December 7, 2022

Virtual Reality: How to Create a Bigger, Higher Wall to Ensure Separation of Man From the LORD GOD

A headline today stated that “the metaverse” (virtual reality) “…could be a serious problem for kids.” (not baby goats) Why only kids? Are the “adults” already so mentally far gone that they are not worth concerning ourselves with?

“Psychologists” are saying that the onset of virtual reality existences is going to create “loneliness” in children and teens. From my perspective, this has been their (those in control of the tech companies developing this garbage) goal since the beginning of time.

I recently wrote about how the “Serpent Race” (those who are taking over the world today, that have no connection to their real Creator, but fully and double-downed with the god they worship…Satan), in addition to the slaughter of any and all that don’t assimilate to their existence, in the meantime are finding more and more ways of dividing and isolating as many as possible from the LORD God and His Holy Spirit.

The Scriptures tell us that those who know the LORD God – He is their Shepherd – hear his voice and KNOW Him. If we are separated from His Holy Spirit by the myriad and growing technologies that immerse the minds of those loving this world and all that there is in it, are we then able to hear anyone’s voice other than the artificial intelligence “voice” (Satan) that is the creator of Metaverse and Oculus, to name just two?

Consider this. These virtual reality technologies and their platforms, require users (your children) to create an avatar so that each user can have an identity. This 3D avatar (the user’s identity) is such that each user can change their identity and image to become virtually anyone or anything they want. What could possible go wrong? Think of the struggles that have existed throughout time with adolescents trying to live with who they really are, exacerbated by the evil creators of all things cyberspace. They now won’t have to be that person anymore or that image. I ask again, what could possibly go wrong?

I think it is “virtually” (sorry) impossible to even imagine the evilness that will be, and already is, in social media platforms, now inclusive of 3D fantasy images, and all the fake existences that will be created worldwide that each user can and will be exposed to. I’m thinking here…everyone gets a trophy/ribbon on steroids.

The “experts” say there is a lot of good with virtual reality and “potentially” a few things could go wrong. I couldn’t disagree more. This is yet one more tool of Satan to separate man from the LORD God.

The “experts” say that it will be up to parents to monitor and control what their children are doing and where they are going in cyberspace. And how has that been working over the past few decades? Parents, generally speaking, as a whole, are clueless what their children are doing and couldn’t really care less. Why? Because over the past several decades, the same evil bastards creating virtual reality existences, have put filth in the minds of the majority of parents who are now incapable of critical thinking and the moral fiber of this rotten world has been so far torn down to the ground, there is no measuring stick for common decency anymore.

Someone asked: “I think parents will be asking themselves: Do I feel safe knowing that Mark Zuckerberg is the guy in charge of deciding who influences my children, who might be able to bully them, and whether or not they’re safe in cyberspace?”

I have to modify that statement to say …”parents SHOULD be asking themselves…” but few will. These people live on Facebook and all other social media abominations that cause desolation. And they love it. Do you really think many will ask that question?

Is it any wonder these braindead non thinkers (a planned event) want to escape this reality and replace it with another (a planned event)? The blind leading the blind…evil leading evil.


U.S. Government Creating Projectile Vomiting

It’s getting to the point that when I only hear the words U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representative, Supreme Court, President of the United States, Federal Reserve, Stock Exchange, NASA, NOAA, Trump, Pelosi, Left, Right, Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, the Wall, War on Drugs, War on Poverty, Immigration, Welfare, Food Stamps, and a whole host of other man-made disasters, that I feel like the woman to the left in the picture.

Haven’t you gotten to that point yet? I wish you would. The fools who play at all this are all crooks – narcissistic, criminals capable only of devising ways to take what’s left of our money and freedom, leaving us with absolutely nothing to live freely and prosper with and yet, in our own programmed inability to recognize Truth, we run back for more, believing the next round of cheaters, stealers, and liars will be different.

It’s more and more like the man or woman who is constantly abused, maybe to the point of physical beatings, and yet somehow, they return to the only thing they know.


I am at a point I almost never take any information from the government or their minions in the Press. I just don’t go there. I refuse to read their lies, garbage, and filth.

