January 30, 2023

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Put on Your Pussy Hats You Corrupt Fake Politicians

Cry me a river – or more fitting today would be Crimea River…or something. Over the weekend, Senate Minority criminal Charlene Schumer pored on the tears claiming Trumpet was mean spirited and un-American. Waaaaaaah!

Before that we had Baroness Obama, working as hard as he could to drum up some tears, while at the same time pretending he was wiping away his tears with his middle finger. And on and on it goes.

All of these criminal pond scum are actors. Don’t forget that. We even once had a “professional” actor for a president. But my, oh my how things have changed.

Most of you are too young to remember Senator Ed Muskie from Maine. Muskie was a former Maine Governor and U.S. Senator and served as Secretary of State under Jimmy Carter. He was the democratic nominee for Vice President in 1968 on the ticket with Hubert Humphrey.

During the campaign, certain members of the press decided to attack and smear Muskie’s wife. In defending her, he showed emotion – not necessarily crying and shedding tears, but showed emotion. That act served to perhaps prevent Humphrey and Muskie from winning. At the time it was often stated that such an outward show of emotion revealed a man’s instability. Some even suggested it would ruin his political career.

Aside from the political hacking that has forever taken place, we lived then at a time when it was considered a substantial weakness in a man’s character to show emotion, especially as trivial (as perceived) as standing up for his wife and as a candidate for vice president.

Today? Well that’s a different story from nearly 50 years ago. Today, whether the “tears” are fake or real, evidently it’s cool to do. You see, the line between male and female has been deliberately skewed, to a point that, if we are still around in 8 or so years, chances are pretty good that the United States will have their first ever transgendered queer.

Think not? The Boy Scouts of America just announced that they would allow transgenders to their club, provided the parents put on the person’s application that they persuaded toward male. Uh huh!


Perverted Dictator-in-Chief



When Repeated Failure Loses Its Mask to Planned Destruction

Many years ago, when I was in the U.S. Navy, I attended a school to study computers – repair and maintenance. We were studying Boolean Algebra. Each Friday we were always given an exam. Each exam would always consist of 20 questions – usually multiple choice. We were given 3 hours to complete each exam. On a particular Friday, having started the task of completing the exam, I soon realized that it was going to be impossible to finish the exam in the allotted three hours. As each question selected for the exam was “randomly” selected by computers, it happened that each question took a minimum of 1 hour to complete – if you were a smart SOB. I was left with the choice of leaving the remaining 17 questions unanswered or “when in doubt bravo out” which meant if you weren’t sure of the answer, select answer “B.” I bravoed out.

I got the first three answers correct and randomly missed the remaining 17 questions and scored second highest in my class.

The administration, sure that the only way an entire class could miss so many answers, insisted there must be a conspiracy as nobody could fail so much without intending to do so.

Hold that thought for a minute and consider the movie Casablanca. Louie, head of the Prefecture, for the sole purpose of protecting his own butt, plays along with the invaded military of Germany and the Nazi Regime. As part of his charade at carrying out his fake compliance with the Germans, whenever there was a crime committed, his command to his underlings was always, “round up the usual suspects.”

No I’m going to bring these two thoughts together as one.

Today, I was reading Richard Fernandez’s article, “The Brain Surgeon and the Cleaning Lady.”  “Wretchard” adeptly points out what appears to be the ongoing laundry list of “failures” by the Obama Administration in what most Americans believe to be “terrorist attacks” on Americans, at home and abroad. The author likens the act of attempting to distinguish between who’s a terrorist and isn’t by the analogy of giving the same test to someone who claims to be a brain surgeon and one to a cleaning lady. Results of the test should determine which, if either, of the two is a brain surgeon. However, it is much easier to just “round up the usual suspects.”

In my military school, had I repeatedly failed so miserably on my exams, I would have been kicked out of school. Upon a closer look, it didn’t take long to figure out, too many of the wrong kinds of questions appeared on the test. All was understood and forgiven but not before I, and others, were accused of conspiring to fail a test.

