November 27, 2020

Montana Accepts RMEF Grant to Assist with Wolf Management

MISSOULA, Mont.—Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) accepted a $25,000 grant from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to assist its wolf management plan.

“RMEF staunchly supports the science-based state management of wolves and other predators,” said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO. “This grant will put more collars on more wolves so Montana’s wildlife managers have more relevant data on Montana’s wolf population. We are far over objective on wolf numbers and the more specific data we have the better we can manage the population downward.”

“We very much appreciate the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s continuing support of science-based wildlife management. RMEF has been a great friend of wildlife and a valuable partner with our agency,” said Jeff Hagener, FWP director. “With budget constraints and the need to address many challenging issues, this grant is especially appreciated as it will enhance the information we have available to manage wolves and find the proper balance between wolves, other wildlife, hunting opportunities and landowner tolerance.”

The funding will be applied to FWP’s new Patch Occupancy Modeling approach to estimate a more accurate wolf population. More specifically, it’s a three step process based on hunter observations, estimating the number of packs from mean territory size(s) and estimating abundance using mean pack size. The primary weakness in the approach is the estimate of mean territory size which is where the addition of new GPS radio collars comes into play. They will be deployed on wolves during the 2014 trapping season to obtain location data in order to estimate mean territory size(s), report precise locations and then be released at desired times of the year so staff can retrieve them and unload data before again returning them to the field.

Montana reported a 2013 minimum wolf count of 627 while also stating that in reality the population is actually 25 to 35 percent higher. That would place the 2013 actual on-the-ground count somewhere between 743 to 846 wolves.

“The bottom line is you can’t have true effective wolf management if you don’t know how many wolves are really out there and where they live. This grant funding will help to better determine that,” added Allen.

In keeping with the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, RMEF supports state-regulated hunting and trapping as the preferred tools of wolf management. RMEF also remains committed to learning more about wolves and their effect on elk and other prey through research efforts. In the last two-plus years alone, RMEF awarded more than $240,000 in grants specifically for wolf management.


A Made Up Issue About Pittman-Robertson Money and Wolves


The Idaho Statesmen trumps up a story that isn’t, I suppose to sell copies. According to Rocky Barker there’s a problem with whether or not Idaho is going to utilize Pittman-Robertson and Dingell-Johnson excise tax money to prop up the coffers of a fascist bill, painted as a means of controlling wolves, and making the sportsmen pay for it. The fake “concern” is whether or not using P-R/D-J money to kill wolves is in violation of the excise tax law.

If Mr. Barker believes this to be an “issue” where was he on this issue when P-R/D-J money was stolen by the millions from sportsmen to illegally bring the wolves to Idaho in the first place? Isn’t that an issue? Or how about the fact that the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies convinced Congress to give them some of that excise tax money to fund their anti-hunting programs? Does that make sense? Where’s the uproar? What’s the issue? P-R/D-J monies have been abused for so many years by fish and game departments and now, out of the blue, somebody thinks wasting P-R/D-J money to kill some wolves might be in violation of the law? Oh, I get it. It’s because it’s about wolves. Everything for the G.I. wolves, that’s it.

Give me a break!

I have written in the past about this ridiculous bill that forces hunters to pay for damages done by Government Issued wolves and the crooks that pulled it off. That’s like asking a patient to pay for damages done by an incompetent doctor. Where’s the outrage? I hear nothing but crickets! Have we become that communistic in our non thinking ways that we cannot even see the damned government is making us pay for our own rope to hang ourselves with?


What’s Wrong With Wolf (Wildlife) Management?

From a news article out of Washington State about managing wolves.

“….wolves will continue to be protected under the state Endangered Species law until there are 15 successful breeding pairs for three consecutive years, evenly distributed throughout three recovery regions in the state, or 18 successful breeding pairs evenly distributed for one year.”

And before this brilliant statement above was given, we have a member of the staff of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, saying: “…the estimated number of wolves and wolf packs has increased. Last year, the department estimated 51 to 101 wolves were in the state. This year, the minimum increased to 52, based on the number of wolves seen by department staff.

“I do believe the number is higher, but we don’t know exactly by how much,” Martorello said. “We had good production this last year in a number of packs.”

In Maine there is an expression that perhaps could have been used here: “Hard tellin’ not knowin'”


Idaho’s Plan to Force Hunters to Pay for GI Wolves, Loses Funding

A ridiculous plan Idaho lawmakers had schemed up to force ranchers and sportsmen to pay to kill wolves they didn’t want in the first place, appears to have lost most of the $2 million the Idaho government was going to appropriate from general taxation to front fund the fascist program.


