April 1, 2023

Perhaps All of Us Aren’t As Stupid As Collins/Ayotte

“There are more amendments that could still come to the Senate floor.  One such amendment could be an anti-gun Collins-Ayotte amendment.

In press reports, Ayotte has bragged that her amendment would “only” apply to 2,500 individuals on the “No Fly” and the “selectee” lists.

But there are many problems with her language:”<<<




Maine senators King and Collins back gun sale ban based on terror ‘watch lists’

*Editor’s Note* – Non thinking, unreasonable robots of our demented society may think this a great idea. While it would be ideological to think guns could somehow be kept out of the hands of any criminal, “terrorist” or not, due to the programming of minds in this no longer free nation, few have the capability of understanding about the so-called “terror watch list” or the ramifications of the administering of one.

We are kept in the dark, by design, about any watch list. We do not know, nor will we ever know, who is on it and why, nor what the parameters are that determine who makes a list. Therefore, like everything within a slave, police state, we are supposed to trust Central Government.

But don’t go look!

Maine’s two U.S. senators said Monday that they would support – to varying degrees – a federal law blocking individuals on terrorist “watch lists” from purchasing guns.

Source: Maine senators King and Collins back gun sale ban based on terror ‘watch lists’ – The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram