January 27, 2023

Concerns of a Veteran

By Dave Miller

By my count I have submitted over 250 articles on Veteran’s Affairs and Benefits to the Irregular over the past few years. I hope they have been of some benefit. I have come to the point where I feel I am only spreading the garbage coming out of Washington. I feel this is a disservice to you the readers and especially the veterans. I am cutting way back on articles submitted because of this.

I have as of late been gotten totally disgusted by the ongoing barrage of broken promises, feel good legislation that our own elected officials support to gain votes from veterans and their loved ones, and the refusal of those same politicians to stand up for “what is right” against their own party lines.

Classic examples include: A recent Supreme Court’s ruling that in turn affects the resolution of Camp Lejeune’s polluted water that damaged the health of tens of thousands of military, their dependents, and civilian work force. The attempts to “civilianize” the military retirement system by panels and commissions of civilians, while military service is totally unlike any civilian occupation. The current disruption and attempts to screw up a good health system that active duty and retired military had with the various TRICARE programs. The fighting at the federal level to not properly care for veterans cemeteries’ such as the Clark Veterans Cemetery in the Philippines where there are American’s buried alongside of the thousands of veterans from that country “who had honorably served in our military”. The lack of our government to regulate entry through our southern boarders and enforce existing laws. The disregard of our Constitution, Rule of Law, and Division of Powers by this administration and its appointee’s. The outright lies and coercion by government official’s during investigations. The illegal activities by our own Justice Department among others. The “lack of enforcement” of government controls and restrictions by our elected officials in the Congress and Senate in accordance with the Constitution. The disregard of the Bill of Rights by our courts and government officials.

The shame and dishonor placed on the American people by this administrations handling or lack of handling of international incidents. Our State Department is a joke to the world. Our allies look on us with distrust and for darn good reason. Our once brightly burning torch of Freedom to the world is rapidly getting dim.

Be assured that current and future Sequestration Cuts to our military have weakened us to the point we can no longer help safe guard our allies and we are rapidly going down a slippery slope to where we will be unable to protect ourselves in this most dangerous of worlds. Like it or not beating swords into plows only creates slaves. History does repeat itself.

David Miller