Counter Offensive to Stop Efforts of Wolf Crossing to Thwart Killer Wolves

From The Opposition:

Folks the animal activists are at it again, trying to force ranchers to live with spree killing Mexican wolves. They are upset because only one wolf may be removed. There are up to 9 wolves killing bred cows with 15 killed in the last month alone. Please call those numbers and urge FWS to follow the RULE and remove that pack. Lethally if necessary. Ranches and JOBS they provide should be more important than a pack of problem wolves.

USFWS Southwest Regional Office
Mexican Wolf Recovery Coordinator: 505-761-4748
External Affairs Office: 505-248-6911
Main Office: 505-248-6920

USFWS in Washington, DC Public number: 1-800-344-9453

New Mexico Senators:
Senator Martin Heinrich DC: 202-224-6621 ABQ: 505-346-6601
Senator Tom Udall DC: 202-224-5521 ABQ: 505-346-6791


RMEF Seeks Intervener Status in Idaho Wolf Management Case

MISSOULA, Mont.–The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation filed to intervene in a lawsuit by animal rights groups seeking to thwart the management of wolves in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) hired a hunter in late 2013 that successfully removed two packs of wolves. He since departed the central Idaho area where predation is having a severe effect on dwindling elk herds.

“This was a legal management activity that is part of a long-standing cooperative relationship between Idaho Fish and Game and the National Forest Service,” said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO. “The judge in the case also denied two preliminary injunction requests by the same groups to stop the effort.”

“The wilderness is a special place, but it is different from a national park,” said Virgil Moore, IDFG director. “Backcountry hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing are treasured opportunities, and Fish and Game has actively managed wildlife in central Idaho since before the area was designated wilderness.”

IDFG has an agreement with the U.S. Forest Service to use each other’s facilities when carrying out missions.

Moore also said aerial surveys in the wilderness area indicate elk populations dropped 43 percent since 2002 and wolf populations are too high in relation to elk numbers.

RMEF has a rich history in leading wildlife research efforts around the country including lifetime grants of more than $725,000 to advance the science of wolves, wolf interactions with elk and other wildlife, and overall wolf management. In just the past two years, RMEF granted more than $210,000 directly to the state wildlife agencies in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

“There are those who believe the wolf deserves special treatment above and beyond all other wildlife. Wolves need to remain subject to effective state management like elk, deer, bears and lions in order to ensure balance and that there is sufficient habitat for the survival of all species,” added Allen.

RMEF is also an intervener in lawsuits brought by animal rights groups regarding wolf management in Wyoming and in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin while also active in a second Wyoming suit.


Idaho Wolf Management a Proven Failure

It was January 21, 2009 when I wrote: “….for hunting wolves, should the day ever come to pass, will be inadequate to control wolf populations.” I was no prophet at that time. My conclusions were based on scores of studies, real life accounts, books, research and common sense.

It first must be said that many, if not all, of the problems Idaho has had and continue to have with wolf management, can be easily attributed to the fact that the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) officials, along with their partners in crime at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), ignored warnings from those who knew what the future would hold with introduced wolves. They ignored historical facts.

Aside from some far fetched dream of bringing those who introduced wolves to justice, that fact that wolves were dumped into the Northern Rockies is history and little can be done now to change that. How to manage those wolves, as predicted, is becoming a problem……well, becoming a problem to those that have to deal with the varmints. I guess the question should be asked if IDFG is in the middle of a learning curve on wolf management or are they playing wolf protection games in attempts to play both sides of the aisle?

Idaho citizens were told that wolves would be considered “recovered” as a species when the state had about 100-150 wolves, depending on the number of breeding pairs. Once that milestone was reached, another failed promise was that wolf “management” would be turned over to the state. One thousand wolves later, the state is still trying to gain authority to take over management.

It was part of my article that I wrote in 2009, that I explained that the IDFG had decided to go ahead with plans on how to conduct a wolf hunt, if and when the day ever came they could do that. In that same article I wrote in depth about efforts by George Dovel, editor of the Outdoorsman, to stop the runaway IDFG who, according to his information, had illegally devised wolf management plans, including the plans to formulate a hunting season without Idaho legislative approval as is mandated in Idaho Code.

The illegal activities have continued, unchecked, and IDFG made their plans and laid out guidelines to administer a wolf hunt. The rules of the hunt were simple: sell as many tags as they could (a money-making scheme) and then restrict hunters to a rifle, a bow or a muzzleloader, nothing else.

Anyone with any knowledge of wolves would know that such a hunt would do nothing to “manage” the overgrown wolf packs. Again, one must ask the question as to whether IDFG knew this kind of hunt would do nothing to control wolf population numbers, were they protecting the wolves in their own way by pretending to placate the sportsmen, or is IDFG ignorant of facts and are innocently in the midst of a learning experience? One in which it seems they were not willing to listen to knowledgeable people about wolves and wolf habits.

Me and many others knew this kind of wolf hunt would be a waste of time, at least as it pertained to wolf population reductions or even population maintenance.

Will N. Graves, author of Wolves in Russia: Anxiety Through the Ages, learned through his research in Russia about wolves, that every method imaginable to control wolf populations were ineffective, in part because Russian authorities refused or did not have the resources to sustain a continuous wolf control program.

C. Gordon Hewitt wrote over 100 years ago in The Conservation of Wildlife in Canada:

The most successful method of destroying coyotes, wolves and other predatory animals is by the organization of systematic hunting by paid hunters, receiving no bounties and working under government control. This policy is giving excellent results in the United States, as will be shown presently.

Any rational system of wild-life protection must take into account the control of the predatory species of mammals and birds. And while the complete extermination of such predatory species is not possible, desirable, or necessary, a degree of control must be exercised to prevent such an increase in numbers as would affect the abundance of the non-predatory species. In the treatment of predatory animals it is necessary to determine whether the species concerned are responsible for more harm than good in a particular region.

Some might argue about the effectiveness of a bounty system but that’s another debate.

During the times of this debate about effective ways to control wolf population, I spent several hours researching historic documents in hopes of finding accounts of how wolves were dealt with worldwide. When I say “dealt with” I’m referring to the need of people to reduce wolf populations for reasons of lessening livestock depredation, protecting people and property from attacks and spreading of diseases. The result of my research culminated in a multi-part series, To Catch a Wolf. For your convenience I took the time to put the parts together into one downloadable publication.

It shouldn’t take anyone very long to discover that wolves cannot be managed as a big game species. IDFG and Governor Otter, lay claim that Idaho will manage gray wolves just like any other big game species. And therein lies a huge problem. Every historic account about wolves laments the need to control wolves and they have shared their frustrations and the difficulties they encountered in order to do that. The notion that a person would have to pay the government money to help in undertaking predator control is absurd.

Initially, IDFG, sent their sportsmen into the field with a rifle, or a bow, or a muzzleloader, to control wolves. I and many others knew two things: 1.) The rules of the hunt were such that too few wolves would be taken to amount to anything that would resemble wolf control, and 2.) The first year would probably see the best results for a couple of reasons; initial excitement of killing wolves and wolves had not yet learned to stay away from humans with guns and bows. This would result in a continued growth of wolves and a reduction, over time, of wolf harvest.

In time, IDFG was willing to concede that they were not providing the sportsmen with enough tools to harvest more wolves. They loosened their grip and in time even allowed for trapping. Both hunting and trapping, still being conducted with the ignorant notion that wolves can be treated as a big game species, still were not getting the results needed.

In some areas, like the Lolo area, wolves had reduced the elk herd there from 16,000 to 2,000. Efforts to get wolf hunters and trappers into that region provided no desirable results. Believe it or not, IDFG was forced to hire aircraft to fly into that region and shoot wolves to save the elk population. Isn’t this insanity?

So, what is IDFG doing about reducing wolf numbers necessary to save elk, moose, deer and other species of prey that helps to make for a healthy ecosystem? Statistics seem to be showing that not enough is being done and the present plans, illegal or not, are not working.

Below are some graphs that show the last three seasons of wolf hunting and trapping in Idaho. The charts were sent to me by Scott Rockholm of Rockholm Media and Save Western Wildlife. What I see that is very telling is that over the last 3 wolf hunting/trapping seasons, the total take of wolves has shrunk. When it is considered that restrictions for hunting wolves have been eased and trapping added, any hope of reducing wolf populations has vanished. This is a failure of a plan and needs to be changed.


Trend chart prepared by Todd Hoffman (These numbers can be verified at the IDFG website.)

Rockholm provided this comment in his email:


The attached graphic illustrates the failed notion, that we will ever “Manage” wolf populations. This visual aid will show that not only are we paying department personnel to know this, but we are paying them in spite of their incompetence. We have calculated that successful wolf hunters/trappers have spent at least $1000.00 in expenses, and an enormous amount of time, just to hunt/trap one wolf. The current narrative, from game agencies, to hunting organizations, is that we as hunters and trappers can continue doing business as usual. We couldn’t be more opposed to this thinking. Wolf populations are growing exponentially, and at the current rate, and diminishing interests of hunters/trappers, we believe that we will never stop the decimation of our wildlife. We need to do something different, and we need to do it now. Wolf hunting and trapping need to be continuous, with open season year around for both hunting and trapping, with the addition of other measures, such as aerial gunning, bounties, and poisons specifically targeted to Canids. Canada has proven these methods to be the only means to control wolf populations.

