February 6, 2023

Warning to Heber-Overgaard – Human-Wolf encounter in Section 31

Heber-Overgaard, AZ—On Tuesday April 7th, a couple who live in Section 31 went outside to walk their dog, a 2 ½ year old Kuvasz that weighs about 100 pounds. Just as they got out front, three wolves ran by within about 10 feet of them and then stopped on their corner. Two of the wolves “stared down” the couple and their dog while the third one disappeared.

“They were big,” the witness told me, who wishes to remain anonymous. “They must have weighed 120 pounds each. Their heads were really big-kind of reminded me of a Rottweiler with the blocky head. They were brownish-blackish-tan colored. We often have bears around here, but they don’t really scare me. I threw a rock at a bear last year when it was after our chickens and it ran off. But, these…they scared me.”

Source: Warning to Heber-Overgaard – Human-Wolf encounter in Section 31 | Mogollon Rim News


A Woodchopper Disables Himself and is Killed and Eaten by Wolves

Cheboygan, Mich., April 13.-While John and James Gillespie were chopping in the woods near Mullet Lake, a few miles from here, Saturday, James’ ax slipped and sank into his ankle. His brother John attempted to stanch the flow of blood and carry him two miles to the nearest house, but the load and deep snow was too much, and at James’ suggestion John started for the settlement alone, leaving James in the snow. John roused a party of rescuers, who started out to bring James. On arriving near the place where John had left his younger brother, they came to a lot of blood stains and wolf tracks in the snow, and following the trail they beheld a pack of wolves growling and fighting over a lot of bones and shreds of clothing. The party beat the wolves off with their axes, as they had no other weapons, and took all that remained of James back to Mullet Lake for burial.
[Source: Jackson Citizen Patriot, Apr 13, 1891; Submitted by Deb Haines]<<<Source>>>