January 29, 2023

WaPo Reporter: “It Didn’t Look Loaded”

“When I got to the ER, I had a swollen face, metal-foil confetti in my hair and a faint odor of gun smoke. Finally, the doctor could see me.

“I shot myself in the eye with a glitter gun,” I said. I showed him the Party Popper, which I had brought with me, in case he wanted to send it off to the National Institute of Morons for further study.

I got home from the hospital with a scratched cornea and a tube of eye ointment.”<<<Read More>>>


Stuck on Stupid

Selfies with bears, roping deer, loving a wolf and this. All cut from the same cloth I would say.


Disrespect of a Telephone Pole

Police in Fairfield, Connecticut found a couple of dead skunks. One was nailed to a telephone pole with a sign attached that said, “Obama Stinks.” I think it’s disgusting that anyone would disrespect a telephone pole in that fashion.