January 20, 2022

How Much “Sacrifice” of “Liberties” is Too Much?

*Editor’s Note* – This is another example of the revelation to fascists and totalitarians as to the willingness to cede rights that some clown deems reasonable. I’ve written before that Maine’s Question 3 is, in fact, a referendum by the gun stealing lobby to determine how much Mainer’s are willing to give up, in order to keep some. Not so bright totalitarians have tried twice, unsuccessfully, we think, to ban bear baiting, hounding and trapping. But what have they learned? I’ll let you decide that. In their greed, they lost twice. They lost patience and perhaps for a good reason. They should have learned what Mainers are willing to give up in order to keep some of their bear hunting wishes. It’s no difference with guns and gun rights. Bloomberg and his coagulation of fools should be learning just how much of the Second Amendment – that amendment that offers no variations or concessions to practice – Mainers are willing to give up to keep some.

It always appears that in attempts to, not support the Second Amendment, but oppose those who hate it, perhaps in efforts to appear nice and reasonable, too often we read and hear their self-perceived reasonableness in restricting the Second Amendment. Is the same amount of reasonableness afforded other items on the Bill of Rights? This is the valuable information fascists like Bloomberg need to take into the next round. Instead of suggesting there is no need for “universal background checks” and that this proposal is complicated and unenforceable, why not a stand against background checks? We know they don’t work and what other constitutional right do we have to undergo a centralized government background check in order to exercise that right?

Instead, we compromise and will continue to compromise until there is essentially nothing left. In mathematics, if you keep halving a number, you never reach zero. However, if you take a perfectly good length of rope, a tool with many uses, and keep cutting it in half, eventually you end up with nothing worth keeping.

If you believe in your right to self protection and that you should have the choice to decide how you want to do that, then there is no need to be apologizing or seeking compromise.

“As a nation, we’ve already sacrificed too many liberties in the name of security to reasonably expect either. Mainers shouldn’t be willing to sacrifice any more of our liberties in the name of our own security, let alone to possibly, slightly increase the security of other people who are already pretty secure.”<<<Read More>>>


If Someone Killed My Son, How Would I Feel?

Among the dense forest of facts, lies, opinions, propaganda, brainwashing, ideology, nonsense, ignorance and anything else that’s worthless, comes an opinion piece published in a Maine newspaper in which the author asks, “If there was only one firearm-related murder in Maine this year, and it was your son, how would you feel?”

That’s very easy for me to answer…and no I have not lost my son to being shot. The answer is simple and to the point. I would be extremely angry. Angry, yes, that I lost my son, but most angry because there exists totalitarian, non thinking, brain dead idiots, lead by fascists like Michael Bloomberg and blindly followed by those too ignorant to understand they are headed toward a cliff where they will be asked to jump off and they will gladly do it. Their actions forbid my right to choose. What gives them that right? It matters not what my choices are, the mere fact that such nasty, rotten people feel entitled to prohibit me or my son, or anybody else, from having the right to choose how they can defend themselves against savages, the product of an immoral, hedonistic, diverse, tolerant, secular society.

No laws, regardless of their intent, are ever going to stop the criminal. If you believe there are more criminals today than yesterday, do you think this is so because there are more or less laws? Are there more criminals because the existing laws are not enforced? Do you think there are more criminals because society produces criminals for various reasons? And, does it matter?

What matters is what I have the right to do. That right is the right to choose. Nobody should be able to prohibit my right to choose how to protect myself and my family. No laws are going to keep guns out of the hands of criminals who want them. That is a fact. Denying it doesn’t change it.

Take away my right to choose, and I will be most angry at people like Michael Bloomberg and those who don’t think and will not think and will react to emotions thinking if they increase the chances of my son being killed with a gun is somehow the right thing to do.

Sometimes life sucks. Making it suck for everybody else doesn’t change your suck factor.


It’s a Shame Really

I think that it is a shame that an organization like the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine (SAM) is left with no money/resources to do the things a sportsman’s group should do. SAM was much bigger and better than fighting against animal rights and environmental groups, along with fascists like Michael Bloomberg. SAM used to have time and money to look after the needs of sportsmen, working with the fish and game department to make hunting, fishing, trapping, snowmobiling, ATVing, hiking, boating, wildlife management, etc. better and better all the time. No longer.

