43 states now recognize Juneteenth as a state holiday or special day of observance, and the U.S. Senate established June 19 as Juneteenth Independence Day on June 19, 2015. (The states not recognizing Juneteenth in some form are Hawaii, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Hampshire, Arizona and Montana.)

Juneteenth commemorates the anniversary of the arrival of Union soldiers in Galveston, Texas on June 19, 1865. The soldiers carried with them the news that the Civil War was over and that slavery had been abolished through President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which took effect January 1, 1863.

The annual commemoration of this date, which became known as Juneteenth, quickly became a stabilizing and motivating presence in the lives of the African-Americans who lived in Texas and faced the many uncertainties associated with their newly-acquired freedom. The observance quickly spread from Texas to other black communities across the United States.

Juneteenth is celebrated in many ways, but education and self-improvement have been consistent themes at commemorative community gatherings and picnics. In 1980, Juneteenth was made an official holiday in Texas. Juneteenth had been recognized by President George W. Bush in special presidential messages, but,President Obama has yet to personally acknowledge Juneteenth at the White House.

The National Juneteenth Observance Foundation has repeatedly contacted the Obama White House. On May 19, it sent one of many requests asking that President Obama “issue a Presidential Proclamation to establish Juneteenth Independence Day as a National Day of Observance in America, similar to Flag Day or Patriot Day.”

Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., M.D., Founder and Chairman of the group, has explainedthe importance of noting Juneteenth accordingly: “America needs healing from the scars of enslavement. The annual observance of Juneteenth in America affords the country a tremendous opportunity to constructively reflect on our legacy of enslavement and move forward as a unified nation. As the leader of our country, your public participation in Juneteenth will be instrumental in bringing all Americans together in a spirit of unity and reconciliation.”

The National Juneteenth Observance Foundation has expressed its frustration with President Obama on the matter of Juneteenth on a web page, noting that then-Senator Barack Obama supported Juneteenth legislation as a Senator, has done nothing as President, despite issuing proclamations for LGBT Pride Month, Cinco de Mayo, Greek Independence Day, National Ovarian Cancer month, Patriot Day and Flag Day, and more. It has repeatedly urged the White House to acknowledge Juneteenth in some form.

Project 21 members have been commemorating Juneteenth annually for nearly twenty years. This year, three of them have official statements.

Project 21’s Emery McClendon says of Juneteenth:

Black fathers can carry the torch this Sunday by showing why it is important that the end of slavery is celebrated on this day. By stressing to their sons and daughters the importance of Freedom, Liberty, and the American Dream, we can look back, but also dream about our future.

The chains and shackles have been removed since that day, and we need to take advantage of each opportunity that America offers us to succeed.

The American dream is not franchised to any group of people. Hard work and a will to succeed needs to be the goal of those who value this historic day.

Look forward, and thank God for the opportunity of living in such a great nation.

Project 21’s Nadra “Cap Black” Enzi adds:

Juneteenth reminds me that African and American captives did their jobs against an uphill climb as steep as any in recorded history.

It reminds me of the countless biographies of past peak performers who didn’t have government assistance, and, in fact, contended with government as little more than an open enemy in many cases.

I’m a citizen of the eternal NOW, emboldened to realize my potential in a far better environment than what met these captive Africans and Americans, who fought that uphill fight so I wouldn’t have to fight as hard today.

My question is why aren’t modern Blacks fighting as hard to realize their potential, against admitted contemporary odds, today?

And Project 21’s Ted Hayes has another take, which could be headlined, “Juneteenth or the Fourteenth?”:

Today, in this historic, unprecedented, political year of 2016, in which the two major political parties are seeking the presidency, the most important “teenth” that we descendants of chattel slaves – Jim Crow survivors, i.e., black lives, U.S. citizens, is that of the Fourteenth, being the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The 14th Amendment is the national, birth and identity certificate that the U.S. federal government is systematically pirating away to foreign and domestic elements to whom it does not belong.

If this rogue federal action is not ceased, it will eventually render black lives inconsequential within this nation of immigrants built upon backs of our chattel-enslaved ancestors.

Apart from ending slavery (April 1865), and setting into the Constitution, its abolishment (December 1865); granting the freed chattel slaves, et al, and their descendant children citizenship “as is enjoyed by white citizens” (1866-68); and granting the new citizen class the authority to vote (February 1870); black lives have been granted many and various extraordinary special attention which has availed us nothing but worse conditions.