I can add nothing to this.


RMEF Opposes Lawsuit over Idaho Wolf Management

MISSOULA, Mont.–The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the Idaho Fish and Game Department (IDFG) in opposition to a lawsuit aimed at stopping the management of wolves in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness.

“There is nothing illegal about this management activity,” said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO. “It clearly falls within the guidelines of Idaho’s federally-approved wolf management plan.”

IDFG hired a hunter in late 2013 to track and kill wolves from two packs in central Idaho after determining wolf predation is a major factor preventing ailing elk populations in the area from recovering.

“The wilderness is a special place, but it is different from a national park,” said Virgil Moore, IDFG director. “Backcountry hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing are treasured opportunities, and Fish and Game has actively managed wildlife in central Idaho since before the area was designated wilderness.”

Moore stated aerial surveys in the Frank Church Wilderness indicate elk populations dropped 43 percent since 2002 and wolf populations are too high in relation to elk numbers. He also said there are at least six documented packs in the Middle Fork Salmon zone and several more across the wilderness area.

“Wolf hunting and trapping by sportsmen in the Middle Fork zones have not been sufficiently effective in reducing elk predation. Even if successful, this action will in no way come near to eliminating wolves,” added Moore. “That is not, and never will be, our goal.”

Last year IDFG managers estimated Idaho’s wolf population at 683, an 11 percent drop from 2012, but more than 300 percent above the original minimum recovery goal of 150 established in the mid-1990s. The highest total was in 2009, when it estimated 859 wolves were in the state.

“There is a small fraction of people that believe the wolf deserves special rules and designations above and beyond all other wildlife. Wolves need to remain under state management like elk, deer, bears and lions in order to ensure balance and that there is sufficient habitat for the survival of all species,” added Allen.

RMEF also remains committed to learning more about wolves through research efforts. Since 1989, RMEF invested nearly $664,000 in research grants to advance scientific understanding of wolves, wolf interactions with other species, and overall wolf management. The total includes more than $200,000 in science grants in just the past five years. Most of the contributions paid for independent research by leading universities, state and federal wildlife conservation agencies and tribes.


Wolf Management and Hunter Manipulation_ The Cause of the Destruction of Our Herds.

The following video clip is from a work in production by Rockholm Media, “Ghosts of the Rockies.” Whether intended by the author or not, what I find inexplicable is the contrasting care and attention being given to a nasty, disease ridden, useless wild dog, and that of the elk, what’s left of them, left to rot and be destroyed. The elk is a useful creature for many things including a food source to thousands of people and human beings. With mixed-up priorities, valuable money and resources are being spent to protect a useless creature, where life existed just fine for many, many years without it, allowing for the destruction of the elk, deer and moose.

Talk about screwed up in the head.


Sportsmen and Ranchers Must Pay for Government Fascist Wolf Programs

fascismwarningHat tip to reader “Chandie” for providing this link.

I swear to God that once a person becomes a politician, or actually steps foot inside one of their evil establishments, they lose all ability to reason. What the functionality!

Totalitarians in this country, with money and big mouths, prompted the fascist government of the United States to dump wolves on people that didn’t want them. You can read all the garbage from these totalitarian/fascists about how rigged polls stated the majority of people wanted wolves but those are lies. It’s all lies!

Regardless, the fascists in United States Government have succeeded in making the lives and livelihoods of many Americans absolutely miserable as wolves have destroyed game herds, spread the landscape with disease, terrorized people and neighborhoods and gobbled up livestock and profits ranchers need to sustain the businesses of feeding the people of this now repressed country.

As bad as that all is, the fascists now want the sportsmen and the ranchers to pay for what they call “management” of the useless, disease-ridden, killing machine. You can’t make this stuff up. I have a box of staples sitting here on my office desk that has more brains than this.

According to an Idaho Farm Bureau publication, a plan, endorsed by Idaho Gov. Otter, requires that ranchers cough up $110,000.00, sportsmen ante-up another $110,000.00 and $400,000.00 come from general fund taxation dollars. In addition, the fascists are going to increase the license fees for those who want to kill the damned useless dog. Is there no sanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Killing the dog IS the solution!!! What is there to not understand?

It should have been reprehensible in the beginning that the Federal Government forced this criminal enterprise of wolf introduction on people who didn’t want it. Now that the worm-infested canines are dug in, spreading disease and destroying game and livestock, as is typical, government bails out leaving the damage behind and the citizens to find a way to clean it up.