When someone asks, “Did you see where….” I just slowly shake my head from side to side and smile. I take a moment to thank Yahweh.

There are other things I refuse to do. I won’t participate in any “Social Media,” as the perpetuators of propaganda and hatred control much of the world. NOTHING good comes from that filthy cesspool and yet, our society is addicted to it. Go ahead.

I pray the day comes when more and more of you can leave all this disgusting mess behind you and begin to use your own brains again to seek the Truth.

In the meantime, I stay near a toilet.


Rotten, Filthy Social Media Expanding Its Cancerous Grip

Mainstream Media has muddled along for centuries calmly and without much real opposition to their canned lies and misinformation, until lately, all designed to manipulate public opinion and thought. While the overwhelming majority of Americans will mouth that Media cannot be trusted and that they lie, they obviously do not believe that because, like an addict, they run to them and put on their feed bags. They just can’t help it.

I’ve been at this blogging stuff for many years. When I first began, Mainstream Media, went out of their way to discredit anyone who offered anything that they didn’t control. Evidently, some, anyway, saw Alternative Media as a threat. They fought against it and then joined the circus attempting to take it over and control it.

Certainly, Alternative Media has had an influence on mass media and in particular newsprint. News websites are still trying to find ways to force readers to pay for their misinformation and lies. In short, they are struggling and it will only get worse with each passing generation.

Then Social Media happened. A well-planned and design-specific tool with the help of social media panel that would cause immediate, widespread and long-lasting societal destruction. In no time at all, millions became addicted. They found a place where they could be anything they wanted to be. They could hate, send a message, laugh, hate some more, be rude, be filthy, be disgusting, threaten people, wish them dead, you name it. It’s all bad and I mean ALL BAD!

That addiction soon put my efforts as an independent writer/blogger in jeopardy. Because the designers of Social Media knew that the programmed automatons couldn’t stay focused longer than 141 characters, well researched, precisely written and honest journalism was doomed…or at least well-controlled.

Whether you and I hate or are head over heels addicted to Social Media matters very little. It is what drives Americans today and there’s little any of us can do about it. I would suppose, to be nice, I should congratulate the designers of Social Media that they could come up with something so compellingly enslaving while at the same time grabbing control over and striking a crushing blow to truth, integrity, and common decency.

It appears that Social Media is having its effects on writers for Mainstream Media outlets. Here’s one example.

In Maine, a Warden Service plane, while attempting to land on a frozen lake in Northern Maine, went through the ice. A reporter for the Bangor Daily News reported on the event.

Yesterday another Bangor News reporter followed up the event with a piece of his own. In his report, it seems that his entire article is driven by his displeasure with Social Media and the comments made about how stupid it was that a government plane would disregard their own advice and attempt to land a plane on ice some deemed unsafe. He writes: “Before any details were made public on Wednesday, social media outlets were buzzing with opinions from those bold enough — or rude enough — to spew their opinions…” Throughout the article, the author refers to those participants in Social Media as, “armchair quarterbacks,” “finger-pointers who are yucking it up,” and “Joe Ice Fisher.”

Because the article was actually more about how and why outdoor recreationists should consider that even Wardens can make mistakes and that we should be absolutely certain it’s safe before venturing onto any ice to have some fun, it did not need to nasty with truthful comments directed at Social Media.

I’m not even going to pretend to preach about how journalists need to present themselves better and different than mere Social Mediaites because maybe they are not capable of rising above it. I’ll save that discussion for another time.

Regardless of your own perspective of Social Media, which I’m guessing is much like that of Mainstream Media – you say one thing and do another – it has its power, as is seen here. It, at its least, influences what columnists are writing. The sad part is, if you can see it, Social Media is worse than the most radical of malignant tumors. It is a reflection of what has become of a society that relies on pleasures and satisfaction rather than on the truth and decency of their Creator God. As it grows bigger, it becomes more powerful and eventually chokes off the life all around it until one day the entire body is choked off and dies.



Maine Police Nazi Eavesdrop on Citizens Within Social Media

People, the most of whom refuse to even think that THEIR governments would violate the trust and “listen in” on social media communication, will probably never get it, nor will they probably care.

