January 28, 2023

Insane Schools Doing Insane Things to Teachers

IF you can believe this. Think about it from all angles and then ask yourself a few questions. Here’s what went down from what I can gather from this news article.

A day in an Oregon charter school, when kids were at home because of teacher workshops, two masked men entered a classroom full of 15 teachers, shooting blanks in their weapons at the teachers. This was labeled as some kind of drill so teachers could better prepare. Are you kidding me? The teachers knew nothing about this was going to happen.

I am a law abiding American subject. However, under the circumstances of events that have taken place of recent and being a day when no kids were in school, gun free zone be damned, I may have at least considered having a gun on me. What if that had been the case here? What if one of these teachers or perhaps there was a janitor on duty, and one of them had said to hell with the insane laws that put my life at risk? To hell with gun free zones that only rob me of my rights to self protection? What if.

What if.

And, blanks or no blanks, who authorized a violation of the gun free zone for this?