We are often reminded by Government, and is pointed out by Wretchard, that the “usual suspects” fit a prescribed set of character flaws and who is and who isn’t on one of their famed “terror watch lists,” and yet, once the “usual suspects” have been rounded up, they are let go until the next crime takes place. The entire event being fake.

At what point, if ever, will people begin to realize that the only way a government, or government agency, could repeatedly fail, as is pointed out by Fernandez, would only be a conspiracy to do such – a deliberate attempt to mislead for the purpose of achieving other sinister goals?

Readers have come to realize that I have written often that this government – the actual puppet of the ruling establishment that calls all the shots to be carried out by our president – creates the chaos, crisis, controversy, etc., then they embellish the issue, followed by offering a solution – a solution that government wanted from the beginning but had to make people believe they NEEDED a solution, i.e. the cessation of rights – natural and man-given.

If a person can truly discover and have understanding of the level of corruption and satanic evil that is the power source behind the American Government (they just don’t want to admit it and I can’t blame them), then perhaps they would be ready to look at things a bit differently. What I am about to suggest is a very big pill to swallow and most will think I’ve gone over the edge, but that’s okay, because I really don’t care, if I can cause just one person to see more clearly.

A few weeks ago, I asked a friend what they thought was the huge push by this government and all of their activist groups, to promote and bring to the very forefront, the lifestyle choices of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender. We could not come up with a definitive suggestion. Both agreed that if nothing else it was just a way to accelerate the destruction of a moral existence through the lies given us all about tolerance and diversity.

After the Orlando night club shooting, I began to see what might be going on that I certainly would not put past the ruling establishment, knowing all of the other absurd, vial and evil acts they have carried out.

Consider that the huge push to bring the LGBT issue to the front pages of every news media just in time that it sets the stage for a government-planned mass shooting in a gay bar in Orlando. Not only does such an event offer the ruling establishment, whom I have said have only to disarm the American people to gain total victory over a free society, the chance to extol the urgent need to disarm the people in order to be “safe,” but it also furthers the hatred that burns inside millions of Americans – a hatred intended to keep the people divided.

Wretchard suggests that the Obama Administration has failed so terribly that they have lost all credibility in even suggesting that government can do the better job of protecting Americans if they would just give up their guns. While I believe strongly that the evils of worldly rulers, whether directly or indirectly, have created the LGBT issue, resulting in the Orlando shooting. What exactly their intent in doing so might be, I’m not sure. Because they are like the rest of us and prone to mistakes and poor judgement, one has to ask if the Obama Administration (the puppet) is pushing the gay lifestyle so strongly, combined with the outward appearance of failure to keep the people safe, to further seek for the disarmament of the people, might just have the opposite affect. If government shows its incapability to keep us safe, who are we to trust for protection other than ourselves?

Obama, or whoever the president is at the time, playing the part of Louie, the prefect, calls out for the rounding up of his “usual suspects” hoping that the majority of Americans, like the Germans, will fall for the gag. However, we should never lose sight of the reality that repeated failures can only mean a deliberate conspiracy to fail in hopes of achieving something different.


Does This Gun Make My Ass Look Big?



Obama Locker Room Edict Condemned by Black Conservatives

Press Release from the National Center for Public Policy Research:

“The physical and emotional abuse blacks endured under segregation, on a good day, are in no way analogous to the adulation and ‘rights’ that those who suffer from gender dysmorphia are experiencing and receiving…”

“Middle- and upper-income Whites in search of artificial oppressed person status can do so without using our history…”

“Attaching this insanity to the legacy of civil rights… trivializes everything the brave men and women experienced and sacrificed in the pursuit of social, economic and legal equality…”

“Civil rights champions were not spat upon, beaten with police batons and sometimes murdered for the right of men to go to the same restroom with little girls…”

“Why is there such a rush to strip away the innocence of American children?”

