February 2, 2023

Political Correctness

A guest post by David Miller: What is wrong with some people? During a recent inventory of paintings and photographs at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle Barracks, PA. an individual listed as “A Unidentified Official” wanted to know why two generals who fought against the United States (Robert E. Lee & Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson) are there. Now the War College is “mulling over what to do” with their holdings of these two great Americans. I can only begin to imagine who this individual is, but a few “Officials” come to mind as possibilities.

Just maybe the Army needs to outright tell the “Unidentified Official” that great and honorable American’s fought on both sides of that war (which by the way was a “Civil War”). And after that war we again became the United States. Also, it should be noted that both generals were graduates of West Point and served with distinction in the Mexican American War. Also, long after that war General Robert E. Lee was reinstated in 1975 by Congress as a U.S. Citizen as a final act to heel the old wounds of that war. In my humble opinion what should have occurred is that all who fought for the south should have been “officially” given back citizenship.

This so called “Unidentified Official” most likely isn’t up to date on historical facts in that both were and are great American’s and that General Robert E. Lee is considered the best military tactician that we as a nation have ever produced. He was revered by both sides during the war as such, and has been ever since by both the U.S. Military and Historians alike. My family fought in that war on the side of the North; had we been southern born we most likely would have fought on that side. Because the bottom line is that all men (both North & South) fought for their homes, friends, and way of life.

Both of these Great American Generals should maintain their place of Honor in the walls of the U.S. Army War College. Not be driven into obscurity by some want to be politically correct individual or a misguided soul. Our history is a great one made up of our struggles as a nation. There are those among us who are trying to change that for varied political reasons. Our educational systems are currently teaching history and civics that have been modified for political reasons. We need to ensure our children learn our true history.

David Miller
Lexington TWP, ME