June 5, 2023

Willful Blindness Born of Ignorance/False Doctrine

We are in the Last Days. This is a time when the Word of God tells to his faithful servants he would reveal all the Mysteries of Creation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and up to the time of His return. It is impossible for anyone to receive the revelation of His Mysteries who are mired in false doctrine, which, over centuries, has been the breeding grounds for willful blindness, i.e. brainwashing.

I would like to share a comment I read the other day from a person in regards to the use of Strong’s Concordance or similar tools as a study resource in determining the full value of words found in the Bible that originated in Hebrew and/or Greek.

I am going to paraphrase the comment and hope I do not deter from its original meaning and intent. The comment was such: The words in the Bible are all inspired by the Lord God, thus are true. The words and definitions in any concordance are words of man, and thus not believable.

Weeeellll! Unfortunately, this is a common theme among many. My own brother, one day, asked me if I realized the Bible was nothing more than a history book. However, to boldly state that the “Bible” is the inspired Word of God and all others are false, not only is not completely true, it’s ignorant, dishonest, and places limits on what the LORD God and His Holy Spirit can do.

Depending on which version of the “Bible” you use to read and study, depends on how many men have taken it upon themselves to put those words in the order and context of what they believe it ought to say.

For anyone to claim Hebrew and Greek words and their meanings are not to be believed because they come from man, then it is impossible to not make the same claim when it comes to man’s translations of what we have come to blindly and willfully accept as the canonical Scriptures (those decided by men should be considered the Word of God, while discarding all others.)

Before I go further, left me explain something of real importance. I am reminded of one of the first Bible verses I ever learned as a child: Hebrews 4:12 – “For the word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even the dividing asunder of the soul and spirit, and the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” I would have to spend hours to share the full meaning of this verse.

The Almighty El, the Creator, is God. Jesus is El in the flesh. The Holy Spirit is El in the spirit. Everything in Hebrews 4:12 being described, is God the Almighty El. Nothing is more powerful than His Word. Therefore, it is ONLY through the power of His Spirit can we have vision and understanding of God’s Word…man’s translations be damned.

If one is honestly seeking God’s Truth, they are diligently seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit in their quest. Because His Words never fail, we will receive.

If then, the “Bibles” that we read are translations given to us by men, are we to ignore that fact while blindly accepting those words as being the exact words the LORD God intended? Are they “nothing more than history books?” Do we toss them aside? No, it’s a tool to get us to the most powerful and perfect truths ever to be found.

I wonder how many people, when reading and studying the “Bible” have said, mostly to themselves, I have no idea what that means, or that makes no sense? So, what do we do? Just ignore it?

The authors, yes those we believe to be the God-inspired writers of the Scriptures, did so in the Hebrew language (and other similar versions) and Greek. As Bibles were translated in other languages, who got to decide what an Hebraic or Greek word meant? Where these translators all inspired by God in their translations? Ummmm, I think not.

Would it, therefore, make sense to keep a tool of reference handy that will give us ALL of the meanings of these Hebrew and Greek words? Then, turn its meaning over to the Holy Spirit.

This is where the Holy Spirit becomes very handy. I rely solely on the Word of God, and His Holy Spirit to teach me, and reveal to me His Truth, not what some man thinks I ought to believe.

The Word of God, is quick and powerful… When we read God’s Word, and we are prayerfully seeking His Truth, His Word is so sharp and powerful, nothing can stop it from penetrating the very depths of our being, i.e. our flesh and our spiritual soul, all the way into our thoughts and intentions. Man’s words be damned.

When I began using a concordance (Strong’s) several years ago, only then did I learn that one simple word in Hebrew, for example, had so many meanings and uses. I then asked myself why did the translator of, let’s say, the King James Version, decide that such a word meant what it did and that we read today? We can carry this further and ask the same question about the many, many translations of the English Language King James Version. What if the original translation of Hebrew to English was wrong. Retranslating wrong words don’t make them right.

So, forget about which version is right or wrong. There is only ONE translation and ONE interpretation. And that is the one given to each of us by the Holy Spirit.

But, you have to have the Holy Spirit inside of you and you must be seeking His will and guidance in all things. Only then will he reward you with the perfect vision and understanding of the Scriptures.

It’s the only thing that makes perfect sense.

For those of you who study the Bible in written form, I would suggest getting a copy of Strong’s Concordance and learn how to use it. If you study Online, there’s a free use and download of software called E-Sword that I use. This software, among many study tools and references, comes with a concordance that is pretty simple to use.

2 Timothy 2:15 – “Study to show thy approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” Make this your first assignment and seek the full meaning of God’s Word.


Another Bible Study Resource?

I’ve been messing around with the site qbible.com. Anyone familiar with this site? It appears that it has many references/resources/translations, some(most?) of which don’t know what they are talking about. Let the Holy Spirit by your guide.

What I have found that I like, is that you can explore books of the Bible and you can get three different translations. For example, you can find a KJV book of the Bible, like Genesis. Along with each verse, you can get the original Hebrew (with translations like a concordance, near a mechanical translation) and then the Hebrew to English translation, with the same references, and finally the KJV( or pick another version) with Strong’s reference numbers.

Some people don’t like or have, for whatever reasons, E-Sword as a study tool. This site might be an alternative to that.

Beware…I did a little snooping around and discovered this site has a place where readers/users can leave comments. Oh boy! As with any place that allows comments, there is a ton of false teachings and information being discussed…and worse, presumed to be the truth.

As I said, let the Holy Spirit by your guide.