February 2, 2023

Dog Being Attacked by Wolves Aren’t Wolves

Last Friday I posted a video I had received that had been posted on another news website, showing, what was called at the time, a dog being attacked by two wolves. It turns out, the “two wolves” weren’t wolves after all – at least not from a scientific perspective. It doesn’t, however, prohibit anyone from calling any dog in the woods a wolf.

The video has made its rounds about cyberspace. Kaj Granlund, an expert on wolf anatomy, structure and DNA, a member and contributor to Wolf Education International, and author, upon viewing the video had this to share:

This is not a battle between two wolves and one dog but rather a battle between three dogs. Look at the “wolves”. As far as the fur is concerned they are adult “wolves”, but far too small and weak. They are not taller than the dog which probably has a shoulder height of 45-50 cm. Adult wolves should have a shoulder height of at least 70 to 80 cm. Look at the wolves’ eyes! They are brown and doggish. The skull is narrow and the zygomatic breadth not more than some 125  mm, which is typical to yearlings.

Real wolves do not attack a dog the way these do. Wolves attack prey with an intention to kill. When the dog surrenders and lies down on its back these “wolves” do not know what do do – real wolves do!