“As a Christian conservative, Black clergyman, I am deeply offended…”

“The idea that a mentally ill person should assume the mantle of civil rights so hard-fought and won by black Americans is insulting…”

“This is cruel and divisive and will ultimately be overturned…”

“We are expected to accept the notion that the privacy concerns of ‘straight’ students is simply not as valuable as the claimed rights of transgender youths…”

“This is nothing less than legalized blackmail…”

Washington, D.C. – Members of the Project 21 black leadership group have joined the national discussion about the Obama Administration’s threat to withhold federal education funding from schools that assign bathroom and locker rooms by biological sex.

Project 21 members lack enthusiasm for the Administration’s edict.

Many also are offended that federal officials have compared their effort to mix biological genders in locker rooms and restrooms to the multi-decade struggle against Jim Crow, and the multi-century battle against racial discrimination.

Among the members of Project 21 who are publicly speaking out:

From Missouri

“Comparing gender dysphoria to innate characteristics such as race is a bridge too far for scientific-minded individuals, but not for the Organized Left. The idea that a mentally ill person should assume the mantle of civil rights so hard-fought and won by black Americans is insulting,” said Project 21’s Stacy Washington, a former elected school board member, Emmy-nominated TV personality and talk show host on KFTK 97.1 FM in St. Louis.

“But where are the women’s rights advocates? Where are those who trumpeted the War on Women campaign so successfully during the last presidential cycle,” Washington asks. “If you look at the numerous assaults against women and children in the bathrooms, locker rooms and changing facilities in retail outlets across the country, you see a clear pattern: perverts need no invitation to assault women. Making it easier by giving them the cover of law that purports to offer newfound rights to transgendered people isn’t the answer. The edict issued by the Obama Administration is just another reason for parents and legislators to support school choice.”

From California

“As if the nation needed it, we just got another reminder of the wild ride we’ll be on during the final remaining months of the Obama regime,” said Joe Hicks, a political analyst and Project 21 member. “Released from any need to pretend that he’s a ‘moderate,’ Obama ran his leftist social justice flag even higher up the flagpole by threatening every public school district in the nation with punishment if they don’t allow all transgender students to use any bathroom or locker room they want. The nation’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, idiotically compared a North Carolina law to white supremacist Jim Crow laws that legalized race-based segregation. Mirroring the rhetorical tactics of Eric Holder, Obama’s former A.G., Lynch announced that she is suing North Carolina over its commonsense law, which simply says that people have to use a bathroom that corresponds to the sex on their birth certificates.”

“It is important that all of this liberal and leftist angst and claims of victimization be put in a proper context,” Hicks continued. “Only 0.3 percent of the nation’s population identifies as transgender. The entire LGBT population is estimated to be 3.4 percent. Only a year ago, the stated goal of LGBT activists was the right to marry. Now accomplished, this movement wants more — always more. Now, we are expected to accept the notion that the privacy concerns of ‘straight’ students is simply not as valuable as the claimed rights of transgender youths. At the White House, and within liberal-left activist circles, commonsense is like Kryptonite to Superman.”

From California

“When Barack Obama ran for president back in 2008, he promised to fundamentally change the United States of America. He has done just that,” said Derryck Green, who is completing his doctorate in theology and ministry at Azusa Pacific University near Los Angeles.

“Culturally normalizing and celebrating homosexuality and the redefinition of marriage through an unrelenting social program of dishonesty — at the expense of the traditional understanding and institution of marriage, in addition to the intentional violation and suppression of religious liberty — is part of Obama’s transformational promise,” added Green. “So is his devotion to erasing the distinction between male and female by forcing the country into participating in the celebration of the mental and emotional illness of transgenderism.”

“On its own merits, advancing this new and destructive social morality is problematic. That Barack Obama has done so by attaching this insanity to the legacy of civil rights, specifically that of Jim Crow segregation, trivializes everything the brave men and women experienced and sacrificed in the pursuit of social, economic and legal equality. The physical and emotional abuse blacks endured under segregation, on a good day, are in no way analogous to the adulation and ‘rights’ that those who suffer from gender dysmorphia are experiencing and receiving. For the Obama Administration to say as much insults the intelligence, and brazenly disrespects the tradition of, the black civil rights movement,” Green concluded.