Ranging from the disastrous 1964 Civil Rights Act, to Affirmative Action, Black History Month, MLK National Holiday, special television and movie programs such as Roots, Twelve Years A Slave, etc., and of course, Juneteenth, is not working to advance our cause in this nation.

As long as we black lives don’t claim and enforce our national birthright certificate of the 14th Amendment founded upon the 1866 Civil Rights Act, Juneteenth, et al means nothing but smoke in our eyes.

* * *

Project 21 has been a leading voice of black conservatives since its founding in 1992. Its volunteer members come from all walks of life. Individual comments by Project 21 members represent the opinion of that member. Contributions to the National Center are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated, and may be earmarked for the use of Project 21.


Destroying Second Amendment: Create Problem, Force Reaction, Offer Solution

ProblemReactionSolutionOne of the problems with the National Rifle Association, as with far too many Americans, is they buckle to nonsensical calls for “reasonable” limitations to a constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Yes, in District of Columbia v. Heller, the Supreme Court decided that it was a constitutional right of an American to keep and bear arms. However, in Justice Scalia’s majority opinion, he let it be known that the Court’s decision did not prohibit “reasonable” Second Amendment restrictions.

McDonald v. Chicago, had similar results and yet, how free are D.C. and Chicago residents to practice this right to keep and bear arms?

With the only deterrent left in this country to ward off tyranny and dictatorship, the necessary goal for this achievement must be the disarming of the people. It has been systematically at work for a long, long time, albeit slow, it is happening. At the present pace, and the willingness of too many people to place limits on their rights, what then does the future hold for what’s left of American freedom?

Any and all Second Amendment protection groups will never be able to truly address the disarming of Americans until they are willing to understand who is behind it and how it is being done. As brainwashed people, we don’t want to believe that “…we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12) (Global Power Structure)

The “principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places,” have a very simple formula for controlling people. These rulers have understood human nature for a very long time. They have made it their life’s work. They have understood for a very long time that, civilian gun ownership is a problem for world dominance and control. They also understand that they cannot simply bust in every door in America (yet) and take our guns. There has to be a way to do it in which, not only will people not recognize the effort, they will be eager to comply, to accelerate their own slavery, by believing what they think they are seeing, and heeding what they are told.

As I said, the formula is simple but difficult for blind people to see. First, the rulers create a problem. This is followed in a timely manner with getting the people to react emotionally to the problem. With emotions, especially fear, in place, the very same powers that created the problem, offer a solution.

Most people do not have much difficulty in accepting that there are people who act and react to frightening events in this country, because they believe the “problem” to be real. With fear firmly embedded, those with “solutions” go to work. These solutions are designed only to further the cause of disarmament.

The United States Government has never offered a “program” that was successful – meaning that it did not accomplish for the people what the Government told them it would do. It is successful, if only in tiny increments, to the ruling powers to achieve their long-term goals, i.e. disarmament.

All Government departments and programs are designed for failure and to ensure that the majority of citizens are always and forever dependent upon the same government.

What is most difficult for Americans to swallow, is any suggestion that our own government, the Shadow Government (Council on Foreign Relations) and all the members of the Global Power Structure, wanting us all disarmed, create the so-called “problem.”

When “problems” happen, like a cop shooting, school shooting, theater shooting and now even terrorist shootings, three entities go into action. On the one hand we have the brainwashed people, who have been conditioned to believe that any gun has the ability to kill at random. The mere presence of a gun scares the living daylight out of them. They are programmed to be scared and react accordingly. To go along conveniently with this programmed fear are groups, some of whom are useful idiots who believe what they have been told and will do anything to destroy their own liberties in the name of safety. Some of these groups are planned groups who work directly with the Global Power Structure to perpetuate the fear and the calling for “laws to be made.”

It matters not that laws already exist. These people are scared and are demanding SOMETHING to be done. This is when the Global Power Structure, who created the problem to begin with, steps in with another (final) solution. With each subsequent “problem,” and “reaction,” another “solution” is offered. There is no end to this.

Groups like the NRA, who claim to be defenders and supporters of the Second Amendment, do no such thing when they, not only go along with, but promote “reasonable” limits to the right to keep and bear arms.

Today I posted a link to an article telling of one South Carolina representative who is offering a bill that would require all “journalists” to have background checks and obtain a license to practice their First Amendment rights. Of course the point of the bill is to draw attention to the hypocrisy of the Media and others to take little regard at protecting a right to keep and bear arms, but who show their outrage at anyone suggesting messing with the First Amendment.