In the last ten years SAM has been zapped of all it’s resources and energy fighting against totalitarians who are convinced THEIR world would be better off by destroying the world so many Americans love and grew up with. Instead of making our outdoor recreation and sporting opportunities better, all that is left is the likeness of David and Goliath. As Goliath systematically weakens the little boy with the sling shot, until there’s nothing left to fight with, the giant, with much more powerful weapons, will prevail. Isn’t that all part of the plan?

Two anti-hunting bear referendums by hateful groups and now an evil man, who has surrounded himself with evil, brain-dead people, who are clueless as to what they are doing (most of them), want to further destroy your rights and freedom. What happened in this society that causes others to destroy that which is good, in the name of progress (that is what they call it)?

Bloomberg and others know that they have the money and power over little bothersome gnats like SAM. They will get what they want because they understand you better than you understand them.

In the meantime, SAM is hogtied, spending all it’s time fighting the fascist bullies. It is no longer a sportsman’s group but a small voice crying in a wilderness of Zombies.

What’s wrong? I just returned from a bicycle ride to Central Park (no not New York). I met perhaps a couple hundred people. I am not exaggerating when I say that not one of the people I saw was without a goddamn cellphone or some electronic device shoved in their faces – even all the Middle School children on their way to school. Zombies one and all. The world I live in, not theirs, that is the physical things around me, ain’t so bad. It’s interesting, sometimes pretty to look at. There are birds and other animals running about, and trees along with beautiful sunshine. The Zombies have left all that behind and cashed it in for their little mind-controlling toys – an instrument of destruction 100 times greater than the television set.

The fascists control those instruments of the Beast. They will convince the world that hunting, trapping and fishing are evil practices. They will convince the world that there is no need for guns. Central Government will prevail. They will control. Just keep watching your electronic device.

It’s a crying damned shame! We were told this would happen.

But don’t go look!


ATF Chief Endorses National Database for Gun Owners

The deputy director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said this week that it was a crying shame that Washington politicians had failed to create a national database to track gun ownership in the United States. Thomas Brandon sat down for an interview with CBS’s Sunday Morning program and defended his agency against the claims of some who believe the Obama administration is out to destroy the right to bear arms.

“Public safety is the reason we exist; it’s not to take people’s guns,” said Brandon. “It’s to regulate firearms that can be misused. You know, we’re a small agency with a big job.”

Brandon said that job could be made easier if ATF officials had a searchable database of gun sales. Under current law, the development of such a database is prohibited. Critics say that a national gun registry could easily be the first step on the long road to widespread confiscation. Brandon, however, said that such opposition simply didn’t make sense.<<<Read More>>>


Further Proof of the Totalitarian Dictatorship We Live In

Which will immediately be followed by responses of denial by the blinded masses!

If you have signed up for an account with “My Social Security,” undoubtedly you received an email from the Social Security Administration informing you that you will no longer be allowed to access your account unless you provide them with a text-capable cell phone number – and by the way the email also says: “cell phone provider’s text message and data rates may apply.”

At the least, this is an attempt to make sure the SSA has a copy of your cell phone number for whatever reasons you might choose to think they would actually need that other than “another layer of security.” (wink, wink)

At the meat of the issue is the lie that it has become necessary to “make sure you are the actual owner of your account.” They call this “multifactor authentication” (wink, wink) and we are told it is being done per “Executive Order” from the dictator.

Not only may “cell phone provider’s text message and data rates may apply” the dictator-in-chief is demanding that everyone has a cell phone. He must think everyone has one of his “Obamaphones” he has forced all other cell phone owners to pay for. This is simply another layer of forcing “free Americans” (wink, wink) into slavery – and you love it. Addicted to cell phones? Do you think that was simply happenstance?

So, what if you don’t have or don’t want to have or provide a cell phone number? Simple: “If you do not have a text-enabled cell phone or you do not wish to provide your cell phone number, you will not be able to access your my Social Security account.” For some reason the lying bastards fail to tell you precisely what that means.


Okay all you “Bread and Circus” monkeys! Give the crooks and criminals more of your personal information and bow down to the dictator’s executive orders. The bastards stole your money and called it Social Security Insurance. THE NEW DEAL! Now they are doing everything they can to make sure you can’t get any of it back.