I’m not so stupid as to not understand that the state of Idaho is much to blame for this because of the corruption in that state’s government that illegally allowed the criminal act of wolf introduction to take place to begin with. But, let’s not get sidetracked.

Those suffering the most from wolf introduction are the ranchers and the sportsmen. If you’re not in this group, just be patient and wait for it. Disease or an attack, increased food prices, etc., will be blessing you and yours anytime now.

While the ranchers and sportsmen are down on the ground, idiots in the Idaho government form a committee that recommends the allotment of extra taxes to pay for the disease that’s killing them that they didn’t want in the first place. Talk about kicking them in the groin while they are down!

Perhaps I could understand taking money from general taxation but you’re still asking those who have already paid and paid many times over, to dig deeper and pay for their own massacre. Does anyone else see anything wrong with this? Ranchers and sportsmen are being targeted!

The pittance, more accurately could be called a damned insult, that is given to ranchers for compensation is a joke. Unwilling, and I’m sure with their lack of gray matter, authorities couldn’t figure out a compensation package that includes the real costs of dealing with wolves. It’s not that difficult! Instead, the insulting pittance of money repaid to ranchers amounts to nothing – all by design I might add.

In addition, Idaho, a state that once could brag about being the finest elk hunting in the West, has drastically reduced opportunities to buy tags and go hunting. Now that wolves and the government, along with their useful idiot NGOs, have destroyed the industry, these blood thirsty bastards want them to reach into their pockets and pay again. Let’s make sure it hurts real good – right you fascist, ignorant people?

And speaking of ignorance, how about charging the hunters and trappers who are willing to kill the damned wild dog more money for a license to do so. On another article published on this website a reader left a comment that I think might sum up what is going on here. I’ll paraphrase: It is the policy of wildlife managers to give first dibs to game animals to the predators. If there happens to be anything left over, we’ll let them fight over a handful of hunting tags.

But Idaho has gone even beyond that. They want those suffering to pay more.

Evidently stuck on stupid, these inept, brainwashed, fully indoctrinated people seem to suggest there is no better solution to this problem. Well, here’s a solution for you; that is if you have any guts and bravery to do the right thing.

It appears Gov. Otter is willing to steal from the citizens of Idaho, $620,000.00 to “manage” wolves in order to keep the environmentalists off his back. This problem will go away when the wolves go away. Nothing else will do. The people and governments were warned all of this bull crap was going to happen, and as good fascists, they would not listen to the people and still will not.

So, Otter is willing to spend somebody else’s money to continue to grow wolves so they can continue their destruction. Take the $620,000.00, all from general taxation, (after all, according to the fascists and totalitarians, the majority of the people wanted wolves. So make them all pay and stop targeting the ranchers and sportsmen. Trust me when I say that tax payers would be eager to jump at this investment that will end their troubles.) and pay for the reduction, to the barest minimum, of worthless wolves. Here’s how: First, there will be no license fee involved with killing wolves and no closed season or night-time prohibition. In addition, if there are an estimated 1,500 – 2,000 wolves in Idaho, divide the $620,000.00 by 2,000 wolves and give each hunter/trapper that kills a wolf a $310.00 bounty. How long before wolves wouldn’t be a problem and Idaho wouldn’t even be thinking about how to “manage” the wolf? Wolves are gone and along with it the problem. It’s time to admit introduction was a failure and the biggest tragedy perpetrated upon the people of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, and now many other states.

Think about it for a minute. With wolves gone, ranchers will no longer have a problem and can continue to produce food and make a living. Elk will return, along with deer, moose and once again hunters return to the state buying up licenses. Idaho Fish and Game Department can balance their books, the war and division among the people will go away. Lawsuits will go away and along with it the radical environmentalist, bloodsuckers. What isn’t to love about this plan? So many problems ended with one simple cure.

Of course it will never happen because the fascists are in control and the totalitarian, useful idiots, often called by me, True Believers, play out their hand for them. Their aim is to destroy ranching and hunting, fishing and trapping, as well as closing up lands. And the fascist government, including the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, wants them gone as well. It’s about control of people and nothing to do with game management.

Somehow, over the years, I had thought that Idaho was a bastion of hope, a place where enough people had enough brains and common sense to not put up with this crap. If Idaho has gone to the dogs, literally and figuratively, what hope is there?

I think Idaho ranchers and sportsmen should step up and tell the fascists that you’ve paid your share. You don’t want to pay any more and will not pay any more!

Support common sense and rational thinking!