September 24, 2023

If Half Our Wildlife Populations Are Missing Since 1970, You Must Go To College

The other night I was watching a college football game on television – University of Florida vs. University of Massachusetts. For those who often watch a college athletic event on television, at least once during the telecast each college is given some air time to sell their university. The other night was no exception.

The University of Florida began their commercial exploiting children, presenting them in a setting of gloom and doom because the planet around them was vanishing and we were not doing enough to “save the planet.” Embedded in the exploitation was the implication – while a child looked at a tree and the narrative says something like, it’s the only planet we have – that if this one tree dies or its resource used, there will never be another tree to replace it. Shame on them.

Near the end of the propaganda piece, the narrator says, “Since 1970 over half of the world’s wildlife has disappeared.” You don’t have to be a scientist to realize that statement is a crock of bologna. I did a little searching and found what was probably UF’s source to include this statement. It’s unfortunate for the university and the millions of dollars that have been spent sending children to that university, and others, that indoctrinate them with such utter nonsense.

While the World Wildlife Fund has successfully convinced enough people that their Living Planet Report is scientific, evidently, at least the recruiting arm of the University of Florida, didn’t bother to conduct any scientific research of their own, before making a statement used to promote their university. After all, fear mongering of the masses has always been successful in getting people to blindly follow the other sheep over the cliff.

The Report itself, if one would spend a couple of minutes reading, tells us that for most of the categories of wildlife the WWF opts to use for their report, half of the species within each category are increasing and half are decreasing, which is mostly a natural phenomenon. From that, the WWF and UF have concluded that the world’s wildlife populations have disappeared by one half. Amazing.

What drives this is money. The University of Florida, and I’m sure countless other universities, are willing to lie, cheat and steal to pay their bills in addition to making gobs of money. Ignorant, brainwashed, propagandized children and parents blindly dole out hard-earned money to send their children to schools that, evidently, believe and promote propaganda. The tragedy is nothing is learned. Truth matters not, with this approach, whether wildlife is growing or decreasing.

The U of F, in their commercial, was selling their university as one of the leaders of environmental science in this country. To achieve that ranking, and not be questioned, they only need repeat the lies this government and their environmental wonks promote, instead of applying true scientific methods, once used to learn truth, not to gain federal grants to further propagandize the world.


World Wildlife Fund and International Union for Conservation of Nature Marry

“When developing countries want to use money provided through international environmental treaties to carry out projects – such as helping farmers adapt to changes in the weather, or to monitor biodiversity – they will be able to call on the World Wildlife Fund or the International Union for the Conservation of Nature to manage the work.

Both groups are becoming official project agencies of the Global Environment Facility.

They are joining the likes of the World Bank, U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation, and Asian Development Bank in helping to oversee billions of dollars in environmental spending made possible through contributions from richer countries.”<<<Read More>>>