March 21, 2023

The Staged Bangor Gun Heist

What a laugh. A person would have to be blind and stupid to not see that the recent break-in of a Center St. pawn shop in Bangor, Maine, where 16 handguns were “stolen” is a put up job by anti-gun extremists who will go to whatever lengths necessary to pass Question 3 on the November ballot. The angle the fascists of Michael Bloomberg have taken is to perpetuate the lie that guns sold without background checks are traveling outside the state of Maine and being used in crimes. There is no data to support such a claim.

And of course, the fascists have the full support of the media as is shown in the Bangor Daily News: “The theft of 16 handguns from a Center Street pawn shop early Wednesday might be part of an effort to smuggle weapons to out-of-state criminal organizations and connected to a similar burglary last month, officials said.”

It is also not coincidental that the organisation of Maine police chiefs is supporting Question 3, while the majority of law enforcement, including 12 of 16 county sheriffs and the Maine Warden Service do not support Question 3. The Bangor police are investigating and saying that: “Police detectives said “they think the guns are ending up out of state, going to the cities — New York, Boston, places like that.”

You should never underestimate the power, control and determination of connected insiders like Michael Bloomberg. A staged robbery of this kind is a tool used to perpetuate fear among the masses in hopes of prompting “Yes” votes on Question 3.

BTW – The first report of this robbery found Online at the WABI website, stated the robbery took place at 3:30 a.m. and that a previous robbery at the same location, took place on September 30. That may have meaning to those with knowledge.

This action is not unlike the event that transpired after Maine received its “Incidental Take Permit” for Canada lynx and within a matter of days 3 lynx were reported trapped and killed in traps. Previous to this, 3 lynx had never been killed from trapping. And we are supposed to believe the three lynx killed immediately after the ITP was obtained was mere coincidence?