October 17, 2021

Day 57 – No Executive Orders


No executive orders posted on the White House website about guns and gun control.

To be kind, Michael Moore is a strange guy with a bit of an unusual and yet not so unusual way of seeing things. He posted a rant on his website blaming the NRA for a violent society and is demanding that authorities(?) or somebody, release all the gory and gruesome photos of the crime scene at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Moore’s not necessarily all wrong. Perhaps angry and misguided, hypocritical, non inclusive, ignorant and asking for things he doesn’t understand. I guess all of these things make him not that unusual from the general public.

Moore places the blame on the NRA – at least he does in this screed. The blame is based on two concepts as much as I can gather from what he is saying; one, that the NRA is the cause of a violent society, and two, it is so because the existence of guns causes violence. Like one would expect from an inmate of Hollyweird, Moore would never finger his own brothers’ and sisters’ culture of glorifying violence in movies, music and video games as having any influence in violent behavior. Of course we know, because they have told us, being subjected to hours of their filthy crap has no negative effects on humans.

I’m not a big fan of the NRA much because the biggest thing they have managed to accomplish during this latest round of anti gun assault, is make lots of money. The NRA puts up a pretty good front that they are in support of Second Amendment rights, and they are – albeit limited rights – right after they make sure their source of income remains viable and their political exchanges in Washington continue to be those of the good-ole-boys-club.

The Guardian reports that the NRA has been comparatively silent on the upcoming vote that will take place at the U.N. Conference on Arms Trade in New York City. The report claims this is so because the NRA is spread too thin due to its efforts to fight anti gun bills and fallout rhetoric after the events in Newtown, Connecticut. I’m not so sure that is the real case. With the NRA’s resources, can it be true that they can barely muster a respectable cry of opposition to having foreign entities dictate to Americans our gun rights? Or is maybe Newtown a convenient smoke screen in order that they agreeably cannot fight back? Perhaps those good-ole-boys hammered out an “understanding” the last time President Obama went skeet shooting with his “buds”?

But Michael Moore states that the NRA will be brought down by getting those bloody and messy pictures of murdered children released for the public to see. His theory is based on the history of slavery, civil rights and Vietnam; a bit of apples and oranges I think. Moore’s ignorance comes from having no real knowledge and understanding of who and what was behind all of these events and that images released to the mainstream media for mass circulation is done so for no other reason than to alter public opinion. Moore’s notion that releasing pictures of dead kids will bring down the NRA, lacks in understanding that any pictures that do or do not get released will have nothing to do with him asking for such or his desire to “bring down” the NRA. I’m not sure Moore understands that media mind manipulation works the same for all sides when implemented for a designed purpose. In other words, if the ruling elite really wanted to “bring down” the NRA and the ruling elite believed releasing photos of dead kids would do the trick, I think we would have seen those photos by now. Perhaps they are being held for other reasons or there exists details about Sandy Hook few have been privy to.

Michael Moore is a tool and good one at that. He, even if just with his personality, keeps the anger and division among Americans at a fevered pitch, much as President Obama likes it to be; therefore the tool label. To express such disdain toward gun owners and the NRA as being the root cause of a violent society, makes one wonder to what extent of violence a person like this would go in order to be a liked member of the True Believers? Fight violence with violence?

Yesterday in my post about Barack Obama’s non existent executive orders on gun control, I wrote about Byron, Maine, a town that had voted on a proposal to mandate all homes have a gun. Billy Hallowell, at The Blaze, says that mandating gun ownership is constitutional because it was done years ago to insure the citizen militias had enough guns and were available immediately in case they were needed to defend national interests and oppose tyranny.

One can’t argue with that and for those same reasons, if they existed today, I would agree to a mandate of gun ownership. But that is not the case……or is it? Have we reached a point that our own government has become so tyrannical that it wants complete control over all of us that we need to mandate gun ownership? Share your thoughts below in the comments if you wish.



Cuomo Exempts Hollyweird From State’s Gun Bans

My intention was to include the link to this hypocritical news item in my daily “No Executive Orders” post for today. Instead I’ll include it in this stand alone thread.

It appears that money talks and $#!^ walks or perhaps a bit more eloquently put, here is a fine example of how the elite ruling class make sure they take care of their own, exempt themselves from the laws intended to control the serfs and bask in the glory of the billions of dollars that rule their hopeless and worthless lives.

Because Hollyweird brings millions of dollars each year to New York’s economy, movie makers don’t have to abide by Commie Cuomo’s gun laws. What does it take to make people understand? Is it even possible anymore to get people away from their cell phones, ipads, computers and television screens long enough to think for a second or two?

If it is perceived by the majority of Americans that violence is a problem in our society, why then do we ignore those who perpetuate violence? Simple really. Money talks and $#!^ walks. In other words, the ruling class, i.e. the Andrew Cuomo and Club of Rome member Michael Bloombergs of the world, dictate to the subjects the laws, crafted specifically toward them and for them. It isn’t about gun control, it’s about human control.

Hollyweird will continue to make violent movies and robotic human forms will continue to be influenced by their glorified violence but we will continue to blame a machine for it. Ridiculous!