From Louisiana

“As a Black Southern man who grew up fighting what I call ‘Jim Crow-lite’ in the 1970s-1980s, in Savannah, Georgia, home of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, I find the ridiculous transgender/civil rights movement comparison insulting and disrespectful,” said Nadra “Cap Black” Enzi, a New Orleans anti-crime activist.

“Once again the Black experience is hijacked by individuals whose contempt and desperation is obvious! Middle- and upper-income Whites in search of artificial oppressed person status can do so without using our history to prop up delusional defenses. The fact that co-conspirators in this farce include a bi-racial President of the United States who self-identifies as Black, and the second Black U.S. Attorney General, speaks volumes on how far some have strayed away from the straight and narrow path pioneered by the Civil Rights Movement and the moral culture which produced it,” Enzi concluded.

From New Jersey

“As a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ, who happens to be Black by His design, I am thoroughly outraged that Obama would think he could even suggest, no less implement, such madness as ‘gender identity’ and ‘transgender rights’!” says Project 21’s Reverend Steven Louis Craft, M.Div.

“We in this nation are under satanic attack when people cannot even discern that there are only two sexes, male and female! How does Obama get the authority to decree that men can use women’s restrooms or be denied federal funding? This is nothing less than legalized blackmail. Hopefully, every school district in America will simply ignore this madness, and finally the people will demand that Obama be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. As a Christian conservative, Black clergyman, I am deeply offended, and I pray that justice will prevail,” says Craft.

From Washington, D.C.

“President Obama continues to focus his priorities on everything but the American people. Instead of focusing on the struggling economy or any number of issues plaguing our country, he decides to legalize sexual harassment,” says Gianno Caldwell, who runs a lobbying firm in Washington, D.C. “Any male individual can claim an identity in the moment to follow a woman into the bathroom, thereby creating an harassing environment. This must be stopped by Congress.”

From Indiana

“The Obama Administration should be ashamed of itself for forcing the use of restrooms in public schools to transgender people. First of all, education is an issue for the states to control. Secondly, there are but two God-created genders. Male and Female,” said Tea Party activist Emery McClendon.

“Such a move will destroy our schools as our children and grandchildren will be intimidated and confused. The focus in our learning institutions shout be on the three ‘R’s, and on preparing our children for adulthood, the job market, and higher learning. Our schools are already failing, and this move will place our education system at risk of a collapse,” McClendon said.

“This is not a civil rights issue. It is a blatant abuse of people’s personal rights, and a tradition that almost every culture holds dear,” McClendon concluded.

From Missouri

“Just as the liberals use the Commerce Clause to justify any kind of tax or government overreach, now they abuse civil rights codes to justify legalizing any kind of perversion, all in name of equality. Civil rights champions were not spat upon, beaten with police batons and sometimes murdered for the right of men to go to the same restroom with little girls,” says St. Louis political consultant Christopher Arps.

From Pennsylvania

“When I was in a student at Woodside Elementary in Silver Spring, Maryland, there was something mysterious about the boys’ and girls’ bathrooms. I remember when the boys in our playground clique found out there were doors on the stalls in the girls’ bathrooms and I remember the girls being appalled there were no doors in the boys’ bathrooms. My friend David didn’t believe it, so he went into the girls’ bathroom to find out for himself… He got in trouble — a lot of trouble… and I wasn’t allowed to hang out with him for a while,” recalls the Right Reverend Council Nedd II, Ph.D., TOSF.

“Why is there such a rush to strip away the innocence of American children? Why do children need to be exposed to anything and everything at the earliest possible age? Do we really want our children growing up in a world and age where nothing is taboo?,” Nedd, who is rector of St. Alban’s Anglican Church in Pine Grove Mills, Pennsylvania, and an elected state constable, wonders.

“As a child I wish my friend David had been allowed to use the gender identity defense. However, there is an equally important issue. When you dance with the devil, the devil don’t change. The devil being the federal government in this parable. We’ve seen over the last 100 years, the consequences of relying too much on the federal government. The federal welfare system a wrought destruction on millions of poor people and slowly eroded their moral compasses, and it has destroyed the sovereignty of states and their ability to enforce their own community standards,” said Nedd.

