January 27, 2023

Those Who Do Not Remember History: The sad story of the worst mass shooting in U.S. History

*Editor’s Note* – I received this in my email yesterday. Thought it worthy of sharing.

The worst mass shooting incident in the United States took place on December 29, 1890 “not” June 12, 2016.  It took place in Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota not Orlando, Florida.  It’s not difficult to understand why this chapter of American History is being intentionally obscured-

150-300 Lakota Indians were slaughtered on that day, which included 44 women and 18 children.

They were slaughtered by a U.S. Calvary force of 500 men, sent by the Federal Government to confiscate all firearms from the Lakota Indians. A Lakota Indian man named Black Coyote was reluctant to hand over his rifle, so U.S. Soldiers slaughtered him along with every other Lakota man, woman and child within range.

The entire slaughter was conducted without the use of a single semi-automatic weapon.  The semi-automatic pistol had not yet been invented; semi-automatic rifles were invented 5 years earlier but would not be used by the U.S. Military for another 15 years.

In respect to current incidences of mass shootings, it is significant that the 1890 mass shooting was perpetrated by an official arm of the United States Government against men, women and children from whom it was confiscating firearms, thereby denying them the right to self-defense.  How many promises and treaties were broken or how much land was stolen by the Federal Government before it decided to disarm and, consequently slaughter the people to whom it had lied and from whom it had stolen for several decades?

The fact that this slaughter pre-dated semi-automatic weapons and was conducted to disarm people contradicts decades of current propaganda designed to place blame on weapons.  The first step in such propaganda is to marginalize and demonize the gun owners.  This is why we must remember what happened at Wounded Knee 126 years ago.  Would the Federal Government (or one of its agencies) ever do anything like that to American Citizens in modern times? (The disarming and internment Japanese Americans in WWII?  Waco?)