As the photo commentary I saw the other day said, violent movies have no mental effect on kids or humans but a 30-second Super Bowl ad for television, costing millions of dollars, is done in order to mentally effect you to go buy their product.

Not that I even thought you were here reading, but just in case, now you can return to your beeping cell phone and get that all important text message. Who knows. It may the Devil calling.


Mentally Ill People Don’t Kill……But Don’t Go Look!

I know I have told this story many times before, so bear with me as there are some and new readers who haven’t heard it. True story. When my nephew was perhaps 3 or 4 years old, my brother was struggling to get him to eat his meals. On a day around noontime, I showed up at their house for a visit. My nephew didn’t want to eat his lunch and his father was being persistent that he did.

He gave the boy instructions about eating and the two of us retired to the living to discuss work. After about 5 minutes my nephew came into the living and excitedly announced, “Dad! I’m all done eating now! But don’t go look okay?”

In discussions about violent crimes with guns, guns are getting blamed – like they can kill someone all on their own. Not wanting to be included in any of these discussions are violent movies and video games and the data that shows that the common link between violent crimes and guns is drugs given to patients with mental problems.

For political and personal agenda reasons, Katherine Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, was reported to have said, “The vast majority of Americans with a mental health condition are not violent. In fact, just 3% to 5% of violent crimes are committed by individuals who suffer from a serious mental illness.”

There’s a problem here with her statement BUT I am going to go look!

She states first that, “the vast majority of Americans with ‘A’ mental health ‘condition’, are not violent.” Please consider exactly what that sentence is saying and that she does not qualify what determines “a mental health condition.”

Now let’s look at the second sentence. She states that only 3%-5% of violent crimes are committed by those, “who suffer from ‘a serious mental illness’.”

The information provided here is incomplete and therefore extremely misleading. The intent here, I believe, is to force anyone hearing or reading her statement to believe that mentally ill people are not a factor in the number of violent crimes committed. But when you examine what she said, she may not have lied, but she wasn’t very honest either. She qualifies the 3%-5% as being those with a serious mental illness.

For my money, there’s a vast difference between a person with a mental condition and someone with a serious mental illness.


Waterville, Maine Needs to Take Away Rights and Ban Bars

Ignorance and ridiculous statements seems to be running amiss in Waterville, Maine and the mayor is no exception. In response to a shooting that occurred outside a bar, Mayor Heck said:

“It’s not people killing people with knives; it’s people killing people with guns,” she said. “I think in this country, the (National Rifle Association) has been a front for gun manufacturers long enough, and people have to start understanding what the Second Amendment was truly written for.”

So, it’s acceptable to kill with a knife and not a gun?

Evidently the mayor believes the Second Amendment should only allow self defense in your home and no place else. But is the Second Amendment really the problem here? Consider what the Waterville police have to say:

Police Chief Joseph Massey said the downtown area, particularly at night, poses a challenge for police, as many young people come into the city to frequent bars, drink too much and then get into fights and vandalize downtown businesses.

If Mayor Heck feels so empowered to strip Americans of their constitutional rights and so designate where Americans are allowed to enjoy their inalienable right to self protection, then it seems clear to me that the real problem in Waterville is the existence of bars. It shouldn’t matter that any of the bar owners have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Shut the bars down!


Tampa Mayor’s Request To Ban Guns During Convention Shot Down by Governor

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, ignorantly proclaimed that, “licensed concealed weapons might get loose and fall into the wrong hands.”, and that if he can’t ban guns in downtown Tampa it will increase the threat of violence during the convention. Buckhorn offered no data or anything else to substantiate his claim mostly because none exist. This is old hat, anti-gun rhetoric that somehow legally qualified people will turn criminal during a political convention.

Buckhorn also stated that, “Some of the people that will be here in August are not exactly model citizens.” But I don’t think he was talking about all the lying, cheating and thieving politicians and their lackeys that will descend upon the city. I wonder if the mayor is much concerned about the actions of the Secret Service while they are in town?

Yes, there will be protesters and some of them will, more than likely, become violent much because our society has tolerated a skewing of the First Amendment right to peaceably assemble. Because of a bunch of thugs, who will be bussed into the city to make a scene, why should any citizen have to give up their rights?

Consider if you will the hypocrisy that also exists here with rights. While convention planners are banning every known item that might be used for protests, including how much string you can possess, the Secret Service, i.e. Federal Government has banned guns and other things from anywhere near the convention center. However, while some attendees to the convention have had to cede their rights to self protection, the politicians, I’ll guarantee you, didn’t have to give up theirs.

I can easily predict that any events that end up in violence or result in arrests, etc. will not have come from law abiding citizens – that is those who exercise their right to self protection if they so choose. No, it will come from those citizens Mayor Buckhorn calls “not exactly model”, who more than likely are not legally eligible to carry a concealed weapon.

Once again, we see the ignorant and misguided attempting to steal the rights of law-abiding citizens to some how prevent crimes perpetrated by crooks. Just how is that supposed to work?

Tom Remington