December 5, 2022

Remember: Too Big To Fail?

Surely we have not forgotten? Remember when all the wealthy criminals who screwed up with their carrying out of evil schemes to dupe the people, then turned around and got their buddies in Congress to use OUR TAX MONEY to bail their asses out because some Nazi, narrow-eyed bastard convinced the people that all this was “too big to fail?” Remember that shit show? We were stupid and gutless then. We are worse today.

Well, here we are a few years later. The same evil bastards have taken the opportunity to change life on earth that will never return to what it was, because they deliberately lied to and deceived the people for personal gain.

The question might be asked, “Are we, the little people, too big to fail?” You’ll get your answer soon I’m sure. Because they think us all stupid, which we are, with no backbone, which we have none, nor a will to fight back, which we’ve none, they will attempt to buy us off by offering some pittance of fake Federal Reserve Notes, that come from our own wallets, in which we will be required to pay them back later for.

Many will never recover from this man-caused atrocity. The son-of-a-bitches that caused this have their golden parachutes. May they BURN IN HELL.

Don’t you simply hate these evil bastards. I have always known them to be evil but not until recently have I come to understand why the LORD GOD has a special place in Hell for them…especially the perverted bastards who rape and molest little girls. That’s followed by those who deliberately oppress the people.