January 29, 2023

The Techno-Zombie World

So, yesterday I had to return the old starter from my car that I replaced on the weekend and decided while I was going right past a place that sells tires, I would see about getting mine replaced before the long drive back to Maine coming up in a short while.

I parked and entered through the main doors. I was pleasantly surprised to be immediately greeted by a salesman. I told him what I was after. He gave me some options. I told him what I wanted and he wrote up a work order. While he was filling out the paperwork, I glanced around, taking particular notice of the glass wall to my left that looked out onto the work area. Not very busy it seemed.

After finishing up the order and handing over the car keys, I moved toward the glass. As near as I could tell, there were about 4 employees and two of them were sitting down on something with their cellphones out. Hmmm.

I turned and went back to the sitting area. On the way, I passed what appeared to be the office. The door was open and two men, including the one that waited on me, had their cellphones stuck in their faces. Hmmm.

I got to the sitting area where I found 3 people waiting for their cars to be serviced. Guess what? All three had cellphones crammed into their faces. I made it a point to say, “Hello, there!” Crickets. Hmmm.

At one point a service man approached the sitting area calling out someone’s name. It was not my name. Nobody responded, because they had their cellphones shoved into their faces. It took several attempts before somebody awakened from their zombie trance and claimed to be the owner of the car waiting outside.

It was not that many years ago that under similar circumstances, you could meet and engage with someone else in a waiting area. It made the time pass and it was interesting who some of the people were that you might meet. No longer.

It would be my biggest fantasy to one day, before it’s too late, to see every cellphone on the planet destroyed. But you keep convincing yourself just how “important” those devices are.


Maine Moose Hunters Have Higher Rate of Success


I suppose this is intended to be good news? The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) cut moose permits by 22% which caused the hunter success rate to climb about 10 percent above the previous two years, but far behind historic rates of success. This mirrors the deer hunt, where Maine has been mired in dismal deer harvest results for so long, that if we can harvest 20,000 deer, champagne bottles are uncorked and there’s dancing in the street.

However, MDFIW does NOT have the actual total YET of moose harvest data: “Six tagging stations still need to report numbers from the 2016 hunt, according to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.”<<<Read More>>>

The final day of moose hunting, in some southern zones, ended on November 26, 2016. We don’t know the location of the six holdouts (the earliest closure date was October 1), but if they come from the southern region, it’s been 2 months since the season ended and these slackers have not reported their data. Why does MDIFW allow this and why would they solicit, again, any entity that can’t manage to file a handful of reports? Obviously this is not important to MDIFW.

Now, MDIFW is going to have to figure out how many moose permits to issue for 2017, when they don’t have a clue as to the moose population and the health of the herd statewide. But, evidently that doesn’t matter anymore…or did it ever? “The permits are not determined by the harvest,” Camuso said. “They are determined by the data gathered by biologists from the study, from an aerial survey and from deer-hunter sightings. That’s put into a population model to determine permit allocations.”<<<Read More>>>

How was this determination made previously? The “study” is but 2 or 3 years old. We don’t even know if the study results will be, or are indicative of, the statewide moose population. Aerial surveys have been taking place about as long as the moose study. And, of the decades that I have hunted deer in Maine I’ve never been asked about any moose sightings. I don’t get it.

Modeling is, at best, a rigged system that is only as good as the model parameters and the garbage injected into the model to achieve a result. Historically, models have proven to be a worthless instrument – unless there’s politicking that needs taking care of. The results are interesting to look at and can be easily manipulated simply by tweaking the algorithm or the inputted data.

Ah, technological progress! Once everyone is convinced that computers know more about reality…..oh, wait! They already are convinced. That is why the entire planet has succumbed to the disease and morphed into Techo-Zombies. Excuse me. I am lost and wrong and the Techo-Zombies and their toys are right. Perhaps I should employ some of this technology and get beamed to hell out of here.

None of this really matters, now does it? After all, if the modeling don’t tell managers what they want it to, there will always be Climate Change to fall back on – and I’ll wager climate change is somehow factored into that “population model.” What do you think?

Old Hunter says:


The zombie masses of America reach new record for emergency room visits due to walking into traffic while distracted by mobile devices

*Editor’s Note* – Last evening I was watching a hockey game on TV. The game was between the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers. Early in the game, there was a severe hit by one player onto another in the corner of one end of the ice. The result of this action was a fist fight between the two players. Of course the broadcasters kept repeating the video footage of the hit and the ensuing fisty-cuffs. But, what was hilariously funny was what was going on in the seats immediately behind the glass where the fracas was taking place. “Fans” (I doubt they were really fans) were not reacting to any of the play and fighting. They weren’t even watching, because they had their faces stuck in their (prison) cell phones. Zombie Masses? You bet.

Addiction to mobile devices is a growing problem in America. It’s gotten to the point where people are so distracted that they will walk right into traffic, fall off train platforms, or even fall right off a cliff.

As Americans plug their entire existence into their mobile devices, they give away the now, sacrificing the present moment, and sometimes sacrificing their lives.

Source: The zombie masses of America reach new record for emergency room visits due to walking into traffic while distracted by mobile devices – NaturalNews.com