From Virginia

“The White House is pushing a radical agenda that has no support in the language or history of existing civil rights law. And they are pursuing it by threatening to punish the most vulnerable students in public school — withholding lunch and remedial teaching assistance from poor and minority students. This is cruel and divisive and will ultimately be overturned,” said Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper, an attorney and legal commentator who taught constitutional law at George Mason University.

* * *

Project 21 has been a leading voice of black conservatives since its founding in 1992. Its volunteer members come from all walks of life. Individual comments by Project 21 members represent the opinion of that member. Contributions to the National Center are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated, and may be earmarked for the use of Project 21.


Pepsi Doubles-Down on LGBT and Transgender and Restroom-Access Activism

Press Release from the National Center for Public Policy Research:

Pepsi Doubles-Down on LGBT and Transgender and Restroom-Access Activism

Shows No Interest in Alternative, More Constructive, Approach to the Issue, Preferring Party Line of LGBT Activist Groups to the Position Held by a Majority of the Public in Opinion Polls

Pepsi Previously Declined an Activist Role on Another Issue that Would Have Helped the Poor in the Developing World and Helped Pepsi’s Bottom Line, But Has Jumped in With Both Feet on Controversial Issue That Risks Angering Half of Its Customer Base


New Bern, NC / Washington, D.C.  – Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi doubled-down on the company’s commitment to LGBT activism at the company’s shareholder meeting today.

Ms. Nooyi made it clear that activism on the LGBT issue is a priority for the company.

National Center for Public Policy Research Free Enterprise Project Director Justin Danhof, Esq. spoke directly with Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi at the meeting, which was held today in New Bern, NC.

Ms. Nooyi has called on North Carolina to repeal a state law known as HB2 that itself repealed a Charlotte ordinance that said bathroom use in Charlotte cannot be designated by biological sex, and made harsh statements about the law.

The law is highly controversial, in part because business executives such as Pepsi’s Nooyi, entertainers such as Bruce Springsteen, and even foreign businesses such as Ontario’s Cirque du Soleil have made firm statements against the law that appear to question the morality of anyone holding a contrary opinion.

Yet the public, while divided about the law, has certainly not reached a consensus that the law should be repealed, let alone that its backers are immoral. A Time-Warner Cable News poll taken in April showed 51 percent of North Carolinians support the law’s provisions regarding restroom use, while 40 percent oppose it. Nationally, a CBS News poll about transgender restroom access policies generally, and not the North Carolina law specifically, found 59 percent preferred limiting restroom and locker room access to people of the same biological sex while 26 percent advocating letting people use the restroom or locker room of their choice.

“Ms. Nooyi appears to be comfortable casting her statements on the law as representative of Pepsi as a corporation, and likewise appears to be committed to continuing the company’s LGBT activism, but she has in the past turned down requests to involve the company in policy activism that has a more direct impact on Pepsi, is less controversial, and literally could save lives,” Justin Danhof said. “In 2014, I asked Ms. Nooyi if Pepsi would increase its educational activities about the life and eyesight-saving benefits of genetically-modified organisms, or GMOs, in the Third World. Pepsi uses GMOs extensively, so making sure the public knows the truth is important to Pepsi’s bottom line, but this also is a huge humanitarian issue. Ms. Nooyi was very courteous when she spoke to me, but she made it clear that she thought it was more important for the federal government through agencies such as the FDA and think-tanks like the National Center for Public Policy Research to do most of the heavy lifting on GMO education. Proving the point further with real-life evidence, since 2014, we have not seen Pepsi take a strong lead on GMO education or policy, but Pepsi is all over the news on LGBT and bathroom-access issues.”

“So we see the priorities,” said Danhof. “When involvement in an issue can save lives and help Pepsi’s revenue stream, Pepsi has a little bit of interest in speaking out, but not very much. When another issue, one that at present is very important to the left, does not prevent premature death, reduce malnutrition and blindness in the developing world, does not involve Pepsi products, and has at least the potential of angering 51 percent of Pepsi’s customers, Pepsi is firmly committed to speaking out.”