It no longer matters that any gun limitation laws will have zero effect on violent crime. Nobody wants to hear that criminals don’t obey laws. This is a product of years of mind control, through propaganda and brainwashing. Step by step, soon the country will be disarmed. The “rulers of darkness” and the “spiritual wickedness in high places,” will continue to create the problem, promote reactions, and then offer their solution. Failure to recognize this formula, will quickly result in the destruction of this nation. This formula is not endemic to only the disarmament of our country. It is at play within every aspect of politics, government and our private lives.

It is time for those who think they support the Second Amendment to step up and help expose the creators of the “problem.”




Preventing Fascist Rule

FascismThere exists at least two intellectual concepts about the United States Constitution. One is that the charter was crafted for the Rulers, the Posterity, in order to protect themselves and their Interests for the future. The more popular approach, as it was taught us, has always been, right or wrong, that the Constitution was written for the people (small “p”), a government of the people and by the people.

Regardless of which way one opts to regard this document, history tells us that for more than two centuries, man has been taught that the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, was their guarantee against tyrannical rule, assurance for small government and in support of a man’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Since the beginning, powers have been systematically dismantling those teachings and bringing about a form of fascist rule, the end result showing deliberate signs of totalitarian socialism.

We live in and attempt to operate our day to day within a rigged system. Power brokers are operating at frantic speed to steal from you and me our rights, or as the case may be, our perceived rights – what we have been taught from birth.

What should be obvious to most, is how issues discussed and presented for discussion, have changed. This is not happenstance, but deliberate manipulation of the citizenry to achieve necessary (to the Global Power Structure) rule, and thus control, mostly by regulation.

It begins with “Change Agents,” those trained by totalitarian socialists, who devise new ways in which long-standing culture, heritage and rights, even self-evident, God-given rights, are viewed and discussed. Void of any honest scientific research, and/or Biblical Truth, the new paradigms are often referred to as “post-normal” or “post scientific.” The talking points driving this form of fascist rule are based upon the belief that you and I are incapable of making the best decisions for ourselves, and that of what is known as “precautionary principle” – the act of regulation based on the belief that some act might cause public harm. This tactic has worked well over the years. One such instance is by invoking the Commerce Clause. Witness the destruction of the intent of the Endangered Species Act by implementation of the Commerce Clause. This act, as that of precautionary principle, paves the way for illegal “takings” by regulation. The Environmental Protection Agency practices the same fascist rule.

A great example of illegal takings by regulation is the gray wolf, where landowners and livestock growers, among others, are hamstrung by regulation, driven by both a hijacked Endangered Species Act and the precautionary principle, which is propped up through fake, or post-normal, science – outcome based within a rigged system. The effort results in loss of private property rights and illegal takings by the state and federal governments. Note here that all of this would be most difficult to achieve if not for the “useful idiots” who, blindly, seek their own slavery and ultimate destruction.

A late example is now being played out in the form of a Water Compact in Montana between the parties of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT), the State of Montana and the U.S. Federal Government. If the U.S. Congress passes this compact, it effectively places the power and control of water in the lap of the federal government. Not only does this action cause an ever increasing government overreach of power, but also results in loss of property rights along with illegal takings, among other events.

The Fifth Amendment states that: “…private property [shall not] be taken for public use, without just compensation.” Because we operate within a rigged system, this compensation clause has little definitive meaning. We think President Ronald Reagan helped us out with Executive Order 12630 by better defining and placing guidelines on decisions concerning private property takings. Reagan stated that: “Responsible fiscal management and fundamental principles of good government require that government decision-makers evaluate carefully the effect of their administrative, regulatory, and legislative actions on constitutionally protected property rights.” Upon further examination of EO 12630, we discover so much legalese and gray areas, how can a citizen rely upon the compensation clause of the Fifth Amendment as some means of protecting their private property? Power brokers, i.e. politicians and government agencies, controlled by higher powers, use this method to gain control over people and their property. This is their well-designed goal.

In an article published by the Institute for Trade, Standards and Sustainable Development, of which attorney Lawrence Kogan is heavily involved, says that American citizens’, “…exclusive tangible and intangible private property, and by extension, their guaranteed constitutional rights, are slowly being eroded, controlled, diminished in value, restricted in use and converted into public property.”

We can debate the actual ownership of property, but as taxpayers we should be entitled to certain rights, one of which is a reasonable guarantee that any government cannot simply run roughshod over a property tax payer for something that government deems in the best interest of all. The educating of Americans has told us that government cannot “take” our property without just compensation and yet only the courts can decide when it is proper to do that. What kind of right is that?

Whether we are discussing the forcing of large predator wolves into human-occupied landscapes, including gray wolves of the Northern Rockies, red wolves of the Southeast, Mexican wolves of the southwest, Delta smelts, Canada lynx, desert turtles, climate change, sustainable development and more, the only real hope citizens have is to loudly push back against this kind of tyrannical, fascist rule.

While Americans sit idly by, Policy rules the day. The Constitution is but a moment in history. Executive action, combined with Court-recognized implementation of Policy, has led us into slavery. If by only the threat to a politician or a group of such crooked lawmakers, the loss of your vote for their future gravy train and golden parachute, appears the only presage to a cushy future, the active opposition to continued fascist rule must be undertaken.

For our future, we cannot allow government to control every aspect of our lives.


American Free Man: “Unarmed, Frightened, Policed and Browbeaten Cipher”

I suppose many people dislike Richard Fernandez mostly because he dares venture into the truths of the metamorphosis of the American human from a moral “free man” to what he describes in a recent article as, “unarmed, frightened, policed and browbeaten cipher.”

Maybe we can catch a glimpse of this in the run up to a snow storm that is to hit the northeast part of the country. If history, as presented, resembles any kind of truth, snow storms have been hitting parts of the U.S. since the beginning of time. The American natives, many living in make-shift tents, survived those snowstorms and yet to listen to the people carry on, in this high technological word of “easy living”, one might think the end of the world was nigh and inevitable.

Fernandez writes:

Kevin Williamson in the National Review argued we are now witnessing the abolition of private life. Citing the black brunch protesters who are determined to invade spaces where behavior they don’t approve of may be going on, Williamson says “the message these protests send is that there is no private space — and, therefore, no private life — so far as this particular rabble is concerned.”

But Williamson stops short of giving that rabble its true name. The leftist mobs perform the function which in a strict Islamic society would be fulfilled by the mutaween or religious police. That’s exactly what they are and there are ever more of them each day.

The mutaween circulate among us endlessly, looking at the third page of the paper you’re perusing, checking the spread of your legs as you ride the subway, parsing your words for forbidden phrases, investigating suspicious Greek fraternities, ensuring the requisite Wellness, retaining all the data passing through your ISP to be sure you have had no impure thoughts recently, even as they remind you that “yes means no” — all the while denying that there is an ultimate meaning to anything. Why all this busyness? Well that’s the irony. They don’t even know why.

Well, just because.

The “mutaween” extends even deeper into American society. It is virtually present in every aspect of our lives…even within our chosen “religious” groupings so many love to follow. The Catholic Church, for example, in their anti Biblical confessions before the priest, teaches children from a very young age to confess (rat out and squeal on) anyone and about everything. And for what purpose? The mutaween.

The wolf Nazis says that we must live with disease-ridden, killing wolves…period. The wolf police settle for nothing less. The mutaween of the environmental underworld basically says the same thing in regard to the protection of their world. It is unending. We are forced into submission by a worldly power that leads toward slavery…and slavery of the very worst kind.

While for some it may be not such a difficult task to recognize the changing of human spots but for most they care not or don’t have the ability to ask why. Fernandez asks, “Why all this busyness?” And answers his own question with “just because”.

I suppose “just because” but musn’t we search deeper into what constructed the foundation that created “just because”?

We should consider that it is God-given freedom that made us the people we were, that provided for differing opinions about such things as wildlife and the environment, to name a couple, that established the freedom of choice, and that with the implementation of that freedom we are destroying the very freedoms we once enjoyed. How insane is that? How blinded must people be that cannot see this?

What and/or who makes the people blind?

Those forcing fake religious beliefs, saving the planet, global warming, protecting wilderness and wild things above human existence, didn’t come by their need to be “True Believers” by magic. It has been taught. Brainwashed with so many false fears, we fail to see that we pursue lies that lead to our own destruction. It doesn’t get any worse.

We are a nation of totalitarian, socialist sissies, scared of our own shadows, scared even to defend oneself, unable to act or react out of fear of government/police bullying and browbeaten (brainwashed and mind controlled) we are unable to think or form thoughts of reason.

Not so much “just because” but just because some people understand how easily the human mind can be controlled, has taken advantage of that for sinister reasons.

It is my hope that people will not enjoy their slavery so much and begin to speak out against it but more importantly understand where it came from and why.

Not just because.


