February 6, 2023

Stevens County Commission Condemns Washington Wolf Management

Or lack of management! Somebody must pay for this atrocity and negligence!

According to Rich Landers of the Spokesman Review, the Stevens (Washington) County board of commissioners unanimously passed a resolution that condemns the actions, or lack thereof, of wildlife agents for “failing to protect people, wildlife and livestock from wolves that are naturally recolonizing the region.”

“Naturally recolonizing?” I doubt that very seriously. These are GI wolves, stocked from wolves captured and released into Central Idaho and Yellowstone National Park. If these animal were fish, there would be hell to pay for calling a stocked fish or its offspring “naturally” occurring.

Liability and responsibility first lies with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and all the non governmental agencies that participated in the illegal introduction of wolves. Disguised as a government-run and sponsored operation, the people were not told the truth about these animals, their behavior, and what the long term plans were. NOTHING promised has happened!

Now that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has done their dirty, nasty, deed, they have dumped the cost and responsibility of “managing” wolves into the laps of brainwashed wildlife agents who think that people suck and wolves rule.

No rational, sensible, freedom-loving people would even consider that some nasty, stinking, rotten, disease-infested animal would take any….THAT’S ANY, precedence of human rights and property. What in God’s name have we become?

Take responsibility man! Kill all the wolves in this Huckleberry Pack, as random killing only exacerbates the problem. No human should be forced to cede their rights, property and safety to any damned animal! What in hell is wrong with us?