November 29, 2022

Governments Weapons of Mass Destruction on Coyotes

Ignorance persists. Emotional clap-trap forever. America in the toilet.

The Federal Government has placed a temporary ban on M-44 cyanide “traps” after a boy was sickened and his dog died.

Comments can be read on this website that shows the ignorance and emotional clap-trap that people exemplify in the Americans’ perverted way of life.

I would supposed that the perversion is so deeply embedded into the small minds of many, that the emotional outrage would be considerably less if the dog had lived and the boy died.

Anybody wishing can learn about M-44s, their purposes and how they work, by reading information beginning here.

At the time of this posting, the APHIS website with information about M-44s was not accessible. Perhaps the link will work later.

Or, you can keep believing the Department of Agriculture is blowing up the forests and fields with weapons of mass destruction. Sorry, but the Federal Government reserves the right to use weapons of mass destruction on people, not animals.


Wildlife officials to kill wolves in remote Idaho region

Federal wildlife services and Idaho Department of Fish and Game officials have joined forces to kill wolves in the Clearwater Region for the third year in a row. The Lewiston Tribune reports ( ) that elk herds have been struggling in the remote country for nearly two decades.

Source: Wildlife officials to kill wolves in remote Idaho region |


Lawsuit Challenging Wildlife Services’ Authority to Kill Oregon Wolves

The totalitarian group, Western Environmental Law Center, and their puppet regimes, have filed a lawsuit to end the killing of wolves in Oregon by the Federal Government’s Wildlife Services. This is but another money-making scheme promoted by totalitarians forcing the ideals onto others at great cost.

I refuse to provide any links to this story, as most of the links would take readers to the environmentalists’ propaganda page that contains idealistic, emotionally-based drivel that is heavily value-laden. In short, it is mostly all lies designed to mislead the public to justify their raping the taxpayers of their hard earned tax dollars.

Will this lying nonsense, riddled with perversion and psychopathy ever end? NOPE!

The legislature short session is in full swing and one of the topics will be a bill coming into the Ag and Natural Resources Committee that would legislatively back the ODF&W’s commission decision to delist the grey wolf according to Representative Greg Barreto: “This is just part of the process of the wolf plan that everyone agreed to ten years ago. They agreed to the numbers, they agreed to the process, they agreed to the plan as it was written.”<<<Read More>>>


Nonsensical Outrage Over USDA Killing 4 Million Animals

EuropeanStarlingIt appears as the typical media barrage of one outlet writing something and the whole world is copying and pasting what one has written without effort to study the facts. Instead, they would rather implement emotional insanity, while casting blame and outrage over something none know anything about. But then, isn’t that the way of things today? In addition, shouldn’t it raise an ounce of suspicion when media outlet after media outlet, including crap posted by democrats in the House Committee on Natural Resources, don’t bother to provide readers with a link to the U.S. Department of Agriculture report showing the data? This way, at least those wanting to discover the truth for themselves can.

I don’t know who the first media outlet was to announce that the U.S. Department of Agriculture, through their Wildlife Services, killed 4,378,456 wild animals. Wildlife Services’ job is to deal with threatening, troublesome, nuisance and dangerous wild animals. Four million animals seems a lot, especially when a person is lazy and willing, by choice, to remain ignorant to facts.

There are many aspects to the events surrounding a year long killing of wild animals, the likes of which the overwhelming majority of us don’t understand. We were not there for each incident and so we don’t know the reasons for killing of wildlife. However, even for a person to take a brief moment out of their useless lives of texting, a lot of simple questions can be answered.

An examination of the report compiled by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) tells us exactly what species was killed, whether that killing was done intentionally or unintentionally, how many states the killing of that species took place, whether the animals were released to another location and how many animals were dispersed from the location in question.

Of the 4,378,456 animals killed, 2,336,840 were listed as “invasive species.” We should be grateful for the removal of invasive species. 31,660 animals were captured and released, including 1,945 invasive species and I don’t know why. 23,759,934 animals were dispersed and not killed. That statistic alone should put everything else into perspective.

But let’s look even closer at those 4.3 million animals some claim feds are murdering. The European starling accounts for 2,058,148 animals, spread out over 46 states, while nearly 5 million were dispersed. Just how many starlings do the animal pervert worshipers need to protect?

His a glance at the larger number of kills and the species involved, in no particular order:

1. Beavers – 24,390
2. Red-winged Blackbirds – 365,141
3. Double-crested Cormorants – 18,656
4. Brown-headed Cowbird – 1,102,097
5. Coyotes – 75,326
6. American Crows – 8,228
7. Mourning Doves – 17,493
8. Canada Geese – 23,155
9. Common Grackle – 173,565
10. Assorted Species of Gulls – 22,000 plus
11. Chestnut and Nutmeg Mannikins – 51,726
12. All Mynas – 10,486
13. Pigeons – 89,054
14. Northern Pikeminnows – 50,812
15. Assorted Prairie Dogs – 58,586
16. Racoons – 11,698
17. Common Raven – 9,126
18. Skunks – 6,324
19. Brown Tree Snake – 18,407
20. Feral Hogs – 31,105
21. Black and Turkey Vultures – 6,498

The overwhelming number of animals killed were birds. There were few game animals with whitetail deer leading the list.In one report I was reading, it said that critics of the animal killing wanted an explanation as to why the number of wild animals killed by Wildlife Services fluctuated up and down. Perhaps simply by someone asking that question is tell-tailing that they haven’t a clue about the fluctuations of wildlife and the circumstances that surround events that causes these animals to become a problem in the first place. In addition, so long as animal perverts want to continue to demand the protection of every single species of animal, Wildlife Services will be killing more than 4 million animals each year.


Wildlife Services: “An Agency Whose Time Has Passed”

DeFazio says the time has come to revisit the agency’s mission and determine whether it makes economic and biological sense for taxpayers to underwrite a service, however necessary, that he argues should be paid for by private businesses.

“Why should taxpayers, particularly in tough times, pay to subsidize private interests?” said DeFazio, ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Natural Resources. “I have come to the conclusion that this is an agency whose time has passed.”<<<Read More>>>


Animal Perverts Seeking Short Rope for Wildlife Services

“What’s certain is that the little-known U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services kills up to 3 million animals a year, mostly those deemed a nuisance but also some that agents kill by mistake, including endangered species.

Now, in a turnabout, the hunter is the target. A petition seeks to reduce the power of Wildlife Services and shine a light on its practices, claiming its agents have “gone rogue,” overstepping the mission to protect the public by killing indiscriminately.”<<<Read More>>>