Group Calls on U.S. Senators to Prove They Aren’t Hypocrites

Senators Who Organized #WebofDenial Climate Change Marathon in U.S. Senate Should Make Public Their Communications With Donors About this Event

Senators Also Should Step Outside the U.S. Senate, Where They’re Protected Against Libel Charges, When Making Allegations, and List the Financial Conflicts of Interest of Their Donors, Group Says

Marathon by Liberal Senators Was in Support of Resolution Calling on Groups Not to Defend Themselves if Liberal State Attorneys General Accuse Them in Court of Presenting a Point of View Differing from That of the Senators

Senators Want Groups to Surrender Their Right to a Defense in Court, Since Otherwise, the First Amendment Protects Their Right to Share Their Views

Senate Marathon Comes as Wall Street Journal Writer Kimberly Strassel Releases New Book Detailing 24 Ways the Left Attacks Free Speech and Political Dissent

A Chapter is Dedicated to the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Work Against Liberal Efforts to Force Corporations to Stop Working with Conservative, Centrist and Free-Market Organizations

Washington, D.C.  The National Center for Public Policy Research is calling on a group of high profile Senators working on the climate issue to prove they are not hypocrites.

The call comes in the wake of a two-day just-completed marathon on the Senate floor condemning dozens of conservative and free-market policy groups for not endorsing the global warming theory.

The condemned groups either are unconvinced significant human-caused global warming is occurring, that any such warming would be catastrophic, and/or that proposed new laws, treaties and/or regulations would have a meaningful effect on any global warming. The Senators disapprove of these views.

“The Senators took to the Senate floor and for two days claimed that many of the groups hold the views they do because they are paid to do so by a variety of businesses and philanthropic foundations,” said Amy Ridenour, chairman of the National Center for Public Policy Research. “The Senators’ presentations were rife wife errors, including a failure to even remotely prove their false charges, but that’s not the worst of it. The Senators’ goal is to crush the free speech rights of these organizations and help set them up for prosecution for their views. Furthermore, it’s likely the Senators are being hypocritical.”

The Senators listed the names of large donors to some of the groups while making the unsubstantiated charge that the donors would benefit financially if bills and regulations favored by the Senators are not adopted.

If they are not hypocrites, Ridenour said, the Senators should:

1. Make public all communications with their own donors, and the donors of organizations assisting them in organizing and publicizing this marathon, that discussed this event. What’s good for the goose, in other words.

2. Make these accusations in a public venue outside the Senate floor, where the Senators by law are protected from the libel laws. The Senators should make their accusations while subject to the same libel laws as every other American.

3. The Senators should list all the donors they have, and their supporting organizations have, that have a conflict of interest on this issue. These include donors that have received or have applied to receive taxpayer support for so-called ‘green’ energy technologies or who stand to profit in any way from new laws, regulations or treaties ostensibly intended to combat global warming.

“If groups on one side of the climate change debate have had their donors made public, it’s fair for the other side’s to be made public as well,” said Ridenour. “The Senators also should provide convincing evidence the groups they essentially have accused of being ‘on the take’ actually are. The Senators listed donations given by companies that agree with the global warming theory as well as philanthropic foundations with no known interest in the topic as evidence that so-called ‘denier’ organizations are being paid to fight the left on climate issues. That makes no sense. The Senators should make a case, not just an accusation, and they shouldn’t be hiding like babies behind libel protections unavailable to anyone outside of Congress. And of course the Senators should reveal their conflicts of interest.”

The Senators’ marathon comes following increasing scrutiny of left-wing efforts to shut down speech with which it disagrees.

A new book by Wall Street Journal writer Kimberley Strassel, “The Intimidation Game: How the Left is Silencing Free Speech (Hachette Book Group),” is dedicated solely to this relatively new phenomenon. The book’s 24 chapters each are dedicated to a different way the left seeks to shut down free expression by those who do not share its views.

A full chapter of the book covers efforts by the National Center for Public Policy Research since 2007 to combat shareholder proposals by left-wing unions and groups that would restrict publicly-held corporations from working with centrist or conservative/free-market organizations while continuing to work with, and seek advice from, those on the left.

“The Senate marathon was organized by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), who has introduced a Senate resolution calling on groups not to defend themselves if liberal state attorneys general accuse them of presenting their point of view,” said Ridenour. “This is America in 2016.”

The Canadian skeptic-attack blog DeSmogBlog, credited with being an early adopter of the term “denier,” calling it an intentional reference to identify skeptics with people who deny the existence of the holocaust and thus intended to associate disagreement with the global warming theory with immorality, identified participating Senators as Ed Markey (D-MA), Brian Schatz (D-HI), Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Jeff Merkley (D-OR), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Bernie Sanders (S-VT) and Al Franken (D-MN).

DeSmogBlog, sensitive to the donations made by others, was founded with funds from John Lefebvre, an online casino businessman subsequently convicted of a money-laundering felony in the United States (as reported by James M. Taylor of the Heartland Institute and many others).