Why Animals Eat Their Young

They are out there. There’s little we can do about it. We not only protect them but it appears we are proliferating their very being.

My next statement will appear extremely cruel to 99.999% of Americans. If you don’t want to be offended get off this page and don’t leave stupid comments in the comment section….thank you.

The other day I went to Home Depot to buy some spray paint in order to paint an antique iron bed frame. I picked out two cans and headed for the Self Check-out up front. I scanned the first can and that act set off a bunch of bells, whistles and sirens. On the screen it read, “Please show your driver’s license to the cashier now!”

WHAT????? Even with all the noise and commotion, there was no customer service representative making any attempt to come to my rescue. So, I did what any red-blooded asshole – that is anyone who is getting so fed up with government orchestrating every damned move I make – would do and shouted very loudly, “Why do I have to show somebody my driver’s license?”

With that a young man said, “I’ll help you with that sir,” and he walked over to his computer screen and cleared the mess on mine. He said, “There you go, sir. You can continue now.”

But nobody has answered my question: “Why do I need to show someone my driver’s license?”

To the customer service representative the answer was simple. To me it was mind blowing. He said, “You have to be 18 to buy this kind of paint.”

“WHAT????? Why?”

“Because kids are buying it to ‘sniff’ and get high,” was his reply.

Without thinking I said, “Let them buy the stuff. Why do we continue to protect these kinds of people?”

I shocked the hell out of this guy.

So, what happens is these paint-sniffing kids, probably offspring of dope-taking adults, become adults and write letters to the editors of newspapers comparing bear hunting to slavery. Yup!

In a letter to the editor of a Maine newspaper, a woman writes, “I have no sympathy for anyone whose business plan is based on cruelty, any more than I feel sorry for the plantation owners who had to give up their slaves…”

You see this person also thinks bears are “sentient” beings, that is, “able to perceive or feel things,” like humans. I used to think that people who thought this way just wanted to make animals become like humans so they could have at least one friend. Over the years I’ve come to learn what is really going on is that some humans want to become like bears (animals) so that they can actually “perceive” something.

But on a somewhat related note, many of the same people who think bears are smarter than they are, and are more perceptive, have continued to perpetuate a pulled-out-of-the-hat concoction that Maine bear hunters litter the forests with “7-million pounds” of junk food.

First it’s not really littering because all the animals clean it up. Second, 7-million pounds?

In another letter to the editor I was reading this morning, a guy wanted to know how much of an outcry there would be if someone proposed a landfill into which just the 7-million pounds of “jelly donuts” could be dumped. This got me to thinking.

I know a little bit about bear baiting, but I’m not an outfitter, nor have I ever personally baited bear or sat over a bait pile. I did stay at a Holiday Inn once and while there I talked with some bear hunters. Not all bear hunters spend thousands of dollars to buy their bait at full retail value. Some get it at reduced prices, while others get it free.

If bear hunters didn’t use this 7-million pounds of junk food, what would become of it? Would it feed the hungry? I don’t think so. Magically disappear? Doubt it. Be shipped down to the governor of New Jersey’s house? Wrong again. I guess it would end up in the same place all other wasted stuff goes….the landfill.

Just suppose that there was 7-million pounds of bait put out each year from about one month of baiting, times 12 months = 84-million pounds a year. Just to be clear, that’s 168 tons of waste in landfills. Over a ten-year period of time, Maine’s landfills are sneaking up on 2000 tons of food waste.

What about New Hampshire, Vermont, New York and every other state in the Union. What happens to their wasted junk food. If each state had the equivalent amount of wasted junk food as Maine, why golly, there would be 10,000 tons (20 million pounds) of wasted potential bear bait a year.

We can look at this one of two ways: Either there’s an awful lot of wasted food in landfills in this country or maybe there really isn’t quite 7 million pounds of junk food dumped in Maine forests over a one month period of time.

Now, before you go getting your undies in a wad, I’m almost as “sentient” as that bear, and I realize that probably some, I don’t know how much, of the junk food used for bear bait is produced specifically for the bear baiting business. If that is true, then that’s great because somebody has a job that will pay for all the entitlements those protected, paint-sniffing kids will be needing.

We know from 40 years of Maine black bear studies, that any bait used by bear hunters has absolutely none of the side effects claimed by the paint sniffers. Therefore, people have jobs, and that includes manufacturing a bit of “stuff” for bear bait. The bear hunting event keeps a lot of people working, AND it provides for a very healthy black bear population.

And I now all of this because I DON’T SNIFF PAINT!