February 6, 2023

I Was Watching a Freak Show, When a Rigged Football Game Broke Out

Last night I watched the Super Bowl. That’s nothing new. I often do and I must admit curiosity is the driving force as once television ads used to be funny and oftentimes entertaining, luring even the quasi sports fan to watch. That has changed…or I have.

What was different from last night versus all other Super Bowl games of the past 30 years, I opted, out of curiosity again, to watch the half time show. I wish I hadn’t.

All I will really say about the commercials and the half time show is it really drove home to me (and made me angry as hell) that I am an alien being held prisoner in this evil, confused, insane, decadent, immoral, disgusting existence. IT MUST END QUICKLY…IT MUST. I don’t belong here. I don’t want to be here. I relate to nothing.

And, to top off the evening of near uncontrolled anger, was the rigged football game. If you could not see the rigging, like all other things, you are willfully blind. Here’s what happened.

Aside from a couple of unsportsmanlike penalties (which is no surprise in this out of control society), there were no penalties called by the officiating crew…NONE, that is until the game got to be within the final 2 minutes. This is when, with a series of 3, or was it 4, penalties called against Cincinnati, it was to insure the Rams would score the winning touchdown. Buy Manchester United Tickets now and pick your spot inside one of the greatest stadiums ever built.

It was the most blatant display of corruption of a multi-billion-dollar sporting event. Should we be surprised? But most believed it was all real.

It’s morning now and I have tempered my anger and disgust over the evil display that obviously the majority of this continent totally loved and worshiped. It is time to go home. I wish desperately to return to my original habitats and get on with eternity void of all the filthy crap.

I hope you join me.


Predetermined Outcomes

Today it was announced that a record 31.5 million people are betting on the outcome of the Super Bowl. It was also announced that Pfizer, alone, profited $54 billion (from Covid) in just the last year. With so much money to be made, one might tend to question whether or not either, or both, of these events are rigged.



Thoughts on Super Bowl LII and Football in General

Having completed a season of professional football, watching several games throughout, culminating with the Super Bowl, for what it’s worth I would like to share some thoughts – some of which are probably not so nice.

As to the Super Bowl, it was good ENTERTAINMENT, aside from officials’ calls that are sure to always stir up the ire of any dedicated fan. It cannot be denied, even to the point where announcers and commentators express their frustration, that there is no consistency in the rules and video review is a joke, a farce and a great opportunity for someone to make gobs of money, as was on display when a receiver, according to some reviews throughout the season, never had control of a caught pass and even if he had, he stepped out of bounds. The outcome, “the call on the field stands!”

Quarterbacks are sissies! When they decide to run with the ball, or as should be determined, they leave the “pocket,” a defender in helpless to do much of anything but chase the quarterback and hope that he “slides” before he gets his head torn off. As Terry Bradshaw, a former NFL quarterback once said, “Let’s put dresses on them.”

There is no consistency in what is considered a catch, possession, a fumble or where to spot the ball when going out of bounds or crossing the goal line. If a runners foot touches the out of bounds, that is where the ball is spotted, regardless of where the ball was. In crossing the goal line, all that is necessary is for the ball to “break the plane.”

If you are a runner, a defensive player can crash his helmet into your helmet, sending the player to the locker room or hospital, as happened with a Patriots player early in the game, and that is considered “a clean hit.” However, if you are a receiver and have not established yourself as a “runner” (meaning the act of catching the ball is completed, whenever that it) you can’t lead with the crown of the helmet nor can you “launch” yourself at the receiver. As a defender you are to guess when you think an official might interpret when the received completed the act of “catching” and commenced the act of a “runner.”

If you are a defender, you cannot touch the quarterback in the head, and you cannot even inadvertently touch the offensive player’s face mask. However, a ball carrier can smash a would-be tackler in the head and even the facemask and that is good football.

Instant replay ruins the game. Some want to believe that it limits the number of bad calls by referees. Here’s what has happened. Referees have become morons on the field. With no incentive to call a good game, nose picking and posing for the camera is commonplace because there’s always Instant Replay to straighten them out. Consider what stopping the game because some ref was thinking about what he was going to have for supper and missed a call does. Not only does it lengthen an already lengthy game, bombarded with commercials, but stops the flow of the game.

However, even with Instant Replay interpretation of what took place remains in the control of officials. For that reason only, Instant Replay should be banned. Why have it? If all plays are going to be determined by a third party, isn’t it better to keep the responsibility of the game on the field of play? Who else in their professions gets a free pass because they screwed up?

Those are just some of the ridiculous issues of the new NFL, played mostly by overpaid sissy-whiners.

Now the rest of the entertainment part of the industry. Super Bowl LII was over-wrought with endless commercials that can cause a viewer over the age of sixty to get disgusted enough to turn the TV off. The game was lengthened no less than 30 minutes so that corporations could bilk a drug and alcohol-infested viewing public.

Listening to the announcers calling the game has become as nauseous as listening to newspeak television. Obviously, they don’t watch the game I do, and they blather on as though they thought somebody cared what they had to say. Chris Collingsworth last night was a good example of a moron with a microphone. Taking a deep breath, he would carry on about something or someone, pause for a second, take another deep breath and contradict what he just said. It amazes me that now these “color commentators” know exactly what each player and coach is thinking at any given moment in time.

As bad as Collingsworth was, nothing can even come close to the nonsense of discarded NFL quarterback Tony Romo. He was so terrible, dominating the airwaves, cutting off the play by play guy, regurgitating old football cliches and making no effort to cover up his biases, after his first game doing color, if the world was unfortunate enough to get him for the next game you wanted to watch, I wonder how many viewers were forced to do what I did – mute the sound?

And NFL can’t understand why attendance and viewership are down? If the NFL is going to allow personal protests, before, during and after a game, maybe there’s money in it for them if they contract some radical political groups to run organized protests before, during, and after a game. Then we’ll see what happens.

The NFL has some very serious issues that need to be addressed if they want to continue making their billions of dollars in order to pay the performers their inflated salaries.



Super Bowl Ads Proof I’m Not Of This World

Against my better judgement (nothing else to do) I watched Super Bowl 50. The game was boring, displaying inept players, poor sportsmanship and plays that left me scratching my head wondering which players of which teams were complicit in throwing the outcome of the game – this time it wasn’t the referees. I must also point out the unsurprising bawl-baby actions of “one” player in particular. Maybe he will grow up before “They” allow him another chance at a Super Bore appearance.

Aside from the game – and BTW I knew enough to skip the freak show at half time – as always the advertisements (those videos that appear for endless amounts of time, interrupted occasionally by a football game) were over-hyped and proved that I am definitely not of this earth. Many promoted homosexuality, either directly or indirectly, and the rest was a continued revelation of our psychotic and perverse sickness we have toward animals. Half of the ads involved animals, some in very obscene ways – all unnatural.

Being an alien of this planet, I didn’t get most of the ads and am glad for it. I have never had much of an urge to kiss a marmot, nor of falling in love with one.

I heard just prior to the game of a young child asking who was going to win the Super Bowl – the kittens or the ponies. The ponies where handed the game and now can we stop hearing about whether Manning is going to retire? Maybe the deal is if he retires, the condition being given another Super Bowl win, the NFL will drop their investigation into Manning’s use of performance enhancing drugs. I think the game was sure fire proof the man is not using performance enhancing drugs – his performance sucked!