The allegation that no organization would disagree with the left on climate change unless it was paid to do so comes as the American public, presumably unpaid, is increasingly skeptical that global warming is anything to worry about.

Michael Bastasch of the Daily Caller collected polls on the issue in 2016, reporting that a YouGov poll found “only 9.2 percent of Americans rank global warming as their biggest concern”; a “Fox News poll from December found only 3 percent of Americans polled listed global warming as their top concern,” and “a CNN poll from January 2015 found that 57 percent of Americans did not expect global warming to threaten their way of life.”

“The National Center for Public Policy Research is listed as one of the so-called ‘denier’ organizations,” said Ridenour, “but was not singled out for attack by the Senators on this occasion, perhaps because it receives 96 percent of its funding in small gifts from individuals and is not receiving any climate-related funding from large donors. The National Center did receive funding from ExxonMobil for some years until 8 years ago, when ExxonMobil told us the funding would be discontinued unless we joined with the liberals and adopted the alarmist position on global warming. We obviously declined, and have not received funding since. We did make this public. As our entire funding mechanism and this story undermines the narrative of Senators Whitehouse and the others that climate ‘denier’ groups are being bribed to adopt a skeptical position, mentioning us would not have been useful to the liberal Senators.”

The National Center for Public Policy Research, founded in 1982, is a non-partisan, free-market, independent conservative think-tank. Ninety-four percent of its support comes from individuals, less than four percent from foundations, and less than two percent from corporations. It receives over 350,000 individual contributions a year from over 96,000 active recent contributors. Sign up for free issue alerts here or follow us on Twitter at @NationalCenter.


Ryan NRA Poised to Further Give Away Second Amendment

Here’s some more of “I told you so” nonsense from the fake “conservative” Speaker Ryan and the fake Second Amendment supporters from the NRA. In what appears to be a “compromise,” which is nothing more than a lie to the people to give away our rights to self defense, and capitulating into the arms of more centralized government, further setting the stage for a rapid take over of arms and a disarming of the American people, Speaker Ryan plans a vote, after the current recess, on some kind of bill that we are lied to that will prohibit “terrorists” from being able to buy guns. Plans are also underway to destroy more rights disguised as a bill to prohibit “mentally ill people” from buying guns.

What can possibly go wrong? All the while idiots, so deeply mired into the lie of conservative/liberal, right/left, republican/democrat still think Paul Ryan, who once was wholeheartedly propped up to be vice president under another liar, Mitt Romney, will support and protect our Second Amendment rights. Stop supporting the fake NRA. Stop supporting the fake conservatives. They only lie! LIE, LIE, LIE!


Things are moving so rapidly now few can see what’s taking place. What once was considered a last bastion of hope for freedom of speech, the Internet, is soon to be highly regulated – in other words censored and controlled more than it already is. When this happens, I am finished with all of the techno-junk bull crap!

Today, with thoroughly brainwashed people addicted to places like Facebook, which is already government controlled, censorship is in full swing.


You think we live in a free country but we don’t – a far cry from it. You and I helped to create it. Only those with their eyes open don’t like the outcome.


Continue your willful disobedience to TRUTH!



Amerika Bore a Child And Doesn’t Recognize It

*Editor’s Note* – Have we reached a point where things are so much screwed up – by design – in this country that nobody can recognize what it is or how to deal with it? I agree with the author of the article linked to below, that the game has changed. What’s not defined at all are the differences that exist between the all out assault on life in America by the Leftists, and the coming to fruition of the planned assault and destruction of the America once known and easily recognized from years ago – a recognition few today could achieve if they wanted to because they don’t have understanding of who rules.

The author says that the Left (and I’ll add the Ruling Establishment, while also avoiding the term “Liberal”) have ushered in a “game changer” and are now being forced to deal with what they have created. But what is the game changer in reality? Are we to eagerly embrace Trump as the not wanted game changer? Did we really expect that there would be a game changer? Be honest and ask yourself if there really is a game changer or are we being manipulated into thinking there is? Remember Hope and Change? How many believed that Obama was a game changer?

Nothing happens by chance. What we observe in the political campaigns of the moment are probably not mistakes. Yes, they are the candidates ready or almost ready to enter the stage set by those who actually control politics in this country and around the globe. When things move faster than the masses lined up for the Bread and Circuses are ready to see and hear, they get confused, scared and always angry. We can only speculate that anger is intentionally created or not and to what degree of anger it is designed to reach. We may not want or even expect the devastating degree of anger that awaits us.