“This is the picture of a company that has made the decision to put activism over profits, and LGBT activism over anti-poverty activism,” added Amy Ridenour, chairman of the National Center for Public Policy Research, “and it is clear it is Pepsi that is making the statements here, not its CEO speaking as an individual, which she has every right to do, and which is far less likely to anger Pepsi customers.”

“A clue to the strength of the company’s commitment to being part of the LGBT activist coalition can be found in Ms. Nooyi’s response when I offered the company a framework for promoting the company’s values in a constructive way, instead of driving them apart, as implying that people who hold a different view lack moral fiber quite predictably will tend to do,” said Danhof. “We suggested that Pepsi bring the different sides together to identify the areas of common ground, so action can be taken immediately in those areas, and to identify areas of discord, so a specific search for innovative solutions can immediately be undertaken. In the restroom case, for example, the most contentious issue – locker room access – might find a solution if big corporations donated money so the public schools could build private shower facilities, to name just one possible solution that seems doable yet does not drive Americans apart.”

“This is a far more productive approach than casting aspersions on 51 percent of the community, and far better for Pepsi, but I might as well have been talking to a brick wall,” Danhof continued. “A very courteous brick wall, and I do commend Ms. Nooyi for being willing to speak to me, as she has been willing to do on many occasions, and that is very much appreciated, but a brick wall nonetheless.”

Remarks made by Mr. Danhof publicly at the meeting, as prepared for delivery, are available here.

In part, Danhof said:

Liberal activists pressured Pepsi to denounce the [HB2] law. And you obliged. We suggest this was a missed opportunity to bring folks together and elevate Pepsi’s brand. Your decision to speak out so forcefully against the law pleased one contingency but angered another. And that anger is palpable. In reaction to HB2, Target announced that it would open its bathrooms to any and all-comers. Over a million Americans now claim to be boycotting the chain in protest. Pepsi does not want to be the next Target.

When approached to take a position on an issue, many companies see only a few options: say nothing, or choose one side or the other. I propose there is an alternative: bring people together.

When you denounced the law, you made Pepsi just another one of the many companies that jumped on a bandwagon. You weren’t leading on the issue. If instead, Pepsi had worked to bring both sides together, you would be viewed as a leader in the community, the state and indeed the nation. Pepsi holds a prominent role here in North Carolina. Why use that position to divide citizens against each other? Or, for that matter, some customers against the company?

I have with me today a one-page framework companies can use to approach contentious issues like this. It does this by focusing on solutions and can be applied to literally every issue. I’m hopeful the company will take a look at it. I think you will find it helps the company stand up for its values in a way that brings people together and increases the public’s appreciation for Pepsi as a company and as a brand.

The next time you are approached by a group of activists demanding that Pepsi sign a letter or denounce this or that, we simply suggest that you ask yourself, Ms. Nooyi, is there a way that I can bring both sides together and lead the community to solutions the public – and Pepsi’s customers – can get behind? Can I suggest to you that the paradigm I have suggested would help Pepsi be the community leader it clearly wants to be without making itself another Target?

“We hope Pepsi will reconsider,” concluded Ridenour. “And choose instead a path that brings people together.”

The National Center for Public Policy Research’s Free Enterprise Project is the nation’s preeminent free-market activist group focusing on shareholder activism and the confluence of big government and big business. In 2014-15, National Center representatives participated in 69 shareholder meetings advancing free-market ideals in the areas of health care, energy, taxes, subsidies, regulations, religious freedom, food policies, media bias, gun rights, workers’ rights and many other important public policy issues. Today’s Pepsi meeting marks its 8th shareholder meeting of 2016.

The National Center for Public Policy Research, founded in 1982, is a non-partisan, free-market, independent conservative think-tank. Ninety-four percent of its support comes from individuals, less than four percent from foundations, and less than two percent from corporations. It receives over 350,000 individual contributions a year from over 96,000 active recent contributors. Sign up for free issue alerts here or follow us on Twitter at @NationalCenter.


All In The Family…Right?