Computer software, designed to “listen” for key words, such as “fight,” “gun” (wink, wink) etc. provide a red flag in which law enforcement, against the written word of the Bill of Rights, spy on you to see what you are up to….but that’s not an intrusion? Oh, yeah! That’s right! You are one of those who bought the lie, hook, line and sinker, that the Patriot Act was also a good and necessary thing.

And what? It should come as a surprise that local and state police in the Pine Tree State are spying on the people? The Federal Government has been doing it for some time now and evidently we like it a lot because we don’t do anything about it. We are told this computer software being used to intrude on citizens was funded by the CIA. GET A CLUE?

A spokesman for the city of South Portland said how their police uses the computer software isn’t prying into personal matters. Oh really? He follows this up by stating the obvious lie: “Most of the hits we get are someone going hunting and talking about their shotgun, so we get some nice pictures of a freshly killed deer.”

Evidently “someone going hunting and talking about their shotgun” being spied on by Police Nazis isn’t prying into their personal matters.

But you keep on using the most destructive tool in America today, Facebook, and above all……



RMEF Launches #HuntingIsConservation Social Media Campaign

Press Release from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation:

MISSOULA, Mont.—The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) is launching an in-depth, extensive social media campaign at the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) that highlights how Hunting Is Conservation.

“Hunters play the primary role in contributing to North America’s wildlife, habitat and resource conservation,” said Steve Decker, RMEF vice president of Marketing. “We have more than 2.3 million people who currently follow or have visited our social media platforms. The goal of this campaign is to reach out well beyond those numbers to hunters and non-hunters alike in order to educate, inform and reinforce how hunters and hunting drive and fund conservation efforts across the United States.”

RMEF will use research provided by the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, National Shooting Sports Foundation, Responsive Management, Southwick Associates and other sources including RMEF’s 25 Reasons Why Hunting Is Conservation.

The weekly offerings will include national statistics and trends that highlight how hunting funds federal and state wildlife agencies which manage our wildlife resources. A state-by-state breakdown will also show how hunting is a major economic driver from coast to coast.

Posts will take place every Monday (except holidays) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The campaign will include infographics, videos, blog posts, photos, links from media outlets, current and historical content from Bugle magazine and other information.

“Hunters and the hunting industry should be proud of the leading role they play in supporting conservation. We encourage all sportsmen and women, our sister conservation organizations and members of the outdoor industry to share this content across their various social media channels. We believe the viral nature of this campaign can make a real and tangible difference in offering credible information about how Hunting Is Conservation,” added Decker.

Campaign charter sponsors include Cabela’s, Federal Premium Ammunition, Leupold, Realtree and Yeti Coolers. RMEF welcomes all others as well as sportsmen and women to join the effort by sharing the #HuntingIsConservation posts.

Find the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation at SHOT Show booth #10125.


Hackers trace ISIS Twitter accounts back to internet addresses linked to Department of Work and Pensions

*Editor’s Comment* – Seriously! If you don’t think this should have been expected, you need to do some more educating of yourself.

The hacking collective showed Mirror Online details of the IP addresses used by a trio of separate digital jihadis to access Twitter accounts, which were then used to carry out online recruitment and propaganda campaigns.

At first glance, the IP addresses seem to be based in Saudi Arabia, but upon further inspection using specialist tools they appeared to link back to the DWP.

“Don’t you think that’s strange?” one of the hackers asked Mirror Online. “We traced these accounts back to London, the home of the British intelligence services.”

Source: Hackers trace ISIS Twitter accounts back to internet addresses linked to Department of Work and Pensions – Mirror Online


Woman fined for Facebook pic of police car in disabled spot


In Spain, however, a new gagging law has been enacted. It’s titled the Citizens Security Law.

When laws are named this way, you get the feeling that citizens’ security might not be their primary aim.

This law limits what people can post on social networks about, for example protests. It also prevents “the unauthorized use of images of police officers that might jeopardize their or their family’s safety or that of protected facilities or police operations.”

Oddly, this law has just been used to fine a woman who took a photograph of a police car. This particular car was parked (illegally) in a disabled spot.

Source: Woman fined for Facebook pic of police car in disabled spot


Maine Cannot Defeat Anti Hunting Referendum With Outdated Methods

bearattable - Copy

It was eleven years ago that the outdoor sportsmen of Maine battled the out-of-state environmental perverts who wanted to put an end to bear hunting, on their way to ending all hunting, trapping and fishing. It isn’t about the welfare of animals they are concerned about. It’s about the destruction of heritage, the history and everything that made America a great and free nation. Remember that.

In eleven years a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. The Humane Society of the United States, along with their “True Believers”, useful idiot local animal perverts, have continued their everyday robbing and deceiving the people of this nation in order to pay big salaries to people expert in robbing and deceiving people. In short, they have become better at it. They’ve become better liars. They have become better robbers. They’ve become better money raisers and they’ve become masters of public opinion manipulation through the media, including Cyberspace.

In eleven years the outdoor sportsmen of Maine crawled back into their comfort zones, only occasionally raising a whimper to remind Mainers that everything that is done is done out of fear of “another referendum.” Well, all that fear and laying awake nights, and ceding our hunting and trapping rights and privileges amounted to absolutely nothing…. as was predicted.

One of the difficult and contrary demographics between city-dwelling totalitarians and suburban-dwelling outdoor sportsmen is that by nature, most sportsmen are non confrontational and don’t have the time nor the desire to live in the same world as the freaks who want to rule them.

In eleven years the tools needed to promote propaganda and manipulate public opinion has also changed. I predict that in 2014, if there is a citizen’s referendum vote, who wins and who loses will be decided in Cyberspace. Oh, yes! Raising money is still the number one goal…..well, almost. It’s how that money is spent that will be the determining factor.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), a Washington, D.C.-based fraudulent, supposed “non profit”, that has no business meddling in Maine affairs, has promised to spend a minimum of $3 million dollars, if they need to. What they use this money for is what’s most important.

One thing is for certain, Maine sportsmen groups can’t fight and win this battle employing antiquated tactics.

This morning I was reading George Smith’s blog. He was attempting to recall the history of 2004, in which the Maine sportsmen defeated HSUS in a 53% to 47% decision. A lot of effort went into that victory and everyone should be commended. In addition, it is of utmost importance that we learn from history and use that knowledge to better prepare for battle. Smith plans a series of articles over the next few days sharing his remembrances of the previous referendum.

The knowledge of history should teach us what worked and what didn’t and why, but that history must be complimented with the skill and expertise in mastering the massive power of the Internet, i.e. modern technology. The technology that exists in reaching millions of people in a very short period of time is at the fingertips of anyone wishing to bring it into their employ, i.e. websites, blogs, newspapers, Facebook, Twitter, chat rooms, forums, all social sharing sites and search engines. Maybe an “App” needs to be created by the “Save Maine’s Bear Hunt” coalition.

The HSUS has $3 million to spend and millions more where that came from. They hire “trolls” and “flamers” and all they do is update Facebook, infiltrate forums and message boards, they “Tweet” and write letters to the editor….and share, share, share. It is endless and extremely difficult to counter, especially when there isn’t the money to pay to offset the influence gained.

As I said earlier, the basic character of the outdoor sportsman runs contrary to this. I know. I’ve been in this outdoor media business for a long time now and it’s a very trying task to get people who love the outdoors to take 10 minutes and sit down and find out what’s new and relevant in the world that will determine their future so they can continue loving the outdoors.

The demographics are stacked against the sportsmen in this modern technology era. The city dwellers, as a rule, don’t have much concern for any future for hunting, trapping and fishing. They live in the world of technology and there are more of them then there are hunters, fishermen and trappers. The task then becomes reaching out to that majority of people, in whom it has been discovered, as a whole, understand that hunting and trapping are an integral part of wildlife management. Sportsmen cannot lose that support. It is my belief that those “swing voters” as is so often called, need to be reached. Holding another meeting at a fish and game club might be a rallying cry and will help to raise some money but does little to convince the swing voter.

Probably, in 2004, the coalition in Maine that fought against HSUS, reached enough people with the resources available at that time. If the sportsmen think they can repeat that effort, without getting on top of technology, it will be a landslide victory for the fascists.