To continue on with the author’s analogy of eating the chicken that has been grown, the masses aren’t interested in how the chicken was raised, just whether it is cooked the way they like it and most assuredly that it takes good.

Perhaps not some much unlike a “Rosemary’s Baby” our culture is giving birth to a very ugly baby – perhaps so ugly we don’t want to recognize it as the one we consummated.

“Thus, whether it is the absurdist collapse of Obamacare, the suddenly falling job numbers, the refusal of foreign proxies to even show up at administration-sponsored military training  or the sudden lack of mainstream media credibility — every criticism starts to grate.  Trump is offensive to the Left not so much because he is a clown which he is but because he is the clown they deserve and they have to share the stage with him.

“The clearest indication a game changer has arrived is when there is suddenly no way back to the way things were before.  That moment has already arrived for the liberal project.  No longer is it possible to pretend they are some noble company of players acting out an arc of justice on stage of history.  Trump’s barking and pitching unmistakably reveals they’re just another freak show on the Midway and now the crowd knows it.  The sight of the media unmasking itself or the sound of the San Jose attackers are just the tawdry effects. From here on to keep the job they’ve got to eat the chicken.”<<<Read More>>>




IL Bill Would Ban Hunting, Gun Ranges, & Walking Your Dog

The gun-grabbers are going all out with HB6008 in hopes of dealing a fatal blow to hunting and target shooting here in Illinois.

Source: IL Bill Would Ban Hunting, Gun Ranges, & Walking Your Dog


Maine Court Will Consider Appeal of Earlier Moot Decision on MDIFW Campaign Conduct

According to an article in the Bangor Daily News, the Maine Supreme Court will consider an appeal of a lower court ruling declaring a court challenge as “moot” because the lawsuit never came to the courts until after the referendum was voted on. The appeal comes from the totalitarian group, Mainer’s for Fair Bear Hunting (MFFBH), a front name for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

The issue here is whether or not an appeal should be granted. It appears that MFFBH is seeking an appeal based on their assumption that Justice Joyce Wheeler’s decision to dismiss the case because the referendum had already been decided, was an act that warrants an appeal. The higher court will decide.

If the appeal is granted, then the Supreme Court will hear MFFBH’s lawsuit.

What is laughable in all of this is the double standards broadly revealed by this anti-human group in which it wants their legal rights protected at the cost of taking away the rights of other in order that they can get their way.

I have never supported any law that diminishes anyone’s right to petition the state or any other right. While it may be troubling and upsetting to some that any totalitarian group, in their psychotic ways, moves to destroy the lifestyles of others, hidden behind the perverted scheme of animal welfare and protection, there is a due process, with civil rights that are extended to everyone, whether we like it or not.

It’s unfortunate the totalitarians don’t see it the same way (that’s why they are totalitarians, doing the work of the fascists).

Maine sportsmen organizations have tried to get laws passed that would prohibit or limit the rights of people (even those opposed to hunting, fishing and trapping) to petition the state on issues of wildlife management. As it most always appears, and probably is, a waste of time and money, the right does and should exist. That door swings both ways.

In the case of the bear hunting referendum of this past year, the Humane Society of the United States, were doing everything they could to limit the speech and the ability to do their jobs, of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. It became clear early on in the campaign that MDIFW’s education program was very effective in teaching voters about the science of bear management and the difficulties it faced in carrying out their legislative mandate to care for a healthy bear population. The HSUS saw this as a trouble spot and so came the lawsuit demanding the courts put an end to MDIFW’s education program.

If the appeal is granted, I’m assuming this will be the meat of the case – that MDIFW did not follow the laws in the books about how the department may or may not participate in such campaigns.

Whether the appeal is granted or not, the issue needs to be addressed. It is my opinion that voters have the right to hear from all Maine Government departments on any issues that affect the departments and thus the voters themselves. How else can voters make informed and intelligent decisions? If the court determines that what MDIFW did during the bear referendum campaign to be in violation of existing laws, then efforts should be taken to get those laws changed. That’s how the process is supposed to work.

While it is clear that the HSUS, i.e. Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting’s goal is to end bear hunting, and all hunting and trapping, their real hope here is to be able to censor MDIFW. With censorship in hand, the next time the totalitarians muster a petition to change the desired lifestyles of the many Maine residents, they will know that the departments mouths have been zipped shut and thus their propaganda can flourish unchallenged. And just whom does that benefit other than just psychotic animal rights groups and environmentalists?